Top 10 Thermal Wear Brands in India 2024

Winter is the most adored season for certain people. Some others like the way where this season licenses them to add a similar number of layers as they have to. The concern of affirmation from the nippy breezes of this season never leaves the mind. Here comes the piece of thermal wear. The decision of buying a thermal depends upon your prerequisites and tendencies. Before picking one, you should consider its size, fitting, surface, material, and so much more, but make sure to choose the one from our list of the best thermal wear brands in India easily available online.

The work of this interior layer is to secure the body heat and to not allow the fresh atmosphere to attack the body of the wearer. Men, women, people of all ages need to add this at the most noteworthy purpose of their shopping list before the colder season starts. In this way, it is critical that you give fitting pieces of clothing to your body in order to keep the gleam inside. A quality thermal is an essential winter wear that would hold fast to your body like an ensuing skin and keep you warm.

Despite the quantity of layers of winter pieces of clothing you wear, the severe winter can freeze you adequately and twofold to the triple layering of attire can make you look lumbering. So why not look exquisite and warm at the same time by wearing thermals? Without a doubt, thermals will shield you from too cool winter and even give a cleaned look in a jiffy. Nevertheless, there are different brands promising the extra surface and security.  Pick the right thermal wear, and you will have the alternative to defeat the chilliest events with immaterial pieces of clothing.

Best Thermal Wear Brands in India

Thermal  is a touch of texture, top or bottoms, that gives security and keeps the body warm. It is a wellspring of comfort since they ingest any perspiration and shield you from cold. It is lightweight and licenses you to conveniently achieve your work regardless, during winters. In order to reduce your confusion, this article has shortlisted top 10 of the best thermal wear for men in India who are astonishing the customers with their thermals.

We have ensured to fuse these thermal wears for everyone; be it men, women, or kids so you can find all of them at one spot with congruity to raise your motivation behind your shopping list before the colder season begins.

1. Jockey

Jockey thermals wear are known for their astounding defensive quality. Additionally, it permits the individual to get an appropriate fitting. It embraces your body, however, doesn’t make it hard for you to relax. The style of the item is incredible. Jockey thermals utilize astonishing texture which will undoubtedly keep you warm in the crisp winter. Likewise, the thermals come in wide reach shades, for example, pink, charcoal, white, and bounty more which will compliment your dynamic winter outfits.

Jockey has its own specific admirers who understand that the nature of their thermals won’t disillusion them. The style, the fit, the toughness, the looks, the comfort, assurance, the brand scores high in each point. The fine, fragile interlock quality has been created from an amazing material mix that holds clamminess. The sensitive interlining gives agreeable warmth to guarantee the wearer against the cool. Jockey being one of the best jockey body warmer brands in India sets merit purchasing, they are light and excessively delicate on the skin.

Our top picks from Jockey:

2. Bodycare Insider

Moved in 1999, Bodycare thermal wear for complete family is a stand-out winter wear answer for all age gatherings. Bodycare thermals use the uncommon quilt sew advancement in its line up that joins warm vests and lowers for men, women, and kids. The shading options open in the warm wear consolidate gray, dark melange, charcoal, and white for men and women and pink, dull blue, naval blue, and sky blue for kids.

Bodycare family thermals range is a champion among the most looked for things on the lookout. They are highly comfortable with your body during the coldest of conditions and provide ultimate protection and wicks dampness away from the body. The polyfill is sewn between two layers of cotton to give a non-abrasiveness of cotton and warmth of polyfill.

Our top picks from Bodycare Insider:

3. Lux Inferno

For quite a long time Lux Inferno has given pro items to their users, so go look for the warm wear which comes in different unpretentious shades that would effortlessly complement with your work wear apparel just as easy going attire. The texture is comprised of cotton mix fleece. The thermals are accessible at a truly sensible value range. This warm article of clothing causes you to feel wrapped up betterly with delicate hand feel and keep the colder time of year relax without any problem. Lux holds a strong spot on the lookout of the Indian customers as Lux Inferno is one of the best thermal wear brands in India.

You can get various styles of thermals that would supplement your full sleeve, quarter sleeve, and sleeveless outfits. The texture wouldn’t aggravate your skin and give the perfect measure of warmth in the colder time of year. The cotton blend downy of the surface offered at reasonable costs makes it a generally cherished of the Indian working class individuals. The warm wears of this brand are created utilizing unprecedented sensitive cotton, taken care of to draw clamminess away and expected to give a comfortable fit to keep you warm during nippy winters.

Our top picks from Lux Inferno:

4. Neva

This is one of the well known brands that centers around planning thermal wear with both the fit and warmth. Be guaranteed to remain very comfortable in these thermals. Also, think about what, you don’t need to wear massive jackets, coats to keep yourself warm once you put these thermal wears on.Remain warm and stylish during the winters by looking for the tasteful Neva brand. Get the warm top and base set and stay hot warm all through the colder time of year.

Neva even offers sleeveless warm tops that would be ideal for your sleeveless link weave tunics or sweaters. Neva thermals are made of extraordinary light texture innovation that traps hot air and gives your body astounding warmth. The usage of three layered cotton polyfill sewed advancement that holds body warmth makes it more sizzling than even woolen thermals. This prompts to outrageous solace, long robustness and more breath capacity. All of the things are available for men, women and kids.

Our top picks from Neva:

5. Vimal

Vimal is a notable brand in the thermal wear class. It gives assurance against extraordinary climate conditions. It offers delicate texture with sharp looks. Vimal utilizes the best texture on the lookout and will undoubtedly keep you warm in winter. In the event that you are searching for a believed thermal brand, at that point look no farther than the promising brand Vimal. The brand offers delicate, warm thermals which will simply resemble a subsequent skin and wouldn’t make you cumbersome as well. In the event that you need delicate quality thermals at sensible costs, put resources into Vimal thermals.

With the sensitive surface and ultra current looks Vimal is the chief name that comes in the mind of the Indian customer when you talk about the thermals. This warm article of clothing causes you to feel wrapped up pleasantly with a delicate hand feel and keep the colder time of year relax. This thermal brand is an unquestionable one and deserves a mention in our list of the best thermal wear brands in India. Truth be told, a huge gathering of individuals shows steadfastness towards the brand. This is because of the nature of the texture and the security it gives to the wearer.

Our top picks from Vimal:

6. Hanes

Hanes utilize a blend of polyester and cotton to fabricate their thermal wears to provide delicate feel, unrivaled solace and warmth. These thermals are highly washing machine friendly and come in different sizes of neck and sleeves. You can pick any of the styles as indicated by your prerequisite. These regular thermals are affordable and you will be satisfied with the awesome nature of their assortment. Hanes gives sensitive surface thermals to the people.

The slim fit thermals are shrinkage controlled for suffering size and shape support. Further, these fit-u-neck plan thermal wears do not bear scratchy marks even after continuous usage. Hanes is popular for its nature of texture, which feels good on the body. The two-layer texture structure makes it a phenomenal protector with upgraded delicate quality, consequently encouraging better solace with more prominent warmth. The delicate feel texture gives predominant solace and keeps you sung and comfortable in a chilly atmosphere.

Our top picks from Hanes:

7. Selfcare

This brand is made for the individuals who are style cognizant. These Selfcare thermal wears give insurance and solace. They additionally produce warm wears of extraordinary looks. Selfcare thermal wears are skin cordial and ideal for below zero temperatures. The styling and designed specially for ladies, these thermal wears give extra warmth during the colder time of the year. With various styling options, Selfcare is one of the best thermal wear brands in India. You will basically go gaga for sublime pieces, both agreeable just as ladylike creation and simple to mind texture.

You can wear it with crop tops, sleeveless tops, off shoulder tops or anything stylish. Also searching for the ideal fit, at that point Selfcare have that plans, agreeable and body fit thermals, likewise on the off chance that you are an exercise center junkie, at that point you should get your hands on the warm games bra assortment. The brand takes quality texture and transforms it into a design piece. An incredible brand to look great and remain ensured.

Our top picks from Selfcare:

8. Zimfit

Zimfit offer a wide scope of thermal wear like half sleeve, full sleeve and sleeveless. It fabricates thermals for men, women and even kids. The stitched warm fabric give security against cold winters. The superior quality and warmth will make you experience the ultimate cozy feeling for the brand and interestingly, you can get distinctive sleeve length warm tops at a stunning cost. With unimaginable confirmation in the midst of the blustery long stretches of winters, the full sleeved thermals of this brand come in various sizes, which permits the individual to get an agreeable fit for himself.

Our top picks from Zimfit:

9. Macroman

The most astonishing nature of Macroman is that it offers thermals, which suits men, all things considered. From young school going boys to the moderately aged proficient, everybody gets fulfilled by having this brand. The incredible quality, happy with fitting, and slick allure make Macroman one of the best thermal wear brands in India. Contemplating a dependable warm wear brand, you should go look for Macroman thermal wears.

The thermals will manage its responsibility of keeping you warm, consummately and all you require to consider is to glance neat even in chilly winter. Be prepared to battle the colder time of year chill in style, with Macrowoman made of miniature acrylic arrive at mix with spandex, these thermals are a fine blend of innovation and specialty of attire. Brilliantly warm and amazingly delicate, these body embracing thermals are extraordinarily intended to keep you dexterous in frigid temperatures and still keep your trendy garments in vogue.

Our top picks from Macroman:

10. Hap Kings

It is one of the most favored brands of thermal wears. They produce blended material thermals that give solace to the users. The material has a heat-catching limit that forestall the body heat from getting away, regardless of whether it is freezing outside. It is accessible in various value ranges. Individuals who are touchy to the texture of the thermals ought to go for Hap Kings. The brand offers blended material texture, which gives an open to believing to the wearer. Both the upper and the lower pieces by Hap Kings fit well because of the flexible nature.

These thermals are warm and made with current innovation to be light and warm subsequently. With ribbed texture to forestall riding up and ‘no hang’ grip, these thermals of brushed cotton, polyester and acrylic fiber mixed material, they are well fit and snug.

Our top picks from Hap Kings:


Thermal Wear has become normal for people during the winter season. To adorn your favorite attires, various forms of these thermal wear are absolutely essential to keep your fashion game intact. We hope that these best Thermal Wear Brands in India will keep your winter season in place so that you can still flaunt your fashion statement amongst the chilly temperatures. Do let us know which one among the list suits you best.


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