Is It Still Necessary to Know Grammar to Communicate in English?

India is probably the only non-English speaking country where English language has received the status of being the official language. It was earlier believed that you need to have a good sense of grammar to communicate in English well. The thought process has however changed now. Today, it is believed that you can develop your spoken English skills by pursuing English speaking classes from a recognized institute without having an in-depth knowledge of grammar.

The child learns a language even before he or she is 5 years old. At that time, he or she does not know anything about grammar. These 5 years are however called the critical period when the human brain functions optimally to absorb a particular language. If children do not learn a particular language before they are 5 years old, they will probably never be able to learn it properly. Moreover, young children are also able to learn a second language just by listening and speaking. If you were not introduced to English before you were 5 years old and find it difficult to communicate in English even today, you can also join a spoken English course with a certificate.

Patterns in English Language

Several patterns help in communicating in different languages. The art of putting the words in the correct way to create sentences and phrases is called patterns. If one has a sound knowledge of Grammar, he or she will be able to identify these language patterns. This way they will be able to speak error free English fluently.

You will observe several instances where people prefer focusing on studying a particular language and do not pay any attention to grammar. There are also several language courses where you are made to listen to the audio and repetitively drilled to help you learn the language. These programs help learners to learn a huge volume of vocabulary and also help them in improving their listening skills. These speaking English courses have helped several people to learn foreign languages and understand a lot of what they read in books or watch on Youtube in these foreign languages.

Why Is It Still Important to Know about English Grammar?

There are indeed several instances where you are able to understand a person in spite of the fact that he or she is not speaking grammatically correct English. There are, however, certain other instances where grammar mistakes can lead to misunderstandings. If you make some common grammatical errors that involve mistakes with the structure of the sentence, verb tense and parts of speech, that can obscure the meaning of the sentences.

The schools focus a lot on grammar to minimize the basic errors at the time of communication and improve English writing skills. Thus it is quite clear that if you want to learn good English, you need to get a good understanding of English grammar. This will fine-tune both your written skills as well as your oral communication.

If you join a spoken English course, it will benefit you in your career. This is all the more important for those students who want to pursue a career where English is utilized. Without the study of grammar, you will not be able to study English at the advanced level.

Why Is English Grammar Not Essential for Just Communicating In English ?

You will see that most of the Indians who belong to tier II and tier III cities in India hesitate to speak in English language. This is because they are not very confident and are afraid that while speaking, they might make grammatical errors. In schools, a lot of importance is given to grammar. As a result of this, the students are too conscious while speaking in English and tend to avoid it. Therefore, they are not able to gain fluency in speaking English. If you want to communicate fluently, you need to practice a lot. Even if you are not very good with your grammar skills, you can still speak in English well. Grammar comes into the picture when you are trying to write something in English. Even if you don’t speak grammatically correct English, your English sentences might be comprehensible and you do not need grammar to validate your expressions. To learn to speak English fluently, you can also enrol yourself in an online spoken English course.

Developing speaking and listening skills are two very important parts of learning the English language. It is said that the acquisition of a second language is a part of the subconscious process. This happens when we try to focus on communicating in the English language. We should therefore, try to watch television shows, listen to the radio broadcastings and if required should also speak to native English speakers to speak English fluently, rather than focusing too much on grammar.


Grammar is indeed a very important part of spoken English, however, it is not the be-all and the end-all. Verbs, tenses and sentences are the three basic pillars of spoken English at the beginner level. If you are interested in learning English at an advanced level, you will have to get a better understanding of grammar. The English-spoken English course trainer will be able to train, guide and advice you about the level that will cater to your requirements.

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