Best Noida Montessori and Nursery Schools Near You

Noida is the most sought-after place in the Delhi-NCR region with regard to people wanting to work there and live there. It is a major technology center as well as home to myriad industrial units. That apart it houses the headquarters of a host of media houses. With regard to its infrastructure too, Noida is second to none in the country. This includes a host of Montessori schools near you as well as nursery schools near all the major residential areas. Let’s get a lowdown on some of them.

Best Nursery and Montessori schools near you

1. Global Indian International School, Noida

Global Indian International School Noida is not only one of the best private schools in Noida, but also a place where students are exposed to the best of global practices at the earliest. This includes children at the Montessori level who get to learn under the auspices of the globally renowned Global Montessori Plus curriculum. 

The school has a fantastic campus as well as some of the best trained teachers anywhere. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the school is so popular amongst Noida parents.They know that the school will provide the best possible education in the world right from the Montessori level to the high school level. GIIS is easily one of the best Montessori schools near you.

2. JM International School

This is one of the best preschools in Noida providing the little ones every conceivable facility, including air conditioned classrooms. Plus they have CCTV to ensure that the children are safe and secure at all times.The school is a coeducational English medium school that provides just the right start to a child’s formal education journey. 

JM International School is one of the most popular schools in Noida on account of its ability to inculcate the right set of values in small children that allows them to take to learning and education in the most positive way possible.No wonder obtaining admission to this school is highly sought after.

3. Yo Poppins Play School

This again is an air conditioned pre-school known for the top quality early education it provides to initiate small children into the world of formal education. The teachers and employees are like family to the little ones who come to the school and make them feel loved and safe, empowering them to learn and grow in the best way possible. This is most certainly one of the very popular play schools in Noida and its popularity only seems to grow with every passing year.



Noida is a fabulous city with broad streets with smoothly flowing traffic, swanky residential neighborhoods, world class shopping and entertainment destinations and fantastic educational infrastructure. Its schools including the nursery and Montessori schools too are as good as the best anywhere in the world. 

Parents know that getting their children admission to any of these would make them take to learning in the best possible way-something that can only augur well for their future.

Like most other things in Noida, the best Montessori and Nursery schools near you are out of the top drawer and provide everything needed to make their students come out on top in life.

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