A Dig into the Extraordinary Attributes of Fiber Cement in Thailand

Fiber Cement in Thailand

Just like Rome was not built in a day, so are the modern infrastructures we see today. The magnificent contemporary infrastructures we amaze today are the outcome of rigorous planning and the exploitation of superior materials. The fascinating buildings, monuments, and residential or extensive commercial places around us are the prime facets of the raw materials that are employed with absolute excellence.

For instance, recently, Fiber Cement has become the new center of attraction, due to which it has stretched the desired spending limits of landlords, homeowners, builders, etc. As a result, it has indeed emerged as a game-changer in the construction business during the most crucial times when environmentally friendly and artistic building materials are sailing in the boat of prominence. Likewise, Thailand, which is especially renowned for its proficiency in manufacturing high-quality fiber cement products, is one such nation that is at the forefront of this paradigm shift.

Thailand Fiber Cement Industry

But the enigma is not solved yet. Most of the global audience still needs to understand the prominence and dominance of fiber cement, its credibility, modern applications, illustrations, and the list goes on. Rather than this, the growth prospects of this premium raw material, along with the recent developments, trends, roadblocks, and other aspects, are briefly elaborated in the latest reports of Markntel Advisors. Their extensive and relentless study also reveals that the Thailand Fiber Cement market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 4.34% during the forecast period, i.e., 2023-28.

Definition and Modern-Day Applications: 

Also known as reinforced fiber cement, due to its strength and longevity, fiber cement is a composite building material that is mostly utilized in roofing and façade projects. Cement, sand, and cellulose fibers are among the components used in manufacturing. These components are also combined with water, which is then molded into sheets, boards, or shingles. Due to the fact that these sheets may physically imitate common siding materials like wood, stucco, or stone, a broad range of design possibilities are accessible for both residential and commercial structures. Moreover, some of its finest attributes include the following:

Exterior Cladding –

Due to its resilience to termite, fire, and weathering threats, fiber cement panels are most commonly used as exterior cladding. Fiber cement cladding might enhance the aesthetic appeal of any structure while offering long-lasting protection thanks to its broad array of textures, colors, and finishes.

Flooring –

Fiber cement boards have become widespread in applications such as flooring because of their durability, resilience to moisture, and holding potential to act as a doppelganger of natural materials like wood or stone. Furthermore, users have zero complaints registered related to its maintenance cost.

Interior Walls –

Interior wall dividers made of fiber cement boards function quite well. They’re best known for their excellency in possessing acoustic and thermal insulation qualities and are lightweight and straightforward to install. They are also resistant to moisture and humidity, making them ideal for areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Top 5 Thailand-Based Fiber Cement Manufacturers:

Siam Cement Group (SCG) –

Established in 1913 by a royal decree of King Rama VI (Vajiravudh), SCG began operating in Bangkok, Thailand, as the first cement plant. Its successful name has facilitated its revenue activities and enabled the owner to, later on, establish more businesses as well. A major of them includes SCG Cement-building materials, SCG Chemicals, and SCG Packaging. Offering an extensive range of top-tier construction products, Siam Cement Group remains committed to delivering excellence in every facet of its business.

Mahapant Group –

Officially known by the name Mahaphant Fibre Cement (South Asia) Private Limited, this business is classified as a house of SHERA. One of the reputable names in the sector of fiber cement, Mahapant specializes in producing fiber cement boards, siding, roofing, and concrete roof tiles. Lately, the following business has been successfully running its operations for the last 30 years.


SHERA, a true titan in the world of fiber cement, has solidified its status as an industry leader not only in Thailand but across the globe. With an impressive legacy spanning over four decades, this esteemed company has become synonymous with excellence and innovation. SHERA’s unrivaled expertise shines through as it takes the crown as the largest manufacturer of fiber cement boards, siding, roofing, and concrete roof tiles on a worldwide scale.

Jintana Asian Group –

The construction industry has been completely transformed by the extraordinary combination of strength, versatility, and captivating beauty offered by fiber cement. This remarkable material provides a long-lasting and hassle-free solution for exterior cladding, interior applications, and roofing and presents a few noteworthy drawbacks. Despite its undeniable benefits, fiber cement can be a pricier alternative compared to other options, and its installation process can pose a significant challenge. Nevertheless, these considerations highlight the unique character and demands of working with this innovative material, making it a choice that calls for careful consideration and expertise.

Concluding Points:

To conclude as a whole, fiber cement has truly transformed the construction industry with its extraordinary combination of strength, versatility, and visual appeal. This remarkable material offers not only long-lasting durability and minimal upkeep requirements but also opens up endless design possibilities for both exterior cladding and interior applications. Despite these incredible advantages, it’s important to acknowledge that fiber cement does come with its fair share of challenges. It can be a pricier alternative compared to other options, and its installation process may require some expertise and effort. However, these drawbacks should be considered to outweigh the immense value that fiber cement brings to the table.

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