10 Ways to Boost Your Study Skills Like a Harvard Student

Do you want to ace your exams and learn faster? If so, you might be interested in how some of the brightest students in the world study. Harvard University is known for its academic excellence and rigorous standards, but its students still have tricks up their sleeves. They use proven study strategies to help anyone improve their learning and performance. Here are ten ways to boost your study skills like a Harvard student and how you can apply them to your courses.

1. Don’t cram, but space out your studying

One of the worst things you can do for your learning is to cram everything the night before an exam. Research shows that cramming does not lead to long-term retention of information and can impair your memory and understanding. Instead of cramming, pause you are studying over time and review the material regularly. You will be able to boost your memory and retain knowledge more easily this way.

2. Plan and stick to a study schedule

A study plan with specific objectives can help you feel more prepared and motivated. It might also assist you in avoiding procrastination, a common problem for many students. To make a good study plan, you should first identify what you need to learn, how much time you have, and what resources you can use. Then, divide your chores into reasonable portions and schedule them for certain days and times. Finally, you should stick to your plan and monitor your progress.

3. Ask for help when you need it

Sometimes, you encounter difficulties or confusion when studying. Instead of struggling alone, you should seek help from others who can support you. This could be your professors, tutors, classmates, or online resources. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but curiosity and willingness to learn. By getting help when needed, you can clarify your doubts, deepen your understanding, and avoid making mistakes.

4. Use the buddy system and study with a group

Learning with others can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. It can make studying more fun and engaging.
  2. It can expose you to different perspectives and insights that enrich your learning.
  3. It can give you feedback and accountability to improve your performance.

To study effectively with others, you should choose people serious about learning, set clear goals and expectations, and use active studying techniques such as quizzing each other or explaining concepts.

5. Find your learning style and use appropriate strategies

When it comes to learning, everyone has various preferences and strengths. Some people learn better by seeing, while others learn better by listening, and yet others by doing. Knowing your learning style can help you choose the best strategies for studying. For example, if you are a visual learner, you might benefit from using diagrams, charts, or flashcards. If you are an auditory learner, you might benefit from listening to lectures, podcasts, or music. If you are a kinesthetic learner, you might benefit from using physical objects, gestures, or movements.

6. Take breaks and reward yourself

Studying for long hours without rest can be exhausting and counterproductive. Your brain needs time to process and consolidate the information you have learned. Taking breaks can help refresh your mind, relax your body, and boost your mood. You should take breaks every 20-30 minutes of studying and do something that makes you happy or energized. Rewarding yourself for completing your tasks or reaching your goals would be best. This can motivate you to keep going and celebrate your achievements.

7. Cultivate a productive and distraction-free space

Your environment can have a significant impact on your studying efficiency and quality. You should find an area that is comfortable, quiet, and well-lit. Minimizing distractions such as noise, phone notifications, or social media. You can use headphones, do-not-disturb mode, or website blockers to help you focus on your work. Having all the necessary materials and tools would be best to save time looking for them.

8. Use online resources and tools to supplement your learning

The Internet offers many resources and tools that can enhance your learning experience. You can use online platforms, courses, videos, articles, or podcasts to learn new topics, review old ones, or explore new interests. You can also use online tools such as calendars, planners, note-taking apps, or flashcard apps to organize your work, store your information, or test your knowledge. However, it would be best to be careful not to rely too much on online sources and always check their credibility and accuracy.

9. Set specific and realistic goals for each study session

Having goals for each study session can help you stay focused and motivated. Your goals should be clear and state precisely what you want to accomplish. They should also be realistic, meaning they should be achievable within the time and resources you have. For example, a specific and realistic goal could be “I will read chapter 5 of my textbook and answer the end-of-chapter questions in one hour.” A vague or unrealistic goal could be “I will learn everything about biology today.”

10. Use active studying techniques

Such as summarizing, note-taking, and flashcards. Passive studying techniques such as reading, highlighting, or copying could be more effective for learning. They do not engage your brain enough to process and remember the information. Active studying techniques such as summarizing, note-taking, or flashcards are much better for learning. They require you to think critically, organize your thoughts, and recall what you have learned.

They also help you identify gaps in your knowledge and fill them in. Following these ten ways to boost your study skills like a Harvard student can improve your learning outcomes and enjoy your academic journey more. However, if you still feel overwhelmed by your workload or need more assistance with your assignments, you can always turn to professional online services that take some of the pressure off. One such service is Take My Online Class For Me, which offers high-quality online class help for students who need extra support or flexibility. Whether you need help with essays, homework, exams, or projects, they have qualified experts who can handle any subject or level. They also guarantee plagiarism-free work, timely delivery, and affordable prices.


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