Your Guide To Aluminium Door Design For Every Space In Your Home

Aluminium door design has come a long way in the last few decades. These doors were once a second choice for many. They have recently become the best option for homeowners looking for value and lasting quality.

Today’s aluminium doors last with sturdy construction and finishes that resist everyday wear and tear. They are attractive, with plenty of style options and colours matching any décor and architectural design. No matter what your home looks like or wants it to look like after renovation, you can find aluminium doors to complement that style.

While the right door and window design for your home will likely differ from that of your neighbour, you can use trends, style preferences, and more to guide your choices.

Here are just some of the options you have for aluminium door design and how to choose between them for your home renovation!

Casement Doors

A casement door is comprised mainly of a large pane of glass encased by aluminium framing. The most common type of aluminium door design, casement doors team up as both single and double doors. These doors are usually mounted on a single set of hinges and may swing inward or outward.

These doors are great for interior office doors, patio or poolside doors, and side or additional home entrances. The large pane of glass lets in plenty of light and allows great visibility without changing the current structure of your doorway.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great choice for doorways that move between indoor and outdoor spaces. A kitchen that leads out onto an outdoor dining space. In this space, a sliding door would make it easy to move between these two spaces and enjoy indoor-outdoor living. 

Aluminium sliding doors boast lightweight casement frames that move easily along their tracks. They have enough weight to keep the doors in place, lock out water and air, and protect from animals and unwanted entrants. They can slide back and forth easily to allow movement between spaces.

While these doors are great for a side patio or a back porch entrance and exit, they are not as well-suited to a home’s front entrance. Most people find that they make their home feel too open, so choosing a single casement door might be a better option for more privacy. 

Lift and Slide Doors

If you are looking for attractive sliding doors that are easier to open and close than standard sliding models, consider lift and slide doors. These aluminium doors are incredibly lightweight, and their movement is as simple as a gentle wrist flick. When unlocked, they need hardly any effort to open and close. When locked, they are secure and airtight. 

The visual impact of standard sliding doors is also present with lift and slide doors, often with even larger fields of vision, making them excellent options for a porch or patio pass-through.

Slide-and-Fold Doors

For those who want to create a striking entrance for their home, slide-and-fold doors are the perfect choice. These doors can give your space the open, inviting look of additional windows, with the security and potential for privacy you would otherwise find in a casement door. 

Many models of slide-and-fold doors offer a decorative element. The sliding doors and a more functional element in the doors that folds open and closed make it even more attractive with aesthetic touches to your home’s focal point. Choose a beautiful door that matches your ideal style.

Aluminium doors are a great choice for homeowners looking to save money without compromising quality. Learn more about your aluminium door design options, and speak with your local retailer.

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