Know these 5 Populated Myths about Gemstones

Well, if you are an avid gemstone jewelry lover, then there are high chances that you might have come across some of the most prevalent and populated myths about gemstones have a led to some people having a weird perception about some of the most valuable and precious gemstones in the market. So, today we have got for you a reality check that will end your blind perception towards some of the most popular gems in the market. Know these 5 Populated myths about gemstones.

Gemstones have Descended from Heaven

Before moving on to some of the most prevalent myths about certain gemstones, we will first give all our jewelry lovers a myth buster about one of the most prevalent misconceptions pertaining to gemstones as a whole. Various ancient cultures and religious scriptures have deemed to worship gemstones like opal and moonstone as embodiments of Gods. Although this indicates towards the faith we have in the mystical and magical healing properties of these gems, it cannot be straightaway cited that all gemstones have descended from heaven or the sky.

Since their earliest inception, that dates back to more than 5000 years ago, gemstones have occurred naturally within the earth crust, caves or even in the ocean or sea. Most of these caves have been converted to mines and from there chore, lakhs and lakhs tons of gemstones are excavated annually to be used in gemstones jewelry that carries with them an unparalleled beauty and charming elegance.

The Man-made Diamond – Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia, by far, one of the most identical gems to the highly precious and astounding diamonds, the hardest gemstones that mankind has ever come across. On a surface level, it becomes quite a juggling task for someone to differentiate between Cubic Zirconia and diamonds. Reason being, both of them shine through those beaming rays of light while lending a crystal-clear beauty and elegance.

Due to their surface level similarities, most jewelry lovers have deemed that both diamonds and Cubic Zirconia have the same properties also. And it’s only due to that hype created among the jewelry lovers worldwide because of that genius marketing strategy, that diamonds are prized at almost 10 times more than Cubic Zirconia Jewelry. Well, first of all, diamonds are entirely composed of carbon, while on the flip side, Cubic Zirconia is an entirely man-made gem that is subjected to hard-core processing and treatment in labs. So, there are no chances of detecting carbon in Cubic Zirconia. Secondly, cubic zirconia is a semi-precious stone, while diamonds tend to be the most valuable gems in the world.

Ultrasound can Be Used to Clean all types of Gems

Although every gemstone is bestowed by nature with an energy to lend charm and elegance over an indefinite period of time, the oily and dust particles lingering out there in the environment can cover this miraculous beauty with their dullness and rust. Gemstones are bound to get tarnished when continuously worn over a prolonged period of time. Initially, that stubborn layer of oily and dust particles can be cleaned using a basic water-soap solution.

However, sometimes, it becomes imperative to switch to professional cleansing to ensure that the lost shine and shine of your exquisite gemstones get restored effectively. And when it comes to professional cleansing, ultrasound is what everyone thinks of using. These devices produce high-frequency sound waves that pass through liquids like water or cleaning solutions to produce pressure and heat. By removing dirt and debris from around jewels and other difficult-to-reach areas, ultrasonic cleaning devices can efficiently clean jewelry. However, you also need to consider that only hard-occurring gems like sapphire, ruby, diamonds etc. can be exposed to ultrasound. Their hard surface can sustain the pressure of ultrasound.

Soft and delicate stones like opal and turquoise can get deformed.

Opals Are Indeed A Bad Luck

One of the valuable, as well as the most astounding and vibrant of all the semi-precious gemstone that you will come across in the gemstone jewelry market; opal jewelry. Being an epitome of power, good fortune as well as courage, opal can be worn on several occasions as it is considered to be an versatile jewelry which emanates shades of multiple colors like blue, green, white, red as well as black.

However, there have been rumours going around in the world of gems and jewels fostering a myth that opal is a sign of bad luck, and adorning it can bring plenty of bad luck like financial loss, deterioration of health as well as loss of affection and faith in bonds with other people. Nevertheless, this is nothing but just a false citing against opal that has been populated by those who were not able to afford it back then during the ancient era. And the reality is that, opal jewelry is said to bless its wearer with a miraculous fortune, immense wealth as well as a sound health and emotional balance.

Sapphire is only Available Across a Blue hue

Well, the foundation of this myth has got so much intact, that whenever someone thinks of sapphire jewelry, the first thought of gem that hits their mind is of the London Blue Sapphire jewelry. Being quite popular in the market, and by far, one of the finest quality of sapphire jewelry, jewelry lovers around the globe have forgotten to draw a distinction between sapphire jewelry and blue sapphire jewelry, which has lead to this age-long prevalent myth about the latter. Besides the royal and raging London Blue Sapphire, here are some of the most notable varieties of sapphire in the market:

  1. Blue sapphire

  2. White sapphire

  3. Pink sapphire

  4. Orange sapphire

  5. Padparadscha sapphire

  6. Yellow sapphire

  7. Green sapphire

  8. Purple sapphire

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