Custom Chocolate Brownie Boxes; The Best Way to Showcase your Product!

Chewy and crunchy brownies are a great treat for food lovers. And do you know what attracts them the most? Yes, you are right; custom chocolate brownie boxes!

It is admitted that food presentation is as important as the taste. So brands come up with interesting and unique packaging ideas. It is noteworthy that customized brownie packaging is not an ordinary box. As a matter of fact, it is a total game-changer for the confectionery brands!

Want to know more about it? Read this blog till the end!

Custom chocolate brownie boxes with inserts

The brownies are dense and crunchier. And people love them for their incredible taste. However, different types of brownies are available at the bakery store. And most people want cakey, chewy, and fudgy brownies packed in the same box.

Well, that sounds pretty mouthwatering. And for differentiation, custom inserts are a must. It creates the perfect space for each brownie. Hence you can display the yummy treats in style.

Further, you can make the packaging attractive by using colored inserts. It beautifies the packaging and keeps the box organized. Thus it prevents the smudging or bumping of brownies into one another.

Custom cupcake boxes with inside printing

How does inside printing make your custom cake boxes unique? The truth is that inside printing offers endless design options. You can print whatever you want. And it includes everything from images to text.

Hence you print the cupcake recipe or the manufacturing process. It makes the packaging engaging. And there are other creative ideas as well. For example, you can tell how your confectionery brand started and what is your vision.

In a nutshell, inside printing instantly grabs the customer’s attention. And the brands can use it for their benefit.

Belly band packaging

The bellyband is best for food packaging. It is lightweight, flexible, and affordable. Its primary purpose is to secure the box. Hence you can wrap the cupcake and brownie boxes with a bellyband.

You can customize it in different colors, styles, designs, and materials. In case you want a simple box so you can use a printed bellyband. And it is also used for product marketing. Thus you can print the price, flavor, expiration date, and storage conditions.

The best feature is that it prevents the product tampering. You need to tear apart the bellyband if you want to open the custom cupcake box. Thus it is a versatile and creative way to secure the packaging. And not to forget that it is super affordable!

Beautiful and attractive packaging styles

Why are unique custom-printed cupcake boxes important? And is it more than a box? Yes, that is true. There is a reason why confectionery brands spend a fortune on customized packaging. Obviously, it reaps great benefits in the long run.

Therefore every penny spent on customized designs is worth it! So get ready to showcase your desserts in the following

  • Boxes with die-cuts
  • Tray and sleeve packaging
  • Gable boxes
  • Tuck front
  • Drawer style
  • Two-piece
  • Use of customized stickers

You can decorate the wholesale chocolate brownie boxes with special stickers. It is a printed paper that adheres to the surface. And it is used for brand identification and promotional purposes.

Moreover, the customized stickers are available in different sizes, colors, and styles. You can pick any box and paste the label. It authenticates your packaging and attracts food lovers.

What can you print on the sticker? Well, there is no limitation. You can print logos, food descriptions, or safety signs. Plus you can use prominent colors to draw the customer’s attention.

Lastly, you can attach the sticker on the inside. For instance, you can print the health benefits or recipe of the brownies. Thus it is a creative way of engaging the audience and winning their trust.

custom cupcake gift packaging

Cupcakes are tasty and worth every bite. People love its soft texture. And enjoy eating at brunches and tea time. Plus, it is a wonderful gift item. Hence you can stylishly pack the cupcakes.

Do you want fresh packaging ideas? Perfect! You can embellish the box for a cupcake with a silk ribbon or knot. And you can pop out the packaging with contrasting ribbons. It looks eye-catching and appeals to the customers.

Or else you can try other options. For example, you can tie a hang tag or a card. It is super stylish and you can print cupcake information. And you can print warm wishes for your loved ones.


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