10 Tips And Tricks For Maintaining Shoes And Footwear

Shoes are the best support for your feet and need equal attention in terms of maintenance. Just like you take care of your other things, your shoe needs are also a part of your daily life. As we look for the quality of the shoes while buying them, they might get dull and dud if not taken care of properly. You can take advantage of Puma coupon codes through Cashaly to save more on footwear.

Make your every move clean and comfortable by taking good care of your shoes. When you keep your shoes tidy, you gain more confidence while you walk. Although keeping your things clean is basic hygiene, your shoes still need a little more care than that.

Shoes of good quality will provide you comfort when provided with good care. You can make a routine to keep your shoes and other footwear tidy as well. This way, you need not worry when you need to step out, as you will wear tidy shoes.

Your feet release sweat when you wear footwear. Your shoes bear dust and heat as well, which can develop germs on them. After you reach home and wear off your footwear, you need to keep in mind not to instantly lock them in a shoe rack. Rather, we have come up with some good solutions to help you maintain your shoes.

Stay tuned to learn about tips and tricks for maintaining shoes and footwear.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Shoes

Here we will learn about many tips that will help you maintain your shoes and other footwear.

Organise your Shoes

Keeping your shoes in the proper place and alignment is equally important, just like having an aligned wardrobe. Never throw your shoes in different directions, or don’t leave them unattended for too long. Arrange a shoe rack and properly place all your footwear on it. Your house also looks organised with this small tip. And you need not search for your shoes everywhere in the house when they are perfectly organised.

Wash or Polish

Wash or polish your footwear according to the material. Shoes made of canvas or sports are washable, and you can easily hand wash them. Let them completely dry before you put them back on the shoe rack. For leather and other material footwear, use a suitable polish or wipe them with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth to clean them. This tip will help your footwear stay away from dust and bad bacteria.


Places with snow and rain can damage your footwear. There are solutions available on the market to keep your shoes waterproof. You can apply waterproofing to your shoes and move freely in rain or snow. Ask your trusted shoe store for the best waterproofing solution, and you can get this product online easily.

No Dragging

If you drag your shoes while walking, you are damaging the sole faster than it will eventually. Always keep in mind to take your feet off the ground while walking or running. It will keep your body in good posture, and your shoes will last longer.

Clean It from Inside

Cleaning shoes or other footwear only from the outside is not enough to maintain proper hygiene. You should also clean them from the inside to remove any dirt or germs. When you wear footwear all day long, your feet release sweat, which can also damage your footwear from the inside. Depending on the type of footwear, you can either wash or wipe it off with shoe cleaner.

Breathing is Important

Just like you, your shoes or other footwear need to breathe. Wearing shoes all day puts pressure on them. Hence, they need time to settle and come back in their original form. Leave your footwear out in the open for a few hours so that air can pass through them. Also, it will help them give you the same comfort whenever you wear them.

Layer of Rubber for Soles

For shoes, a layer of rubber soles can increase the life of your shoes. If you feel the sole of the shoe is wearing off, you can add another layer of rubber sole to protect it from wearing off further. Similarly, you can use a heel cap to keep the heels in line and comfortable.

Wear Socks

Directly wearing your shoes can cause odours in your shoes and feet due to direct contact with the shoe material. The best way to wear shoes is to wear socks first and then your shoes. You will see the difference for yourself in the comfort you feel. It will also prevent sweat access and the generation of bad bacteria.

Take off your shoes properly

Wearing and taking off your footwear properly and carefully can help you take care of your shoes. Continuously jerking and forcefully taking off your footwear will lead to damaged footwear. Mindfully wear or take off your shoes to maintain their quality.

Keep Footwear Away From Moisture

Footwear that is washable or not should not be kept in constant moisture. It is advised to keep your footwear away from moisture in a dark place at room temperature. Moisture on your footwear can lead to fungus and damage your shoes.


In this blog, we discussed tips to maintain shoes and footwear to give them a long life. Get your favourite outfit with Myntra coupon codes through Cashaly that go with your footwear. Keep your footwear safe and tidy with these tips and get amazing results. You will see that your shoes will last a long time, retaining their quality. Make every move with clean footwear.

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