How Do You Make A Perfect Style Guide?

Are you trying to make a style guide but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for points on how to build your personal style guide? Who doesn’t want to look good and be called stylish while dressing for school, college, work or during celebrations.

Fashion is considered a form of art which one uses to express oneself. Everybody has a different way of dressing which leads to different fashion styles. We can easily develop our signature style after learning how to do so.

In this article you will find all the pointers to build a perfect style guide. Keep reading this article till the end to know more about these steps to build your style guide.

Steps To Remember While Building Your Style Guide

Through the ages different fashion styles have been categorized according to different timelines and trends of that particular decade like 50s style, 70s style, 90s fashion, early 20s fashion and so on. This shows how fashion has become an important influence on people along with technology, education and the internet in the new world after the world wars.


Every fashion guide should start with clothes. Select your own personal style of clothes you like and build the style guide around it. Search what type of clothes you prefer and try styling around those particular types of clothes with your own input.

You should choose the clothes which make you feel confident while wearing it and not uncomfortable while carrying it. Search different fashion magazines and websites to find new ideas to experiment with styling of your clothes.

Giving Personal Touch

Everybody has a different outlook towards the world in every aspect of our life be it food, fashion, lifestyle, relationships, etc. So it’s natural that everyone’s style is different. Try incorporating your personality into your dressing. If you have an extroverted personality you can try wearing bright colors to make yourself stand out in the crowd.


Makeup has become an art which enhances our look along with our mood. People often confuse applying makeup for the purpose of hiding our flaws, ignoring the fact that the effort one puts into applying makeup can also uplift one’s confidence and mood along with making one ready for the day. Even on days we don’t feel good in our skin, makeup makes us feel upbeat on those days.

Hair Styling

Hair is often said to be a key point while creating a look. Unruly hair with a classy party look will end in disaster even if you styled your clothes perfectly because hair styling makes the look complete. Clothes, accessories, hair, shoes and confidence makes a fashion look complete. From to two ponytails to tight buns, from soft curls to straightening of hair to present day sleek hair bun and hair coloring there were multiple changes in hair styling through the decade. Trying different hairstyles with different clothes became a norm. Experimenting with hair coloring to enhance your look has become a trend. If you’re new to hair coloring you can try bremod hair color chart to choose the colors you want to experiment with first. A Bremod hair color chart is a leaflet where hair colors are numbered according to different hues to make it easier to choose while coloring hair.


Any look can go from zero to 10 when we accessorize it with jewelry, handbags, shoes or any other accessories. When spotting an athletic look, accessorizing it with sport shoes such as sneakers and wearing a cap to complete the look for outdoors making it a total hit. Wearing a sandal with an athletic look won’t really make it an athletic style but a casual look.


Pedicure and manicures became a part of fashion in recent decades be it the bright red nail paints of 70s and 90s to gradual shift towards nude color nail paints along with nail art in the 21st century our nails have gone through style change too. Recent pop culture influence of nail extensions have also become a hit among youngsters now leading to a new fashion statement with over the top nails with clothes. Doja cat and Cardi B’s nails have made headlines and talk shows in today’s fashion world. A shift from people calling these extensions gaudy nails to fashion due to its excessive popularity among pop culture lovers shows how fashion changes everyday.

Styling According To The Occasion

One cannot go to college or school wearing a party costume; it would be ridiculous for the onlookers. Instead keeping our wardrobe according to occasions with casual clothes for weekends, party clothes for occasions such as birthdays or weddings, gym clothes for gym, formal clothes for work etc. Dress according to the occasion.

The double C

Comfort and confidence is a must while building your style guide. Be confident in the style you have created and carry it with that attitude. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a dress but doing it for the sake of trend do not attempt it. Because your discomfort shows in your expressions and actions. Try the style you feel free wearing.


Creating one’s personal style guide is a gradual process but once you become confident about your style it becomes easy to build one’s style guide. Being confident and comfortable with one’s style helps you build that signature style more easily. Do let us know if these points were helpful for building your perfect style guide.

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