What are the different kinds of SAP licences that have an impact on the SAP B1 pricing?

SAP Business One is one of the most pocket friendly and scalable ERP systems for small and medium companies. The SAP B1 pricing will be different according to user needs and is dependent on a range of different factors. The cost of the software will be different if the user licenses are taken on rent or bought and also dependent on the operation whether on-premise or in cloud. SAP Business One licences can be purchased or taken on rent and adjusted to the number of users. The software can be tailored according to the requirements of the business. Additional users can be added and users are able to determine the functional scope of SAP B1. This helps to keep the SAP B1 pricing under control. 

SAP User Licences that affect SAP B1 pricing

There are many types of user licences for SAP Business One. There are limited user and professional licence, and also a Starter Package which comes with a limited scope for up to five users. According to the type of user license chosen, users will get varied access rights to the different SAP modules and functionalities. The type of licence determines the overall SAP B1 pricing. Let us look them in detail:

1. The Starter Package has been developed for small enterprises and start-ups. It is a basic version for up to five users and comprises of all the important functions. This package can be extended to the complete range of functions just by adding user licenses at any time.

2. The SAP B1 Professional User has been developed for users who need the complete range of SAP functions. This type of license is especially suitable for employees who work in different areas and for those who are in leadership positions.

3. The SAP B1 Limited User is developed for users who require limited access to the SAP functions. Access will be restricted to some of the functional areas in this type of licence. 

There are also the Purchase and Rental Licences:

1. On Premise 

Users purchase the licence for SAP B1. The software will be integrated into the current IT infrastructure on-site. Users are able to get direct control and access to the data even without an internet connection.

2. Cloud 

The SAP B1 licences are taken on rent. The Cloud solution provides users a secure and safe access to the data through an internet browser from any location and at any time. Rented licenses cannot be operated on premise. The cost is billed every month.

3. Dedicated Hosting 

Users have the option of purchasing or renting the licences for SAP B1. SAP Business One can be operated according to the needs of the business on servers in a dedicated data centre. The SAP B1 operation is available and secure.


SAP Business One is a user-friendly and reasonable ERP software system for small and medium businesses. The SAP B1 pricing is quite often a concern for the majority of the users. It is dependent on many factors including the different SAP licences that are given in this article. 

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