7 Major Differences Between Cbse And Igcse Schools

The aspect that worries most parents nowadays is choosing the best school and the right curriculum plan for their children. There is a wide range of options available, and each parent needs clarity about their child’s needs to decide what would work best for them. This decision requires comprehensive research and thorough analysis as it determines how fruitful the future will be. 

The two most popular options amongst parents are IGCSE and CBSE. Indian parents mostly opt for a CBSE academy, but things have changed tremendously in recent years. The best schools in Noida offer both IGCSE and CBSE options; it is up to the parents to decide which one they want for their children. 

If you also have school-going kids and are confused about choosing CBSE or IGCSE, it is better to gather all the information about both boards. Moreover, you should know the difference between these two to decide which one would be apt for your child. 

7 Major Differences Between Cbse And Igcse

Subjects they Offer

Subjects offered by the CBSE curriculum plan are much less than what you get in IGCSE. CBSE students study history, science, mathematics, English, and all major subjects, with English as a compulsory one. Moving on to the higher level, it gets divided into three to four different streams, out of which students can choose what they want to learn. On the other hand, IGCSE offers 70 subjects from which students can choose what they want to include in their course. 

Teaching Approach

The primary focus of the CBSE curriculum plan is to gather knowledge about varied subjects, with an emphasis on mathematics and science. Their vision is to build fundamental skills and focus on the holistic development of every child. 

IGCSE, on the other hand, emphasizes infusing analytical skills in children and gives them a different perspective on learning. As a result, their students have a deeper understanding of subjects they would not forget their entire life.

Assessment Procedure

Assessment criteria in a CBSE academy are test-based. They give assignments and take unit tests to evaluate their performances. Moreover, they conduct exams after regular intervals to decide whether a child can level up in school. On the other hand, IGCSE assesses the practical application of the skills they tried to infuse in children. 

Course Complexity

CBSE course plans are not very complex, and it only gets deeper as children level up at school. Initially, students only get a basic understanding of concepts. It keeps getting intense as the grades level up. IGCSE is a bit more complex than CBSE, and students must work harder to pass the assessments. 

Exam Pattern & Schedule

CBSE conducts final exams at the end of every academic year. Additionally, they conduct trimester exams. The most significant examinations during CBSE schooling is for class 10th and 12th. IGCSE board takes Cambridge primary and secondary exams. 

Education Levels

CBSE only has two levels, class 10th, and 12th AISSE. IGCSE, on the other hand, includes AS and A levels for pupils pursuing higher education, AS and A level, and IB diplomas. 

Freedom to Choose

In the CBSE board, students do not have much choice. English is their compulsory language. The rest are the basics that you wouldn’t want to replace. But on the other hand, IGCSE gives the freedom to choose from more than 70 subjects. As a result, students can tailor-make their courses, designing their future the way they want.

These are the fundamental differences between CBSE and IGCSE, based on which you can decide what you want for your children. Once you decide on the board, find the best school offering that curriculum plan. 

You should also check the amenities, market reputation, and other details of the school before the final enrolment of your child. Then, make better decisions and give your child the right path, taking them close to success.

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