Interesting facts about goat leather

While there are different types of leathers available, it can be hard to choose the best one that will suit your purpose and budget. If economy and great features are your expectations, goat leather can be a wonderful option for you. Here are a few interesting facts about goat leather explained to guide your decision on the right type of leather for your project.

Goat leather basics
Goat leather is light in weight. Nevertheless, it is solid and highly durable. Also called as Morocco leather, goat leather is highly soft and flexible on one hand and strong and hard-wearing on the other hand. Therefore, it is highly preferred as the raw material for leather bags and a wide range of leather products. Due to the small size of the animal, goat leather is usually chosen to make smaller leather goods and personal accessories. However, goat leather can last for several years with proper care.

Goat leather characteristics

Flexible and soft
The two distinctive qualities that distinguish goat leather from the rest are is flexibility and softness. Unlike the good that are made from other types of leathers like cow skin, goat leather products are not stiff. Goat skin has a rich presence of lanolin. Therefore, goat skin leather can be highly flexible and can fit well on your body if you are wearing apparel made from goat skin.

Hard-wearing and very strong
Goat leather is soft. However, it is very strong and highly flexible. These characteristics give goat leather its excellent quality that you will love in the goods made from goat leather including bags, shoes, belts, and other class of small leather goods. The hard-wearing nature of goat leather make it a great option for light high-heeled shoes as goat leather can resist high tension on the stitching portion and can hold its shape.

Goat leather is made using vegetable tanning process. Therefore, it is resistant to water. This feature contributes to the resilience and durability of goat leather.

Goat leather is highly durable and hence depended on for the long life of the products made from it. When compared to other form of leathers, goat leather has a resilient finish which helps it remain durable over an extended period of time.

Goat leather suppliers believe that the skin of the goat is much thinner when compared with those of other animals. Therefore, the leather that is made from goat leather is light in weight. Therefore, it becomes highly convenient to use the goat leather products.

Gets better With Age
Besides being highly durable, products manufactured from goat leather feel better with age. In fact they look better with age. Even after inviting scratches onto their surface, they look elegant and beautiful.

Goat leather making
Goat leather making follows some definite processes. First, the raw hides are cleaned up by removing the excess flesh and hair. After this, the excess oil, fat and tissues are washed out from the leather before the tanning process starts. During the tanning process, hide is converted into leather. This process helps stabilize the protein in the rawhide and stops any further decay. The result is hide becoming leather. After tanning, leather is ready for use.


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