Top 5 Reliable Windows Hosting Providers – 2023

When choosing a web hosting plan, you need to be extra careful. Generally, you have two server options; Windows server and Linux Server. Almost all websites use Linux servers if not specified for Windows Server. Windows hosting is a web hosting platform that uses a Windows operating server.

But of course, there are some reasons why Windows hosting is a better choice for your business. This blog will explore the benefits of Windows shared hosting for your business and recommend the best and most reliable Windows hosting providers.

Mostly, Windows hosting makes sense for businesses and enterprises or other large businesses that have built their website and other systems on the Windows program. It will work seamlessly with the different programs and wouldn’t require you to work on anything.

Benefits of Windows Shared Hosting

Although there are numerous benefits of Windows hosting for any business, we will explain a few important ones only.

  1. Shared hosting for the Windows operating system is the most economical solution for hosting your business website. The total cost of the server gets divided among several users.
  2. Almost every user is familiar with the Windows operating system, making it easy for anyone to have an easy time with the Windows server.
  3. Numerous developers have developed compatible applications, i.e., internet information services to SQL. Every application is designed to support each other and be compatible with the Windows server.
  4. Windows-shared hosting is best for websites that require data collection from access databases because it integrates them seamlessly.

What to consider for a Windows hosting provider?

  • Uptime

Hosting your business website with a dedicated Windows hosting service provider is vital to the success of your e-commerce. However, a weak server and unstable network can push your site and affect your website traffic and engagement.

So, reliable Windows hosting providers are that offer maximum uptime of 99.9%., Remember, at times, due to some limitations; uptime can vary. However, it should still stay at least around 99.5% and no less than that. Otherwise, you may lose customers due to your website’s absence.

  • Flexibility 

Diversification comes with growth. While you start with a single website and domain name, you will consider expanding the website network. So, before hiring Windows hosting services, consider their different packages and the flexibilities they offer. The option to add domains, websites, and accounts is a peaceful offer to your business websites.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Generally, web hosting companies offer attractive packages upon signing up but have high renewal and maintenance costs. Consider such charges for upgrading and host changes when choosing your plan. So, choosing a cheap Windows hosting plan doesn’t get trapped by the glittery costs.

  • Customer Support 

Although, sometimes, customer support doesn’t seem to be an essential aspect when choosing a reliable Windows shared hosting, it is one of the essential attributes. The quick and practical support for technical problems ensures a better quality of services.

Top 5 Reliable Windows Hosting Providers

Let’s list the best and most experienced Windows hosting service providers.


While considering the industry’s best Windows hosting, the first name that came to mind is only Navicosoft. Powering millions of businesses, Navicosoft has the most innovative and modern technology to give you a digital window for your business.

It is the best Windows hosting provider that offers cheap Windows server hosting. The shared Windows hosting plans start from $3.92 only, which is nothing compared to the services. Navicosoft offers SAP crystal reporting, a free domain name, and integrated Microsoft reporting.

Moreover, some other salient features of Navicosoft, such as; the Plesk control panel, integrated WordPress toolkit, SSL certificate manager, and the option of various extensions, make it the optimal choice for your moderate to large-level business. It has up to 20x faster, more reliable, and more secure Windows hosting with the surety of 99.99% uptime.


HostGator is a reliable service with a competitive price and a user-friendly setup process. With a 99.9% uptime, it has a free website builder. HostGator stands out as the most trustworthy hosting services provider.

It has a range of affordable price plans for decent features such as email hosting and unmetered bandwidth. It also offers a free domain for a year for only $2/month.

However, this is not as transparent as the competitors because of maintenance and renewal fees, making it a second option. Customer support is responsive and efficient, providing 24/7 technical services. Overall, HostGator is a solid choice for cheap Windows server hosting.

AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb hosting is another good option, with the best starter price of just $3.49/ month. At this affordable price, it offers free SSL certificates, emails, 99.9% uptime, and numerous other features. AccuWeb is a premium shared hosting provider for the Windows operating system.

It is suitable for small and large business websites due to its flexible prices and adaptability margins. Technical support from the experts is available to customers; hence it is a reliable and comfortable option. The innovative technologies and up-to-date servers of AccuWeb hosting make your website management and hosting a piece of the cake.


Hostinger is a well-known name in web hosting and website building. It protects your website with DDoS protection and offers you a free SSL certificate. Moreover, the basic Windows shared hosting price plan starts from $2.99/ month. With its data centers in the USA, India, UK, France, Singapore, Brazil, Lithuania, and the Netherlands, Hostinger ensures 99.99% uptime.

It facilitates its customers with free domain name registration and setting up professional emails. Hostinger only lacks in few features which one can expect from a top-tier Windows hosting provider, such as telephone support. Hostinger only allows live chat support with its experts. Setting aside this call support, Hostinger can be a good choice among the reliable Windows hosting providers.


When starting your business’s digital journey, GoDaddy is one of the best one-stop hubs for Windows hosting services. GoDaddy has attractive price plans featuring DDoS protection, MSSQL database storage, and an easy-to-use control panel.

It offers one of the most secure web hosting’s with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains on the latest Windows Server 2019. However, the customer support provided by GoDaddy is adequate and responsive enough to guide you in time.

The only drawback with GoDaddy Windows hosting plans is that it is bounded for one year contract and is a bit expensive compared to competitors.

Our Recommendation for the best Windows hosting service

However, Navicosoft has a 4.5 rating on trust pilot, one of the best and cheapest Windows hosting services. It satisfies its customers with a three-day free trial to satisfy your concerns.

With a vast network of datacenter all over the globe, Navicosoft ensures the best hosting services. Navicosoft is committed to its customers by catering to their problems with 24/7 customer support. So, any other option other than Navicosoft is not considerable.

Wrapping up

The digitalization era requires you to present yourself online for better business output. In this case, hosting your website with one of the reliable Windows hosting providers is an optimum choice for your expanded business.

Navicosoft understands modern trends and possesses innovative technologies to ease the hosting of a business website. It provides fast Windows server hosting at a minimal cost to create facilitation for all.

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