The Gargoyle Monster of OSRS

In the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Gargoyles stand as formidable stone creatures that guard ancient structures, offering a challenging and rewarding combat experience. Found in various locations across Gielinor, these menacing foes provide an exciting opportunity for adventurers to test their mettle and earn valuable rewards. In this article, we will explore the captivating world of Gargoyles in OSRS, from their mechanics and locations to the strategies and benefits of taking on these stone sentinels.

Unveiling the Gargoyles

Gargoyles are supernatural creatures made of stone, brought to life through ancient magic. These creatures can be found in several locations, including the Slayer Tower, the Stronghold Slayer Cave, and the Grotesque Guardians’ lair. Access to Gargoyles requires a Slayer level of 75 or higher, making them an appealing challenge for experienced players.

Combat Mechanics and Weaknesses

Gargoyles possess unique combat mechanics that players must understand to effectively defeat them, you can find out more about this at BestOSRSGuides. One of their notable characteristics is their immunity to most weapons, requiring players to equip a Rock Hammer or an upgraded Granite Hammer to deal the final blow. Additionally, Gargoyles have a chance of becoming temporarily immune to damage, requiring players to wait for them to become vulnerable again before continuing their assault.

Strategies for Success

To overcome Gargoyles in OSRS, employing the right strategies is essential. Here are a few tips to maximize your success:

  • Equipment: Equipping gear that provides high melee defense is recommended when facing Gargoyles. Barrows armor sets, Bandos armor, or other high-level melee gear can enhance your chances of survival.
  • Prayer: Utilizing Protect from Melee or Deflect Melee prayers can significantly reduce incoming damage, prolonging your stay in the fight and conserving resources.
  • Special Attacks: Some weapons have special attacks that can be particularly effective against Gargoyles. For example, the Dragon Warhammer’s special attack can significantly reduce the enemy’s defense, increasing your damage output.
  • Inventory Setup: Bringing food, potions, and a Rock Hammer or Granite Hammer is crucial for a successful Gargoyle hunting trip. Food such as Sharks or Saradomin Brews can sustain you during extended battles, while Super Sets or Overload potions can enhance your combat stats.

Rewards and Benefits

Taking on Gargoyles in OSRS offers several rewards and benefits for ambitious adventurers:

  • Slayer Experience: Defeating Gargoyles grants Slayer experience, allowing players to level up their Slayer skill and unlock higher-level tasks.
  • Gargoyle Drops: Gargoyles have a chance to drop valuable loot, including items such as Granite Mauls, Mystic robes, and various runes. They also have a unique drop, the Granite Gloves, which are highly sought after for their defensive bonuses.
  • Grotesque Guardians: Advanced players can take on the Grotesque Guardians, a boss version of Gargoyles found in the Slayer Tower rooftop. Defeating them offers even greater rewards, including the Granite Dust used to upgrade the Granite Hammer into the powerful Granite Maul. Learn more about these here.

Efficient Gargoyle Farming

For players seeking to optimize their Gargoyle farming experience, there are a few strategies to consider:

  • Cannon Usage: Setting up a Dwarf Multicannon in certain Gargoyle locations can speed up the kill rate and increase the efficiency of your trips.
  • Slayer Helmet: Equipping a Slayer Helmet or its variants, such as the Black Mask or the Slayer Helm (i), provides additional accuracy and damage bonuses against Gargoyles, enhancing your kill rate.
  • Wilderness Gargoyles: For daring adventurers, Gargoyles in the Wilderness, located near the Forgotten Cemetery, offer higher drop rates and the potential for Player versus Player (PvP) encounters. However, be cautious of other players who may seek to interrupt your hunting trip.


Gargoyles in OSRS present a thrilling challenge for adventurers looking to test their combat skills and reap valuable rewards. Understanding their mechanics, employing effective strategies, and equipping appropriate gear are essential for conquering these stone sentinels. Whether you’re seeking Slayer experience, rare drops, or the thrill of combat, venturing into the realm of Gargoyles promises an exciting and rewarding journey in the world of Old School RuneScape. So prepare your arsenal, gather your supplies, and embark on an epic battle against the formidable Gargoyles that await your challenge.

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