Top 10 Basil Seeds in India 2024

These little black colored seeds might have been ignored by you during your online grocery shopping or at any convenience store. But skip them no more now. Basil seeds are high in nutrients and offer tons of health benefits. They have a long past and its usage has been noted in multiple Ayurvedic medicines. Looking at the fast-paced life we have today and the need to keep our body healthy, many ayurvedic, organic and other brands have started coming up with these to be the best basil seeds in India and to educate the Indians about their numerous health greatness.

Among so many available, it is a tedious task to choose the right one that is truly natural and will give you the nutrients you deserve. Worry no more as we have done the hard part for you and made our list of the best basil seeds in India that are available online. All you have to do now is pick any of them and start your way to a healthy and balanced life.

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Best Basil Seeds in India

You must have been reading everywhere about the benefits and goodness of basil seeds. But which ones should you get from the market to truly extract its powerful offerings?

Read along to find out the top 10 best Basil Seeds in India along with its USPs, goodness, and the value that these bring along right out of the packet.

1. R R Agro Foods Basil Seeds

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These basil seeds from RR Agro Foods are loaded with crucial nutrients. They can be consumed all year round but are highly recommended during summer especially for their digestive properties and their ability to reduce body heat. This pack also comes along with a user-friendly zipper packaging to ensure the pack remains fresh till its last use and to retain the goodness and freshness for a longer period.

This pack containing 500 grams of basil seeds also promotes weight loss. As they are loaded with fiber, they give a sense of fullness throughout the day making you feel less hungry and lose weight in a healthy manner.

2. True Elements Raw Basil Seeds

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These basil seeds from True Elements are available in their natural form extracted from the sweet basil plant. Basil seeds are low in cholesterol and high in monosaturated fats which is beneficial for diabetes. Having antioxidants and antibacterial properties, they help to maintain healthy skin and prevents harmful bacterias from entering the skin.

Basil seeds help relieves constipation and bloating and smooths bowel movements. It also acts as a stomach cleaner and the volatile oil present in basil seeds relieves gas from the gastrointestinal tract and promotes digestion. True Elements is the best basil seeds in India when it comes to popularity and great reviews.

3. NatureVit Basil Seeds

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These basil seeds from NatureVit are of premium quality. Similar to Chia seeds, they have multiple health benefits and contain all the essential nutrients our body needs. The major highlight is that basil seeds act as coolant and have a cooling effect to reduce body heat keeping the body hydrated.

This pack from NatureVit comes in a stand-up zip-lock pack to make it last longer and get all the health benefits even till its last usage. Basil seeds also cure acidity by promoting digestion quickly and faster and relieving the stomach.

4. Urban Platter Basil Seeds

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These premium quality basil seeds from Urban Platter can easily be trusted as the best basil seeds in India that are available online. They are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and essential fats. They also provide you with the goodness of healthy fibers. You can literally add the seeds in almost anything and everything for consumption.

Be it sherbets, lemonades, ice creams, kulfi, or simply in water. The seeds on coming in contact with any fluid substance will grow double in size. Also, you can give them to your children regularly to maintain good health and improve resistance against diseases.

5. Nutriwish Premium Basil Seeds

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Nutriwish basil seeds are a powerful superfood that is not only rich in fibers but has a rich source of omega-3 fatty as they are the essential fats required for a healthy body. It comprises of the plant-based source of proteins and zinc. These basil seeds are super rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Being rich in fiber, basil seeds helps in weight management by reducing hunger pangs. They can be used in almost ant food items and can be used as a cooking ingredient as well. Basil seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties making them the ultimate health developing ingredient.

6. Attar Ayurveda Basil Seeds

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These basil seeds are the best basil seeds in India when it comes to Ayurvedic basil seeds. Nit only Basil seeds make a great drink during the scorching summer due to its cooling properties, they also are rich in alpha-linolenic that comes from high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that make them a great ingredient for weight loss and proper metabolism.

Basil seeds are known to control and regulate blood sugar levels for the human body. By slowing down the metabolism, basil seeds promote the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose and are great for controlling type 2 diabetics. Basil seeds can make the best health drink that you and your body need.

7. Fitness Mantra Basil Seeds

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These basil seeds from Fitness Mantra are completely pure and natural with no added impurities and preservatives and are gluten-free. They absorb very easily in water making the drink more soothing. The presence of Omega-3 fatty acids reduces obesity and the risks of the thyroid. The essential fiber reduces cholesterol and naturally detoxifies your body.

The nutrients and minerals improve bone health and promote red blood cell production. It also promotes hair growth to achieve long and strong hair. These basil seeds have antioxidant properties to remove impurities from the skin. Along with these, they improve heart health and relieves constipation.

8. Exotica Fresh Basil Seeds

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The basil seeds from Exotica are full of good minerals: calcium, magnesium, and iron. These improve the bone and muscle functions increasing the count of red blood cells. They are also beneficial for preventing common cold and flu.

Protecting the liver, soothing nerves, and improving the respiratory system is offered by basil seeds are the need of the hour owing to the levels of pollution around our surroundings. This pack of 400 grams comes in a sealed packet to preserve the purity and avoid contamination of these natural basil seeds.

9. Profchef Basil Seeds

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Profchef basil seeds are a powerful and organic superfood that is gluten-free and is the richest source of nutrients. They are energy and immunity boosters and is the storehouse of valuable minerals. Basil seeds are great for regular consumption and being a vegetarian product, it offers more flexibility.

Apart from the before mentioned benefits, basil seeds also soothe the stomach and their diuretic functions flush out the toxins from the body. They also neutralize the acidic effect of Hydrochloric acid in the body to bring relief and similarly treats acidity and heartburn. Basil seeds can actually give you a healthy and active life that you wish for.

10. Carmel Organic Basil Seeds

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When it comes to 100% organic basil seeds, then Carmel has got to be the best basil seeds in India. It does have all the rich proteins, essential fats, valuable minerals, quality nutrients, and healthy fibers. These basil seeds come with the same benefits that the countless. Basil seeds having 15% calcium in a spoonful is again great for your dental health.

Apart from all these, the highlighting factor for this 250 grams pack of basil seeds from Carmel is being organic, there are no added preservatives are there. Also, no harmful or chemicals, pesticides, or artificial additives are found in these basil seeds.


Sabja seeds are best when absorbed water and devoured. Since they are difficult to bite, including them into water will make them clear and delicate. You should simply to splash one to two teaspoons of sabja seeds in a cupful of warm water for around 15 minutes to consume midsection fat. This is a direct result of the warm water, the seeds get to expand and discharge stomach related proteins.

From shakes and smoothies, this miracle fixing can be added to any mixture to give it a pleasant nutty flavor. You can drench these seeds and once they turn soft, you can add them to your beverage to make it delectable just as satisfying. You can add these sabja or basil seeds to any of your shakes and smoothies and mix them along with your favorite fruits like Strawberry, Mango, or Banana.

We hope that this rundown of the best Basil Seeds in India has been insightful for you. You can opt for any of the products from the brands mentioned above, like RR Agro, True Elements, NatureVit, Urban Platter, etc., and you will notice the results on your body for yourself in just a couple of weeks.

Start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle and get home a packet for yourself and your family today!


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