Tips For Financing Your IVF Treatment In Jaipur

Infertility treatments in India aren’t cheap and can financially burden couples trying to conceive. IVF is a famous option for couples with infertility or genetic issues. It creates life in a lab and transfers the embryo into the mother’s uterus. Although the success rates vary from patient to patient, IVF has brought happiness to many people who thought they could never have children.


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Besides, take your time with the high costs of IVF because now there are many options to make IVF more affordable for couples struggling to conceive naturally. This article will provide tips to help you finance your IVF treatment in Jaipur. 


How To Finance Your Loans For IVF Treatment?


  • Personal Loans

The most common option to finance money for IVF is taking personal loans. Depending on the eligibility and assets, you can borrow up to Rs 10-25 lakhs. Just calculate the amount you need and pay it back in EMI. Be cautious of the amount and annual interest to stay manageable with the repayment. The interest on personal loans per annum varies from 8.9-19%, with IDBI providing the lowest interest rates compared to other banks. Plus, you’ll need to budget for pregnancy and childbirth expenses after the IVF treatment. 

  • Home Equity Loan

Another option is taking a loan for your IVF treatment by keeping your house or assets as collateral. This loan has a lower interest rate than a personal loan because the value of your home secures the money. You only need to pay interest and monthly repayments on time to secure your home and get the IVF treatment done easily.

  • Medical Loans

Many financial institutions in India, like Tata Capital and MoneyTap, now provide medical loans at low-interest rates compared to banks for IVF treatment. These loans have very flexible repayment options with upto 5 years period. 


  • Zero Interest Credit Card

Many banks and financial institutions have started a 0% interest rate on paying through credit cards for a certain period of time. It can save some amount compared to other IVF loan types in India. For this option eligibility, you must have a good credit card score and an assurity that you can repay it once.   


What Are The Alternatives to Loans?

Other than financial loans, there are many other options to finance money for IVF treatment. If taking a loan won’t be a good option, and you can pay it naturally, then opt for a financing alternative to loans. Let’s see the options.

  • IVF Payment Plan

IVF clinics or hospitals now give payment plans allowing the couple to pay the amount in installments while getting the IVF treatment. This option is like repaying the loan money to a bank in installments. 

Though the plan differs from clinic to clinic, because of this, many couples in India can now easily think about taking IVF treatment without worrying about paying the amount in one go. 

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

In India, only some institutions cover IVF treatment in health insurance or maternity cover. This method of financing differs, so you may have to check first with the institution to what extent they can provide insurance money for IVF treatment. Ensure all the data and entries are paid for IVF treatment through HSA for taxation purposes. 

  • Crowdsourcing

Crowdfunding platforms in India gather funds through digital platforms like Ketto, ImpactGuru, Milaap, etc. It can be a viable option for couples searching for IVF treatment, as it provides a means to procure the required funds without resorting to loans or personal savings. A crowdfunding campaign demands extensive time and effort, and there is no assurance of a successful outcome.


  • Government Schemes 

The government is giving financial assistance of 5 lakhs for infertility treatment of the first child with schemes like Matrutva Yojana and National Health Mission. Please note that financial assistance by the government is only for some sections of society who can’t afford to pay for treatment and have their first child. 


We advise you to evaluate each option for your IVF treatment. You can also consult an IVF specialist about the course of treatment, expenses involved, and time taken and then make a plan to finance your IVF treatment. 



Yes, IVF is expensive, but with these loans and other assistance offers, you can now afford IVF and start your journey towards happy parenthood. All you have to do is research well about your assets, savings, and other financing options, then opt for the treatment to avoid all the stress and problems during the treatment.   


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