Top Branding Company

How tastemakers in three global capitals are championing appreciation for Black creators and collectibles.

Top Branding Company excels in branding strategies and designs. Staying abreast of tech trends and adapting quickly to market demands.

Our privately owned firm specializes in designing, innovation consultancy and strategic brand development. Their clients range from large companies to cutting-edge startups.

Top Agency

Branding companies specialize in helping their clients craft an impactful and memorable brand identity. They focus on crafting an integrated and holistic identity that aligns with client business goals and target market, along with creating an action plan to promote it and its value proposition.

Top branding agencies in New York City use their expertise to provide clients with tailored solutions. They collaborate closely with them in assessing their strengths and weaknesses before helping them craft a brand image that represents them accurately and reflects what their company offers.

Clutch’s list of agencies features those with verified client reviews, solid backgrounds and an impressive portfolio of digital projects that set them apart from competitors. If you need an agency partner, start your search here on Clutch!

Trice World News

Trice world news Brands provides research, strategy, positioning and identity services for some of the world’s most respected brands in aerospace, healthcare, management consulting and technology industries. They operate out of both San Francisco and Edinburgh offices.

Refreshing an employer brand for a geriatric products company. Conducting stakeholder interviews and designing the framework for a campaign. Their honest and direct project approach helped foster improved partnerships, and allowed them to pivot quickly while still meeting deadlines on schedule.

David Kippen is a leading expert in branding and culture change. He has spoken at numerous conferences and teaches branding classes at Nova Southeastern University’s Huizenga School of Business. David has over ten years of experience working in branding industry; leading various projects around 30 different countries for market research purposes.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans) is an oceanic predator known for its strength and speed. Female blue marlin can weigh more than 1,400 lb while up to 16 feet long with distinctive bill that runs almost from eyetip to tip – all caught blue marlin must be released according to IGFA regulations.

Blue marlin are year-round residents in tropical Atlantic Ocean waters and their range can extend into temperate North Pacific waters during warmer months. Although blue marlin are cold-blooded fish like all others, their blood vessels have special structures designed to warm their brains and eyes instead of using heat from body temperature alone. Their tall dorsal fin features sharp points with foldable pectoral fins – characteristics which distinguish it from other billfish species like white and black marlins.


MetaDesign was established by Erik Spiekermann in 1979 as a global brand consultancy with seven offices worldwide. They assist companies in all aspects of brand development and market positioning; product design; employer branding and digital products are also among their services; having worked with brands like AOK, Porsche, Didi Chuxing and Heidelberg Materials as clients.

Their website utilizes vibrant images and an accessible symmetrical grid portfolio, making it simple for visitors to navigate their projects. By clicking on any image, more details about its creation and development become accessible.

The website also boasts an engaging blog where users can engage with designs. This provides users with a great opportunity to immerse themselves in everything that the company stands for.


Ramotion offers digital product design, development and visual brand identity services to Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups alike. Their holistic approach ensures their designs meet client expectations while remaining innovative, creative and responsive to client feedback.

Their services include icon and illustration guides, visual brand identities, optical positioning strategies and communication strategies. Furthermore, they specialize in UX/UI design to ensure consistent branding across multiple platforms and devices.

Recently, they assisted a health tech startup launch an innovative telemedicine system by designing and developing iOS app and web dashboard with new branding campaign and engaging user experience that met customer expectations. Additionally, the company partnered with fintech firms to design an e-commerce platform as well as handle frontend development.

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