Japanese Schools Offering Igcse Curriculum And Leading Montessori Schools Of Tokyo

Is Japan is the first developed nation in the Asian region and has been a major world layer since the nineteenth century. Not only is it one of the leading industrialised nations in the world it is acknowledged the world over for its cultural power. It is not surprising, therefore, that expats from all over the world come to work and live in Japan. 

There is also a sizeable presence of overseas diplomats in Japan, given its importance on the world stage. The fact that Japan has a fair number of international schools offering the British IGCSE curriculum and the Montessori schools of Tokyo are some of the best anywhere.


Top 4 Montessori Schools in Tokyo

  • Global Indian International School, Tokyo

Global Indian International School Tokyo is one of the best known international schools in the region. It boasts a modern state of the art campus with fantastic infrastructure, as well as  some of the best teachers anywhere. The school offers classes from pre nursery to grade 12. The curricula offered by the school include Global Montessori Plus, CBSE, Cambridge CLSP, Cambridge IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate program. 


The school believes in providing a holistic education comprising both academics and a healthy dose of extracurricular activities. It is hardly surprising that its students do very well in life, including obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere. No wonder the school is so popular amongst both locals and expats.

  • Aoba Japan International School

Aoba Japan International School is one of the leading international schools in Japan providing a world class education for children aged 2 to 18. It comprises three magnificent campuses that between them cater to a K to 12 education. Everything from the infrastructure to the teachers at this school are out of the top drawer. 

This English medium co educational school offers the full International Baccalaureate programme which makes it extremely popular amongst the expat communities living in Japan. The school offers its students the best atmosphere an ethos to ecl both at academics and extracurricular activities. 

Aoba Japan International School also offers Japanese as an additional language. This IB continuum school boasts a tremendous reputation, when it comes to its students obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere. 

  • New International School of Japan

New International School of Japan is one of the many outstanding international schools in the country with a sterling reputation amongst the locals as well as the expats. A bi-lingual school providing instructions in both English and Japanese, the New International School of Japan provides world class infrastructure and some of the best teachers anywhere.


Founded in 2001 the school used to provide education from age 3 to grade 9 which later got extended to grade 12 in 2014. It is accredited till grade 12 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). 

That apart, the school is also a member of the Japan Council of International Schools (JCIS), the Progressive Education Network (PEN) and the Tokyo Association of International Preschools (TAIP). Both its Montessori school of Tokyo and senior school education is out of the top drawer earning it much praise and respect from both Japanese and expat parents.

  • Yoyogi International School

Yoyogi International School is an international school par excellence providing a world class education to children in the 4 to 14 years age group. Being an English medium International Baccalaureate school, it is extremely popular with the expat communities living in Japan. The school happens to be an authorised school for the INternational Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years. 

It also offers the UK National Curriculum Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and the Early Years Foundation Stage, apart from conforming to the US Common Core State Standards. The school has a very warm, welcoming and enabling atmosphere-something that is evident by the fact that its teachers and students hail from all parts of the world. No wonder the school has such a lot of goodwill amongst the many  overseas communities living in Japan.



Japan is a nation like no other and any child who gets to go to school there is a privileged one for they get to imbibe the wonderful values of this gentle land.. Even the international schools run by overseas people are influenced by the great culture of the host nations. 

As a matter of fact receiving an education in Japan means that one gets to imbibe the best of the West and the East. Given the growing importance of the Indo-Pacific region in the years ahead, it is all the more advantageous to receive an education in a school in Japan.

Being a nation that has so many achievements to its credit, one can learn a lot studying in a school there that will help one excel in life. From a sense of discipline to a total commitment to excellence- there is so much that one can imbibe at these schools.

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