Looking For an Indian Makeup Artist in Australia?

Are You Searching for an Indian Makeup Artist in Australia? Search their portfolio, bio, kit and verified customer reviews until you find your ideal stylist!

Nicole is a Melbourne-based freelance makeup Artist and Hairstylist dedicated to using only products with CHOOSE CRUELTY FREE accreditation as part of her vegan-friendly approach to work.

Ritu Makeover

Ritu makeover is your go-to expert if you’re in Australia searching for an Indian makeup artist. Her years of experience make her perfect for making you look fabulous on your special day, with special emphasis on enhancing natural beauty through only premium products and techniques. Her services extend to weddings, events and red-carpet appearances alike!

Ritu makeover-named people tend to be idealistic and analytical individuals. They excel at solving mental or physical puzzles and research, tending to be quite reserved while generous. Although ritu makeover may sometimes overthink things, she should avoid becoming detached from those around her.

Ritu makeover has an extraordinary passion for beauty and fashion, which she is well-known for in the industry. Using innovative makeup techniques, ritu makeover has worked on Karishma Kapoor and Urvashi Rautela from Bollywood as well as Christian Dior Couture and G.E.M fashion designers – giving them professional looks without breaking the bank!

When searching for an Indian makeup artist, make sure you choose one who is certified and experienced working with various skin tones. Makeup artists should have a portfolio demonstrating their work, while hair stylists should have answers available regarding their services. You can browse profiles, kits and verified reviews on Flayr to help find someone suited to your needs.


Kish is an expert makeup artist, specialising in bridal hair and makeup. Her impeccable technique, artistic talent, and attention to detail result in the flawless appearance of her clients – as well as being able to produce natural-looking styles for brides preferring less intense looks.

Her work is inspired by styles from around the globe and uses only high-quality products that are suitable for Indian skin. She possesses extensive knowledge in traditional and contemporary South Asian hair and makeup styles, draping/pleating services for your saree, as well as pinnapping/setting services for dupattas.

Selecting the ideal makeup artist for your wedding is one of the most critical decisions you will face. Australia boasts many talented artists that can help you craft the perfect bridal look, though not all may meet your specific requirements – to find your ideal match, do research before making your decision.

First step to choosing the perfect look for your special event is selecting a makeup artist with experience in creating that specific style of look you desire. A service like Flayr makes it easier than ever before by instantly showing you profiles, bios, kits and verified reviews of makeup artists offering services in your locality – then book one according to your preferences and budget!

Tania Chiha

Tania Chiha is one of Australia’s premiere makeup artists. With over six years of experience and her signature feminine and clean style, her clients’ faces and personalities provide her with inspiration as she enhances their innate beauty through makeup. Additionally, Tania possesses vast knowledge about bridal styles and has earned numerous awards for her work.

Hair and makeup artist in Sydney specializing in Indian weddings. Her team provides brides with their dream look for their big day – they adhere to stringent hygiene standards while their services can be found all across Australia.

Gemma Nichols Hair & Makeup has long been recognized for their impeccable service and quality products. Their experts work with celebrities and use only top products on their clients. Each member is an expert in their own field and together form an impressive small team, well known for bringing out natural beauty while still looking like themselves.

Amy Chan

Amy Chan is known for providing high-quality bridal makeup services and has worked with several celebrity clients. She can create any look you desire and will help ensure you look and feel great on your big day!

She has been showcased in exhibitions such as “New China Chic” at Kennedy Center and “Historys du Jeans” at Museum of Modern Art; publications include Bags: A Lexicon of Style”, American Fashion Accessories” and American Fashion Travel”, while her book, “The Science of Love: How to Make Your Marriage Last”, became an Amazon #1 best seller.

Makeup is an integral component of a bride’s special day, yet finding the appropriate makeup artist may be challenging. There are various factors to take into account when identifying an artist; including experience and pricing considerations as well as reviews and testimonials before booking an appointment – these tools will help ensure you find your perfect artist!

Makeup artists in Australia are experienced professionals, highly proficient at using different makeup styles and techniques. Using only high-quality products, these professionals are adept at creating looks for any special occasion or special event imaginable. Furthermore, they know the latest bridal trends well and can recommend products which will enhance your natural beauty further. In addition to bridal makeup services, many can also provide hair or nail services.

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