What is CBC Blood Test in Detail?

A complete blood count (CBC) counts the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets that make up your blood. Your doctor might ask for a CBC as part of a standard checkup. And we’ll give you every single detail regarding the CBC blood test in this post so read this post till last to know everything about CBC blood test.

CBC test cost in jalandhar

A series of blood tests known as a complete blood count (CBC) are performed to assess and count the cells that circulate in the blood. The test detects three different categories of blood cells. Depending on where you are, the CBC test cost in jalandhar may change.

Why is a CBC test required?

A normal exam includes a complete blood count test. A CBC test may occasionally be prescribed by a doctor if bruising or bleeding signs are present. The CBC test aids the physician in assessing general health, tracking disorders, making diagnoses, and determining the efficacy of treatments. A CBC test can identify a wide range of conditions, including anaemia, infections, and leukaemia.

What is measured by the test?

Multiple measurements are taken during a CBC, including the quantity of blood cells and some of their physical characteristics. The following sections provide descriptions of various RBC, WBC, and PLT-related components found in a typical CBC. 


  1. The amount of this oxygen-carrying protein contained inside RBCs is quantified by haemoglobin.
  2. The amount of RBCs in your blood as a percentage of total blood volume is measured by hematocrit.

Why is the Test Done?

A CBC is a routine lab examination. Numerous different health issues can be detected or tracked with it. Your doctor might recommend this test:


As part of an annual physical, If you have indicators of cancer, such as weakness, bruising, bleeding, exhaustion, weight loss, fever, or other infection-related symptoms, please consult your doctor.

When undergoing medical or radiation procedures that could alter the findings of your blood counts.


To keep an eye on a long-term (chronic) medical condition, such as chronic kidney disease, that could affect the findings of a blood count. Watch out for a blood condition etc and few others.


  1. See how your blood is being affected by your prescription drugs
  2. health issues
  3.  treatments like chemotherapy

Why is the CBC test is Prescribed?

A complete blood count test may be recommended by a doctor as part of a standard physical examination or when more information about the patient’s general health is required. The test aids in the identification and monitoring of diseases, infections, immune system issues, blood malignancies, and other conditions. 


The typical blood test that doctors typically order as part of a routine examination is a full blood count. A CBC test’s cost may differ from one lab to the next. The difference is not really noticeable, though.

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