How to Choose the Right Tamil Vadhyar for Your Wedding in Bangalore?

Weddings in South India, especially Tamil Nadu, differ significantly from those who live up north of India. Tamil people are known for their significant identity in South Indian communities, emphasis on simple living, and excellent educational background. 


The usual Tamil weddings are more about staying true to the age-old customs and traditions than the latest extravagant and modern ones. 


Tamilians believe marriages are the spiritual symbolism and are paramount rather than all the show-offs. 


Tamil weddings are also filled with lots of fun and happy moments and are significant events with distant relatives present to bless the couple. Still, there sure will be no compromise on the actual ceremony. Tamil weddings, also known as Kalyanam, happen during the day of every month according to the Tamil calendar.


But, since it involves many traditions and rituals to be performed, expert pandit guidance is essential to ensure the effective completion of the Tamil Wedding Ceremony. If you’re planning a similar event and looking out for Tamil Vadhyars in Bangalore, SmartPuja- the best online pandit booking platform, will assist you with easy one-click pandit bookings. 


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Who is a Tamil Vadhyar?


Before checking the compatibility of Tamil Vadhyar for Bangalore weddings, let us first understand who a Vadhyar is and his role in a Tamil wedding. A Vadhyar is a Hindu priest or pujari who performs religious ceremonies and rituals. In a Tamil wedding, the Vadhyar plays a crucial role in conducting the various customs and traditions performed before, during, and after the ceremony. 


Tamil Vadhyars and Iyer Vadhyar in Bangalore are popular because they are trained in Tamil puja traditions and Vidanam according to the Tamil Brahmin traditions followed by most priests in Bangalore. 

Steps to Check the Compatibility of Tamil Vadhyar for Bangalore Weddings 


A tremendous amount of relevance is given to a person’s religion regarding personal identity. Tamil Nadu is known for its vibrant culture and consists of many religious and traditional practices. The Tamil community continues to follow these rituals and practices wherever they reside.

Following Are The Different Types Of Rituals Performed By Tamil Vadhyar In A Tamil Wedding. 

  • Panda Kaal Muhurtam


Panda Kaal Muhurtham is a ritual performed before the wedding, i.e., a pre-wedding ceremony that invokes the family deity’s blessings. The Tamil Vadhyar plays an essential role in this ritual. He conducts the puja and performs the necessary prayers to seek the deity’s blessings.


Once the marriage ritual is completed, the bride and groom’s families pray to the deity and seek blessings for the couple. Panda Kaal Muhurtam is held one day before the wedding and is attended by close relatives. This ritual is done at a temple or their house.

  • Nichayathartham


It is a traditional engagement ritual in Tamil Weddings where the groom’s family visits the bride’s family to fix the wedding date. The groom and his family arrive at the bride’s home with gifts, including a jewellery set and a saree. 


After she is seated, aarti is performed, in which married girls tie grains, turmeric, nuts, and coconuts in their saree pallu. Similarly, this is done for the groom, who is offered new clothes. The couple then wears these new clothes, and a ring ceremony is performed. Tamil Vadhyar is essential here because he performs all the customs and traditions according to the Tamil wedding ritual.

  • Mangala Snanam


The wedding day starts with the Mangala Snanam Ritual, a pre-wedding ritual. The bride and groom take sacred baths at dawn at both the groom’s and bride’s homes. After this, a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, and kumkum is smeared all over the bride and groom by the married women of their families.


After this, they bathe in holy water to purify and cleanse their bodies and souls. Tamil Vadhyar performs the prayers during this ritual.

  • Sumangali Prarthanai


This puja is directed towards the Sumangalis, or married women participating in various wedding rituals. These women are close relatives and family friends of the bride. They participate in this prayer ceremony and give blessings of their late ancestors for a happy married life of the bride. 


The women, typically grouped in odd numbers, dress in traditional Madisar sarees. They are also treated to a traditional feast served on banana leaves. The same ritual is organised at the groom’s house to seek blessings for the new bride joining their family.


Immense importance is given to a person’s religion regarding personal identity. Tamil Nadu has a cultural state with deep-rooted religious and traditional practices. The Tamil community continues to follow these practices sincerely wherever they reside.


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