Top 5 Reasons To Wear More Silver

Every woman should have a jewelry collection. Sterling silver jewelry has much to recommend it. This kind of jewelry is affordable, pretty, and even has many proven health benefits.

Calming Down

All women need to feel a sense of calm in life. Many women feel a lot of stress as they go through their day. Silver can help head off such feelings. The cool tones in the metal evoke thoughts of being next to crystal clear waters on a relaxing day. Polished silver reflects the world around us in a positive light. Just examining a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry can remind people of the loveliness of the world around them.

Elegant Symbolism

In just about every single religious and other custom, silver holds a very special place. Silver is often given a special meaning. Across the centuries, cultures around the world have held silver in high regard. Silver spans cultures and brings them together. It also reminds people of the things that were important to their ancestors and are still deeply important in the modern world today. That is why so many women find this kind of jewelry attractive. They are drawn to a metal that their ancestors loved.

Relief from Pain

Many women have problems with chronic pain. As women go through life, they might feel pain all around them. It doesn’t have to be this way. Silver can help women feel better. Sterling silver earrings and other types of silver jewelry have an innate healing quality. Arthritis, for example, is often common in women. Wearing silver jewelry can help women gain relief from serious joint pain.

No Metal Allergies

While metal jewelry is stylish and elegant, it can also be a health problem. Many women are actually allergic to certain types of metal jewelry. Even brief exposure to certain metals can lead to painful reactions. For example, many people are actually literally allergic to nickel. That is why wearing silver jewelry instead is a fabulous option.

Silver jewelry from places like Silpada will not trigger an allergic reaction. Anyone can safely wear silver jewelry. The silver won’t cause a rash or any other symptoms. If you know someone who has an allergy of this kind, give her sterling silver as a gift instead and keep her safe.

Bacterial Protection

Another amazing quality about silver is that it can help keep germs away. Silver has long been used to protect people from bacterial infections. The ancient Greeks knew this as did their Roman counterparts. Silver has long been used by many people around the globe to add an extra layer of protection. This makes it very useful for anyone who wants to enjoy the same protections at home and when they wear jewelry. Modern science has backed up this claim and shown they were right to turn to silver. You can do the same.

For all of these reasons and so many more, you’ll to wear more silver jewelry right now.


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