The 8 Prime Benefits of Granite Worktops in London

The two most prevalent mineral crystals that make granite are feldspar and quartz. However, a variety of different minerals might be present, and they give each piece its character. Granite worktops are unique and 100% natural. They offer an attractive and useful alternative for any kitchen decor because they are durable and stylish.

Granite worktops in London can assist you in achieving the aesthetic you desire for your kitchen design, whether you prefer a modern appearance or something a little more vintage. In addition, you should renovate your space before listing your house on the market if you’re planning to sell it soon. Adding worktops to your kitchen will improve the overall look and increase the price of your home.

8 Benefits of Granite Worktops in Londo

Here are the premium usefulness of granite worktops:

  1. Resists Scratches

The fact that granite is so resilient that it avoids scrapes and scratches despite regular use is one of the top reasons to select it. Just slightly softer than diamonds, it is the second-hardest material known to man. This ensures that it resists chips and damage and, thus, supports long-term utilization.

Granite worktops will survive for several years as they offer supreme resistance to abrasions. Moreover, they can withstand heat, so it is easier to repair damage.

Note: For dicing, chopping, and slicing food, you should always use a cutting board because kitchen blades and knives may harm the surface.

  1. Easy to Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home, especially the kitchen, is always of utmost importance as it affects your health and hygiene. Granite countertops make it simple to determine that your kitchen stays tidy and spotless because it is easy to clean – all you need is a mild cleaner, like dish soap, and a soft cloth. Your kitchen worktops will start gleaming with almost no little work!

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It is also bacterial and dirt-resistant, making it an ideal choice for your kitchen countertops. Granite worktops in London are given further protection by sealing, which makes them nonporous and ensures that nothing can sink into them and leave a mark.

  1. Add Value to your Home

If you’re looking for methods to increase the worth of your property, you must consider remodeling your house. Durable, well-constructed, and visually appealing countertops significantly raise the selling price of a house.

Homeowners who intend to keep their houses or who are thinking about selling feel a sense of relief when outdated worktops are substituted with top-class selections of countertops. Because of its low porosity and smooth texture, a granite countertop is an exceptional solution, a great substitute for marble since it comes in every design, color, and pattern.

  1. Reliability

Because of their resistance to heat, scratch, and stain, granite worktops are more durable, sustainable, and able to last longer. As liquids and oxygen cannot penetrate through them, less filth, dust, and germs can accumulate.

They are also more environmentally friendly than certain engineered countertop materials. Engineered materials frequently need chemicals and can emit toxic gases during preparation. On the other hand, very little processing is necessary to transform granite into a countertop.

  1. Family-Friendly

Family kitchens can withstand much more than a kitchen used only by very cautious, disciplined individuals. It might be difficult to maintain your kitchen if you have kids, cats, dogs, or even elderly family members living with you. So, you must be mindful while opting for your kitchen worktops. There are a few expensive materials that demand high maintenance, and thus, they aren’t suitable for a family kitchen.

Granite is durable for kitchens with heavy traffic. It is not readily scratched or soiled, and because of its heat resistance, it is unaffected even if a hot skillet is accidentally set down on it. You never have to fret about preserving the quality of your granite worktop because of a spill or a cat leaping up onto it. Moreover, your kids can easily complete their assignments in the kitchen while you cook food and keep an eye on them.

  1. Stain Resistant

With a correctly positioned sealer, granite worktops are stain resistant. If you ensure that an appropriate sealant is applied yearly, it will improve the stability of your countertops.

Remember that any spills of liquid or food should still be cleaned up immediately with water and a gentle solution. If they have dried, a plastic scraper can be used to remove them from the counter surface.

  1. Cost-effective

Unlike what you might believe, installing worktops doesn’t have to be very costly. However, it’s not only about the price but also about the quality of the product. Given that granite worktops have a long lifespan, you might spend less on them annually than you would on worktops made of other materials. Costs for installation vary from $40 per square foot to $200. The diameter of the slab and the higher installation expenses cause price variation. The thicker the slab is, the more you’re supposed to pay for the installation.

With a variety of price ranges for you to consider, they are a great purchase with several benefits. If you experiment with different countertop sizes and colors, you can discover an ideal option that meets your budget.

  1. Variety of Colours

Although you might imagine granite to be grey or black, it comes in a wide variety of hues like Azul Bahia, Black Galaxy, Sienna Bordeaux, and others. There is always a choice that fits your preferences and the design you desire for your kitchen, whether you want lighter or darker countertops. Granite has a rough design that allows you to observe how various colors blend together and even some dazzling bits that also reflect light.

It is a perfect pick if you want the latest yet distinctive worktops. Even if you select a shade or design that’s trending, your granite countertops will be original and unlike anybody else’s. Each slab displays its designs and textures, giving your kitchen a unique finish that cannot be found anywhere.

Take Away

Being sturdy and family-friendly, granite countertops offer optimal performance and ensure an extended life span. Therefore, they are ideal for withstanding all harsh conditions, and no matter how many family members you are, they will work the best for you.

At Slabs and Stones Ltd, we promise to provide outstanding granite worktops in London in a range of appealing hues, varying from vibrant ones to pastel shades. Get in touch with our consultant to converse about your specific requirements and get your hands on your favorite worktop design!

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