EpicCare Vs eClinicalWorks Software Guide for HealthCare Professionals

EpicCare EHR and eClinicalWorks EMR are both popular electronic health record (EHR) systems used in the healthcare industry. While they share similarities in functionality, they also have distinct differences. Here’s an overview of each software:


EpicCare EHR:


Scalability: Epic is known for serving large healthcare organizations and has a reputation for handling complex and extensive health systems.

Interoperability: EpicCare emphasizes interoperability and has developed its own health information exchange (HIE) system called Care Everywhere, allowing seamless communication between different healthcare providers.

User Interface: The user interface of EpicCare EMR is known for its intuitive design and ease of use, which contributes to user satisfaction.

Integration: EpicCare offers a wide range of integrated modules and applications that cover various aspects of healthcare operations, such as clinical documentation, scheduling, billing, and population health management.

Industry Reputation: Epic has a strong market presence and is often considered a leading EHR vendor.

eClinicalWorks EMR:


Affordability: eClinicalWorks is known for catering to small and medium-sized practices, offering cost-effective solutions that can fit their budgets.

Customizability: eClinicalWorks provides flexibility in customizing the software to meet specific practice needs, allowing physicians to tailor workflows to their preferences.

Customer Support: eClinicalWorks is known for its customer support and responsiveness, which can be beneficial for practices that require frequent assistance.

Features: eClinicalWorks offers a comprehensive suite of features including patient scheduling, documentation, e-prescribing, and revenue cycle management, among others.

  1. Meaningful Use Compliance: eClinicalWorks is compliant with Meaningful Use and assists providers in meeting the requirements for government incentive programs.

Ultimately, the choice between EpicCare EHR and eClinicalWorks EMR depends on the specific needs and size of your healthcare organization. EpicCare is often favored by larger institutions seeking a robust and interoperable system, while eClinicalWorks may be a suitable choice for smaller practices with budget constraints that require customizable features and good customer support. It is recommended to evaluate each software based on your organization’s unique requirements, workflows, and long-term goals.


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