10 Best Table Lamps for Study Desks 2023

Table lamps have come a long way since its discovery and are still popular among many of us. A table lamp is unavoidable by students or writers or anyone who loves to read till late at night. Not only so, but a table lamp also redefines simplicity and a cult classic to enhance the statement of your room. But out of so many available options, it must be difficult for you to settle for that one among all the best table lamps for study purposes or any other use.

A great lamp will always protect your eyes even if you are there for a long time, one that will provide the optimum level of intensity and coverage of light and the one that comes with brightness adjusting feature. Now, to make things easy for you, we have gone through the features, specification, and real-time user feedback and reviews to suggest you that one best table lamps for study, reading, or writing purposes in India, that will perfectly compliment you and your needs.

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Top 10 Table Lamps for Study in India

From quirky unique designs to traditional desk lamp get-ups, several brands – both from India and other countries have tried their hand on producing the best table lamp for study. Let us take a look at the top 10 options that are worth taking into consideration to lit up your work-space at home with the perfect balance between design, performance, and value.

1. Philips Air LED Desk Light

Its no wonder to see this desk light from Philips occupying the top position in our list of the best table lamps for study purposes. Philips is in the business of offering great electricals and lights for more than 150 years. This desk light only consumes power as low as 5 Watt but produces intense 250 lumens of light. The stylish and minimalistic design of this desk lamp is surely attractive. Also, it is super convenient to use and can be folded is not required or you face any space crunch.

The highlighting feature of this product is the use of a matte diffuser that not only saves your bill but also reduces eye fatigue and eye strain. This desk light from Philips produces intense cool daylight when switched on and comes along with 2 years of manufacturer warranty. The major disadvantage being that the desk light is not battery operated and therefore is not rechargeable.

2. Havells Desklite Rizzutto

Havells Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Desklite, Blue
6 Reviews
Havells Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Desklite, Blue
  • Include: 1 Desklight
  • Wattage: 6 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.
  • Enhance soft technology for soft and glare free light
  • Touch based on-off switch

Havells is a popular brand that is known for its quality products. This desk lamp from Havells consumes a mere 6 Watts power to produce 350 lumens of light. This product is extremely eye-friendly as it has an enhanced soft technology for soft and glare-free light. It also comes with a touch-based on and off switch. The desk lamp also has a touch sensor to adjust the brightness as per your requirement. Another notable feature is the presence of the night light function.

With so many advanced features, this desk lamp from Havells is not only one of the best table lamps for study purposes but a multi-purpose lamp that can be placed anywhere. With a flexible and foldable sleek design and warranty coverage of 1 year, this desk light can be a great choice.

3. Bajaj Softlite LED Table Lamp

Bajaj Softlite TL0015W24VWH LED Table Lamp (Cool Day Light) (Cool Day Light)
186 Reviews
Bajaj Softlite TL0015W24VWH LED Table Lamp (Cool Day Light) (Cool Day Light)
  • 5W LED Table Lamp
  • 3 stage feather touch dimming (high, medium and low)
  • Glare free
  • Sturdy ABS body with metal bottom
  • Warranty: 1 Year on product

You surely get to see any Bajaj product in every Indian home and that’s for the product range they offer. This desk light from Bajaj comes with a high-quality ABS plastic body and a sturdy metal bottom. By consuming only 5 Watt power, this desk light produces intense cool daylight. It comes with 3 stage feather touch dimming where you get to manually adjust the brightness between 3 modes: low, medium, and high. The touch control panel is user-friendly as well. It also has an anti-glare feature to reduce any eye issues.

With a modern design that is almost suitable for all spaces, this desk lamp is budget-friendly. This can be one of the best table lamps for the study if you are planning to invest less on a lamp and more on your study materials. Also, it covers a warranty of 1 year against any damages.

4. Smartone Rocklight Table Lamp

Smartone Rocklight Plastic Table Lamp, White, Pack of 1
994 Reviews
Smartone Rocklight Plastic Table Lamp, White, Pack of 1
  • Rechargeable light
  • Includes Emergency Portable USB LED light
  • Includes 3-Brightness Level

This desk lamp from Smartone comes with a touch button that allows you to toggle between 3 dimming modes: low, medium, and high to adjust the brightness depending on what your main purpose is. The lamp has an anti-glare feature and does not emit blue lights making it suitable for use for a longer period without any eye strain. It has a sleek design and is extremely lightweight making it super easy to carry. This is a rechargeable light but goes on for continuous 3 hours at a stretch easing out things for you without any hassle in between.

The highlight of this desk lamp is that it offers a free USB portable light at the same price. It is extremely affordable making it a great option for students and bachelors and for those who prefer reading in peace when everybody is off to bed. The only downside is the product offers no manufacturer warranty.

5. Helicon Table Lamp

Helicon Table Lamp, Silver- Chrome Finished, Round, Pack Of 1(Metal)
772 Reviews
Helicon Table Lamp, Silver- Chrome Finished, Round, Pack Of 1(Metal)
  • B22 Holder study lamp. Aluminium reflector with Helicon light-style technology, for optimal light distribution 360 degree flexible gooseneck arm to enable easy focusing
  • Warranty Type: 1 year
  • Chrome finished flexible desk lamp; can be used for office, study and professional purposes.
  • Switch type- On/Off
  • Highly flexible design with 360 degrees of rotation; Easy control interface. With Flexible neck,height can be easily adjusted

This table lamp from Helicon is made of stainless steel and a synthetic body for added durability. The silver sheen finish makes this lamp visually more appealing. You can also adjust the 360 degree gooseneck of the lamp to direct the light anywhere as per your convenience. The B22 bulb base is suitable for both an LED or a CFL. This desk lamp comes with a dual-layered shade that emits spill effect and makes sure to provide maximum coverage of light. An easy on and off switch is placed at the base.

Also, the long dome-shaped lamp keeps your eyes comfortable and your work going smooth. This is not a chargeable lamp but consumes electricity. The lamp is backed with a warranty of 1 year. The stylish and eclectic look of the lamp makes it a great choice for everyone. The only complaint is the base can get rust with gradual usage.

6. Asperia LED Table Lamp

ASPERIA Rechargeable LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp Children Eye Protection Student Study Reading Dimmer Rechargeable Led Table Lamps USB Charging Touch Dimmer(Desk Lights for Study)
284 Reviews
ASPERIA Rechargeable LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp Children Eye Protection Student Study Reading Dimmer Rechargeable Led Table Lamps USB Charging Touch Dimmer(Desk Lights for Study)
  • Fold and twist the neck of the LED lamp in any direction you like to adjust the lamp to the perfect position, this not only ensures that the desk light occupies the least amount of space but also makes it very portable.
  • Soft Diffuser convex lens to bring greater light area, the light is not dazzling & softer High Quality.Three electrodeless dimming touch switch machine.
  • LED light lamp is very efficient in lighting at night, small areas, can be use inside of your car as an alternative to your cabin light.
  • Brightness of this Lamp can be adjusted as per your requirements.This variable brightness setting makes this desk light the perfect reading light since you can dim or brighten the light.
  • Best for students to study at night with Eye Protection,LED chip integrated no radiation, no flicker with out glare.

Comparing the advanced features and the affordable pricing, this is one of the best table lamps for study purposes, reading purposes, and writes. This table lamp from Asperia comes with 3 dedicated modes for adjusting brightness levels from sleep, relax and reading depending on your needs. This lamp is energy-saving and can be continuously used for long hours without affecting your eyes. The anti-glare prevents the lamp from emitting blue lights and protects your eyes. It also comes with a convenient touch switch to control all the operations.

Further, the soft diffuser convex lens provides a bigger brighter area. The highlight is that you can fold and twist the neck of the LED in any direction to position it properly and also to make this desk lamp space-saving and stylish at the same time. This desk lamp from Asperia is a good and decent one to bring home.

7. Bulfyss Rrimin LED Desk Lamp

Rrimin Bulfyss USB Flexible Reading LED Light Clip-on Beside Bed Table Desk Lamp (White, Light Black), Standard (Pack of 1)
1,117 Reviews
Rrimin Bulfyss USB Flexible Reading LED Light Clip-on Beside Bed Table Desk Lamp (White, Light Black), Standard (Pack of 1)
  • Material: aluminum + iron.Flexible hose length: 32cm/12.6"
  • Usb power supply, no battery required
  • Low power consumption, soft led light
  • Clip design, which can fix it on your screen or keyboard
  • Idea for lighting the laptop or pc in the dark, with on/off switch design

The desk lamp from Bulfyss has a one of a kind look that can really enrich your study space. The desk lamp is made of aluminum and iron that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. It ha a flexible hose that can be folded and twisted in any direction to adjust the angle or height of the light surface to suffice your purpose. The LED light is strong and intense enough to get your job done well but again the soft light consumes less power saving up on your electricity bills. Also, the lamp is not chargeable but has a USB power supply.

It has a convenient button to switch on and off. The highlighting part is the clip that can be fixed on the screen or keyboard to light up your laptop or PC in the dark proving optimum usage. Also, this comes with anti-glare that protects the eyes from strain and fatigue during long hours of usage.

8. ESN Electric Table Lamp

ESN 999 Table Lamp, Red, Pack of 1
3,552 Reviews

The bright red color of this table lamp from ESN is sure to grab your attention. The classic design and look fit well in every space. The lamp dome is made of stainless steel for longevity. It comes with an easy to use flexible gooseneck that can move 360 degrees to provide you the perfect and desired light angle. The base has a button to switch on or off the lamp. The lamp comes with a B22 holder that is compatible with both LED and CFL. The power cord is long enough that gives you the flexibility to move it with ease.

Also, the base has an attached pen stand to keep your stationery and notes to find things handy whenever you need them. This desk lamp is extremely affordable. With great reviews and good features, this is one of the best table lamps for study and office use under 900 INR.

9. ZOSOE LED Table Lamp

This table lamp definitely deserves a notable mention in our list of the best table lamps for study and office use owing to its advanced features. This lamp from Zosoe has 3 adjustable brightness levels to vary the brightness by simply a touch to the setting that suits your requirements. The touch panel is user-friendly and innovative with no buttons. It can easily be connected through a USB and therefore is energy efficient. The non-flickering natural light is specially designed that reflects the light sideways to provide a glare less and uniform light that comforts your eye even with longer usage time.

This product proudly features the thinnest LED desk lamp that not only adds style but makes it portable and easier to carry. The food-grade silicon rubber gooseneck can be folded and twisted around 360 degrees set up in any direction to adjust the lamp for that perfect position the get the optimum angle.

10. RYLAN LED Table Lamp

This desk lamp from Rylan offers similar features as the other advanced desk lamps. Starting from 3 different brightness adjustment modes to a full touch panel for controlling the functions. From the antiglare feature that keeps your eye healthy to skip the hassle of managing tangling cords and the use of a USB instead. From being energy efficient to comfortable usage for long hours without hurting your eyes. From being stylish and classy to have the flexibility to carry it easily along with you and anywhere you go.

Also, the major advantage of having a 360 degree flexible high-quality silicone tube that can be twisted and turned in any desired direction to get the required light angle to complete your tasks effortlessly. All that in a pocket-friendly pick.


Desk Lamps or Table Lamps for study are a necessary thing for each and everybody these days with desk work, being the new normal in 2021. Investing in one, naturally is a crucial decision for you to take. With the insights and detailed information provided in the above-mentioned products, would suffice you with your purchase decision and hopefully improve the productivity of your work desk.

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