Top 10 T Shirt Brands in India 2023

T-shirts are the most agreeable thing one can wear. It is essential for everyone’s closet. T-shirts arrive in an assortment of examples like round neck, v neck, polo necks, printed, oversized and the sky is the limit from there. Due to this assortment of cuts, tones, and examples, they have changed the manner in which we dress. Discover more with our rundown of the best t shirt brands in India that will make you look design forward.

A t-shirt is a thing that has made considerable progress regarding its change. It has advanced from the nineteenth century to a basically easygoing piece. They are presently a fundamental piece of one’s closet. T-shirts have a different fan base for a few youngsters and ladies for reasons we as a whole know.

The t-shirts of mainstream and best or topmost brands are known to be preeminent in their quality, comfort levels, plans, and examples, just as looks. You can never have enough t-shirts snugged in your closet. However on the off chance that you might want to know a portion of the best t shirt brands in India, then our rundown will help you.

Best T Shirt Brands in India

We have handpicked the best t shirt brands in India, only for you. Get moving, and you will perceive any reason why these specific t shirt brands are well known and what their key highlights are. You can snatch a very sizable amount of t-shirts for your closet from the brands we have underneath.

1. Levi’s

Our rundown would be inadequate in the event that we did exclude Levi’s t-shirt that will undoubtedly make you look tasteful. Levis truly has an astounding assortment of garments particularly jeans and shirts. Levis polo and round neck t-shirts are agreeable, slick, and incredibly solid. Levis items are a protected and long haul venture.

Levis garments are in every case attractive and are additionally straightforward. Yet, this straightforwardness conceals a novel and complex origination strategy dependent on elevated level plan, intense and strong materials just as an agreeable versatility.

Levi’s isn’t just the market chief in types of denim yet in addition turns out to be among the best t shirt brands in India with a stunning cluster of variety. Men who need a great closet ought to get the striped highly contrasting tee with a red embellished logo, and ladies can pick this super-adorable 100% cotton printed tees.

Our top picks from Levi’s:

2. Tommy Hilfiger

A Premium brand Tommy Hilfiger is a global enterprise that fabricates clothing for men, ladies, and youngsters and a wide scope of authorized items. On the off chance that we explicitly talk about the t-shirt area, the brand gives the largest scope of t-shirt alternatives to various classifications of individuals like peppy prints, easygoing cuts, and other conventional plans too.

The t-shirts offer extreme solace alongside quality. The fabric material is cotton and has smooth lines all finished. Likewise, you can get astonishing tones. In any case, as per the brand and the nature of t-shirts, this is an incentive for cash brand.

It is an American brand that sells premium sweaters, winter wear, and watches since 1985. Enveloping the largest scope of t-shirt choices, you can pick something practical yet cool and style-driven. Considered one of the best t shirt brands in India, Tommy Hilfiger will not disappoint you.

Our top picks from Tommy Hilfiger:

3. United Colors of Benetton

An Italian worldwide style house notable among youth. This brand carries along with cheeky vibes with its t-shirts. United Colors of Benetton, a mainstream clothing brand and as its name itself characterizes, it is known for its tones. The brand has an assortment of value t-shirts that are positive in the look area, particularly for young people and youngsters.

The t-shirts are well fitted and give you a truly brilliant look. The best thing is the texture which is smooth and agreeable to wear during summer. Simultaneously, these t-shirts are entirely reasonable too. The brand additionally offers some great wallets.

Established quite a while past in 1965, Benetton has 5000+ stores everywhere in the world and is outstanding amongst other best t shirt brands in India for people. Be it the cotton block plan or the ones with a  logo, Benetton tees are of top-notch quality.

Our top picks from United Colors of Benetton:

4. Nike

Nike t-shirts, overseen by Nike. Inc. is a mainstream American global brand that investigates marked style attire, administrations, hardware, and the sky is the limit from there. Arranged in Oregon, America, Nike is right off the bat well known for its inventory of athletic attire and active apparel specializing in shoes, jackets, and track suits.

They have a few retail locations and shops internationally and are known for their exceptional quality and comfortable outfits. The brand is known for comfortable and quality sports clothing and attire worldwide with a scope of plans and prints.

Nike got set up in the year 1964, starting now and into the foreseeable future, it has been offering world-class things infused with a sensation of headway and inspiration for wellbeing darlings and competitors. It empowers the general population to appreciate a positive powerful lifestyle. Known for their high performing limits, solidness, and style, these make sure to transform into your most ideal decision for accommodating wear.

Our top picks from Nike:

5. U.S. Polo Assn.

U.S. Polo Assn. is the true and authority brand of the United States Polo Association set up in 1890. T-shirts are worn by the players on the field gradually and continuously got well known among watchers and admirers of the game and individuals began wearing similar t-shirts. It turned into the pattern and its darlings are expanding step by step. The polos can look extremely smart if paired with the right trousers and a sleek belt.

The nature of the item is improved by the requirements and expanding requests of its adherents. The brand conveniently changes its topics and the stuff to give an alluring look in changing climates and for the solace capacities for the individuals who love to wear it. The greater part of the t-shirts accompanies the customized fit which implies it won’t be a thin fit not it would be a normal fit.

A custom-fitted fit lies between the thin and the custom fit. U.S. Polo Assn. offers downplayed at this point rich attire across the globe. Standing tall among our best t shirt brands in India show, it advances the game of polo with its product. Searching for a t-shirt that gives you a casual vibe with a dive of energetic vibes, then U.S. Polo Assn. is your answer. These are made to mirror a stately and cleaned vibe blended in with a laidback request.

Our top picks from U.S. Polo Assn.:

6. Peter England

Not many of us realize that Peter England is an Indian brand and was dispatched in India around 1997 by the Aditya Birla Group. This brand was at first a fare quality apparel that was sent out to outside nations yet then the proprietor chose to dispatch it In India too.

The fundamental and most significant factor of Peter England is that the sort of texture they use is supreme to an unheard-of level and has no correlation with some other brand. It has the best apparel insight and fitting is exceptionally comfortable. The solace level can likewise be characterized as it gives the sort of look in which you can go anyplace.

The material of Peter England is truly solid and will keep going for quite a while. Being one of the best t shirt brands in India, Peter England is moderately priced for all to have few. Additionally, they have some of the best sweatshirts as well.

Our top picks from Peter England:

7. Puma

Puma is known for its validity in agreeable and premium extravagance items for people around the world. The discovered route, harking back to the 1920s, the brand at first entered clothing by providing to Olympic summer games. Notwithstanding, it went into notoriety in the coming years and has started dispatching a scope of items from the 1950s with a rationale in development, plan, and quality.

The brand is known for mixing in legacy, advancement, innovation, quality, remembering the cutting edge year’s necessities and patterns. By and by the accompanying game’s brand on our once-over is Puma, which is another extraordinarily acclaimed overall style brand working adequately in the Indian market. This brand was set up by Rudolf Dassler.

Puma is the third greatest German maker in the field of athletic attire, sandals, slippers, and backpacks. In case comfort and clear styles are your main concern, by then throw on a Puma t-shirt. These t-shirts are prestigious for their shocking shapes and cuts.

Our top picks from Puma:

8. Calvin Klein

Another notable brand for youth is Calvin Klein. Found in the US in the last part of the 1960s, the Calvin Klein brand is tied in with making young, new, and rich, ageless dresses and attire that are downplayed. The brand is further famous for the moderate yet present-day pattern-driven highlights with remaining consistent with their enthusiasm.

It has feasible contribution with quality hoodies, perfumes, underwear and bras. It is among the top brands worldwide as for outrageous things with its excessive t-shirts and high kind of things which are made. Right, when composed with bits of denim it tries to get the eye of different and get different approvals.

Presently, one of the best t shirt brands in India, Calvin Klein is slightly on the higher side when it comes to pricing. However, the texture and quality are worth every penny.

Our top picks from Calvin Klein:

9. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is perhaps the most presumed brands of garments accessible in India. Dispatched by the Aditya Birla Group in 1993, Allen Solly has developed a far cry regarding the quality and class of items it conveys. This is a more affordable brand with vibrance in its attire range it’s for the more youthful ones.

Allen Solly t-shirts are known to be the best in the market in light of the textures that are utilized which are ideal for the Indian climate. T-shirts are high in quality, very well-fitting, and have a medium value range. The blazer collection from Allen Solly is equally impressive.

It involves additional completing and perfection which are strong and style fit which supplements the Indian body types. The brand will give you the best t-shirts for men in India without making an opening in your pocket.

Our top picks from Allen Solly:

10. Van Heusen

Van Heusen is a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. It is India’s biggest and quickest developing marked attire organization and an exceptional way of life major part of the retail area. With regards to having the main effect before some expert and stay killing in the workplace, appearance matters the most.

Van Heusen furnishes the top class proficient clothing with excellent, fitting, solace, and shading decision. From formal jeans to t-shirts, you find a distinctive reach to look over. The t-shirts don’t get obscured in a couple of washes, no bobbling, or whatever different issues. These t-shirts are strong, if authentic consideration is taken can be used for a drawn-out time interval.

In any case, easygoing assortments from the brand are no less acclaiming. Ladies can match their t-shirts with a trendy pair of leggings. Men can top a smart cap to complement their t-shirt. Clearly, one of the best t shirt brands in India, Van Heusen offers a casual vibe.

Our top picks from Van Heusen:


The lockdown has opened a phenomenal anger for the praiseworthy T-shirt. The ideal choice between WfH, task runs, and easy to hit the sack in. Various streetwear brands have broadened their lines and limited delivery drops have gotten incredibly mainstream. Message tees, agreeable tees or some happy tees – take your pick. Pick cleverly, and shop proficiently!


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