Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Switch to Custom Printed Boxes

Businesses need to upgrade their brand strategy over time in order to flow with the current market tides. In recent years, businesses have leveled up their packaging game with customization. The shift from generic brown to custom printed boxes has proven to be a game changer for businesses whether it’s an e-commerce brand or a retail store. But what are the benefits of doing so?

Businesses are not just mindlessly investing in tailor-made packaging boxes. They are doing it because it is one of the most efficient ways to boost business growth. They have undeniable marketing benefits and help them stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will explore the top 8 reasons why businesses switch to custom boxes and how you can do the same for your business. No matter the size of your business, learn from the experiences of others and adapt them to your plan.

Why do Businesses Go Custom?

There are several great reasons why brands choose to go for custom packaging. However, one size doesn’t fit all, you have to experiment with it yourself if you want to make the transition. We will enlist all the major reasons why:

To Deliver Better Brand Experience:

Delivering a unique brand experience has become an obligation in the competitive business landscape of today. Giving your customers a special moment with your package unboxing matters a lot now.

That’s where custom packaging comes in. It goes beyond a tool to wrap the product, that the recipient hurries to tear off. It is one of the major reasons brands take this shift. When a customer receives a package that is well-designed and adorned with love it increases the respect for that business and creates a lasting impression. It also turns your prospects into loyal customers who will always come back for more. Another edge of delivering a brand experience with Custom Printed Boxes is to increase word-of-mouth marketing as people are more likely to recommend your business if they had a smooth brand experience.

Custom Printed Boxes

To Strengthen Their Brand Identity:

With such a dense market, brand identity needs to be reinforced now and then so that people don’t forget about you. Elements that represent your brand and reflect its personality collectively make a unique brand identity. Such as brand logo, tagline, mission, values, unique colors, etc.

Big businesses make use of these basics to recall their brand in customers’ minds. With custom packaging, you also have the ability to design your packaging however you want. But the best way is to present yourself in such a way that customers are fascinated every time they hold your product.

Moreover, you can build a log lasting connection with your patrons through personalization. Which will water down to increased business.

To Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition:

Customized packaging works as free advertisement for businesses. It tells the name and voice of the business from wherever it moves to reach the buyer. If you have a good quality product, packaging can be a huge opportunity for you to bring the best out of your small venture.

With consistent design and color, it becomes easier to recognize a company. That’s why it is crucial to go custom for businesses that want more in less.

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To Go Green:

Sustainability has played a great role in the shift toward custom packaging. Customers have become a lot more conscious of their purchase behavior and react positively to every brand that endorses the idea with their packaging etc. Businesses have cashed out audiences by following this trend in the last few years.

It is also a win-win situation for the earth, customers, and your business. With a custom packaging service, you can also get your boxes created with reusable material, such as kraft paper, jute, etc.   It will help reduce your carbon footprint and attract customers that care about the environment.

For Better Product Protection:

Product protection is the number one concern of all businesses and custom printed boxes offer the right solution. Businesses get packages made of the accurate size and shape as per their product so, they can reduce the risk of breakage or damage.

Furthermore, if you need to store and ship fragile or lightweight items, you can add custom inserts that not only keep the goods in place during shipping and handling but elevate their appearance.

Custom Printed Boxes

To Encourage UGC:

The more personalized and well-crafted your product packaging, the more the chances of it ending up on social media. User-generated content gets the most reach and drives engagement on your social media. Businesses take help from this strategy to enhance their social presence.

People consider real-life recommendations more than the business itself trying to promote its product or service.

To Save Cost with Custom Boxes Wholesale:

Custom printed boxes have a lot of practical benefits as well like reduced cost on packaging. You can order your custom-made boxes from wholesale that offer exceptional service at much lesser rates than the market.

There are a lot of wholesale packaging suppliers in the market, you can take your pick and choose one that fits the requirements of your ideal partner.


You have gone through all the major reasons why any business shifts to custom packaging, not only the product packaging but the shipments and delivery boxes as well. Custom printed boxes can prove to be game changers for your brand too, invest today to find out!

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