Optimizing Rehabilitation Solutions With TherapyRehab Software

Drive patient engagement and outcomes with a secure, all-in-one solution. Configurable PT, OT and SLP documentation, practice management tools, outcomes benchmarking and more. 

Maximize operations with a seamless workflow from documentation to billing that improves patient care, profitability, and operational efficiency with TherapyRehab Software. 

Designed by therapists, this customizable specialty EHR features discipline-specific documentation workflows. It supports efficiencies across all outpatient departments with streamlined scheduling, document management, billing, and accounting. 

Streamlined Patient Scheduling 

Running a successful therapy & rehab organization takes dedication, effort, and time. Hours spent on administrative tasks, billing, and planning can quickly add up, leaving little time for the most important aspect of your business – providing quality care to your patients. An EMR system can help streamline your workflow and save you valuable time by allowing you to automate common processes like patient scheduling, electronic insurance verification, and patient reminders. 

Raintree’s fully integrated, certified EMR + practice management software is designed to meet the needs of PT, OT, and SLP practices of all sizes and scopes. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, a customizable dashboard, and advanced reporting capabilities, the solution provides clinicians with tools to improve productivity and efficiency while increasing revenue. Raintree’s RCM tools support collection efforts, provide clinical and operational analysis, and assist with identifying potential issues. 

SimplePractice is a fully customizable HIPAA-compliant EMR & practice management system that offers a suite of services, including telehealth, insurance claim filing, online appointment booking, automated e-faxing, automatic appointment reminders, and more. The platform is easy to learn and implement, making it ideal for small to mid-sized private practices. It also offers customizable intake forms and online scheduling to increase client engagement. 

Designed by therapists and based on real-life clinics, WebPT’s fully integrated, cloud-based EMR software is designed to be customizable and align with therapy workflows. The solution enables PTs, OTs, and SLPs to create defensible, legible documentation by streamlining modalities and exercises, providing a full library of outcome measurement tools, and integrating with the leading evidence-based test providers. 

The platform’s customizable templates and clinical libraries make it easy to implement best practices and organizational excellence standards while meeting regulatory requirements. It is also equipped with a robust home exercise program, a patient portal with videoconferencing and secure messaging for telehealth, and a complete reputation management tool. 

Developed as an all-in-one, integrated EMR + practice management software, MWTherapy is built to deliver efficiency, profitability, and compliance to private practice physical, occupational, and speech therapy and rehabilitation facilities. The system features an intuitive user-friendly interface, clinical worklists for front desk and therapists, advanced reporting, and automated payment postings. 

Automated Insurance Verification 

Ensure that patients have adequate coverage and are able to receive the services they need by building insurance verification into your registration workflow. This feature checks with the patient’s health plan to confirm their coverage and limitations, ensuring that they can afford your services before scheduling an appointment. This prevents patients from receiving services for which they won’t be reimbursed, resulting in dissatisfaction and possible legal action. Integrated with the EMR, this functionality can also make it easy for clinicians to document insurance information in a single place while saving time. 

The best physical therapy software provides a wide range of features to improve charting, automate duties and encourage patient engagement. PT software offers a variety of options for clinics to choose from including digital signature capture capabilities, integrated reporting functions to manage financial data, cloud-based storage to store patient records and ensure compliance, and communication tools like formatted email or text messages. DrChrono EHR, for example, offers a fully-integrated suite of software designed specifically for physical and occupational therapists that consolidates office functions and promotes consistency. 

In addition to enhancing productivity and profitability, the best PT software for physical and occupational therapists helps clinicians deliver the highest quality of care through enhanced outcomes measurement. Providing transparency to patients and providers about how each treatment is performing, the software allows users to analyze trends over time, identify areas for improvement and improve client satisfaction. 

Whether you are running a small, independent private practice or managing large hospital-affiliated therapy centers, WellSky enables you to take your organization to the next level of operational efficiency. With the software’s outpatient rehabilitation solution, you can improve patient outcomes by creating clear, legible charts that are more easily defensible in case of litigation and increase the accuracy and speed of charge capture like ultralink ultrasound.  

The software’s patient management tool helps decrease no-show rates by sending customized reminders and instructions based on the type of appointment, and a patient portal that enhances engagement through access to their schedule, progress notes, documents, and other clinical and financial information. WellSky’s outpatient rehab software also connects to outcome and patient engagement providers to create a holistic approach that maximizes results for patients. 

Patient Portal 

With patient portal functionality, patients can schedule appointments, send messages to their therapist and communicate with a team of healthcare professionals at any time. The portal allows patients to stay engaged in their own health care and increase the likelihood of a successful treatment outcome. 

In addition, our physical therapy EMR software enables patients to receive a streamlined experience and access their visit records at any time. This eliminates the need for clinic staff to manually call or email patients with appointment updates and helps lower no-show rates. 

Whether you’re an independent PT, OT or SLP practice or a multi-clinic rehab organization, Raintree’s All-in-One PT EMR/EHR solution provides scheduling, documentation, RCM, reporting and practice management tools designed to maximize performance and support your growth. Clinicient also delivers outcomes benchmarking, an integrated home exercise program and automated appointment reminders to improve patient engagement and adherence. 

With our PT software, creating patient evaluations only takes 6 minutes. We’ve developed a user-friendly layout that displays completed note sections in real time, so you can see the finished product before your eyes. Plus, WebPT’s carry-forward feature lets you start each new document with the information already stored in the previous one, making your documentation fast and efficient. 

As a result, PTs can spend more time doing what they do best: treating patients. And since the system is HIPAA-compliant, it keeps your patients’ private medical data secure. 

Net Health Therapy for Clinics is a specialized rehab EMR and practice management software solution that addresses all the needs of physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as other non-hospital, outpatient rehabilitation providers. Unlike the big box providers, we offer a scalable, flexible and customizable platform. This means that we can scale with your practice, and deliver the same high-quality solutions to both large and small groups. 

As a result, our EMR software provides a seamless experience that connects the entire continuum of care from referral source to discharge, including all aspects of operations, billing and collections, and reporting. By streamlining clinical, administrative and financial workflow, our specialized rehab EMR software helps you get back to your true calling – helping people heal. 


Streamline patient scheduling and documentation with software designed by PTs for PTs. Easily create defensible charts that comply with regulations and provide your patients with clear, legible documents to better understand their treatment plans. The software allows users to easily customize evaluation profiles, auto-score outcome measurement tools, and choose from the latest evidence-based tests to ensure compliance. 

The solution also offers a comprehensive dashboard with financial, clinical, and operational reports for therapists. It can help therapists improve productivity and increase revenue while reducing costs. In addition, it enables physical therapists to access and share information in real time across multiple platforms. It also helps therapists keep up with their appointments, patient notes and referrals. 

It is an all-in-one EMR and practice management system designed for the rehabilitation therapy industry with support for PT, OT, and SLP. The software allows therapists to document in the way they want, streamline billing processes and provide a platform for collaboration between team members. It also supports a wide range of telehealth services, including videoconferencing and secure messaging for telehealth. 

With a user-friendly interface and automated insurance verification, this software makes it easy for therapists to schedule patients. It can also be customized to fit the needs of each practice, and it comes with a variety of templates. It also offers integrated document storage and an automatic reminder for appointments. Moreover, it can help therapists save time by automating workflow tasks, eliminating the need to manually enter data into multiple systems. 

Another software that simplifies the work process for physical therapists is ReDoc powered by xfit, which is a secure cloud-based EMR. It enables therapists to manage their daily caseload via a real-time clinician worklist, and the tool includes practice management tools, outcomes tracking, reputation management, an integrated home exercise program, and automated appointment reminders. 

It is an all-in-one EMR solution designed for physical, occupational, and speech therapists in private practices, hospitals, clinics, and group practices. It allows therapists to customize the software to suit their needs, and it provides a range of features, including a customizable dashboard, a streamlined clinical workflow, and a quality end-of-day report. It is also a mobile-friendly application and can be used on any device, making it convenient for therapists to use in the field. 

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