How to Score At least 70+ Marks in GATE?

What’s the rank you are aspiring for in GATE 2022? Do you have a bulls-eye for scoring high? In order to attain 70 marks, attempting 80 is more than required (with accuracy).

To be admitted to the IITs, an aspirant should score a rank of between 600-800, and to be admitted to the foremost NITs, an aspirant should score a rank between 350-800.

The GATE exam is a popular destination that offers high paying jobs as well as serves as an opportunity for higher studies and research fortuity after engineering.

GATE, being one of the toughest exams in India, can’t be cracked in 1 or 2 months of preparation. Prepare at least a year in advance, or in worst cases, at least five to six months before.

Regardless of whether you join a GATE coaching Institute or educate yourself, you have to walk baby steps to stay consistent and productive throughout the preparations.

However, the interdependence between marks and ranks is not constant, it changes every year. You may rank under the top 800 with a score of at least 70. With this, you can book a seat in an NIT or, if you work hard and score higher, you can enter top IITs.

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1. Major Weightage Chapters

The official syllabus for GATE 2022 has been released by IIT Bombay. Aspirants must always prepare as per the prescribed syllabus.

Check the previous year’s question papers to get a sense of the trickiness of the questions, the level of difficulty, and frequently asked topics. Mark any topics that are less frequently asked and prepare them last.

Understanding the syllabus and exam pattern is the key to boost your preparations with the chapters/topics that will carry a lot of weight.

2. Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving abilities and application skills are critical. By applying different problem-solving techniques or by equating the options with the questions, the correct answer is found sometimes.

For analytical minds, applying simple tips and tricks can increase the chances of scoring well. Concentrate during the college lectures, read, visualize, and revise regularly. It develops the conceptual or fundamental understanding of how to solve problems.

3. Time Management Skills

Qualifying GATE is completely a psychological game that is 70% knowledge-based and 30% strategy. Dividing the sections and solving the easy part first will prevent stress and strain.

4. Target 2 Mark Questions

There will be a total of 22 questions out of which 9 questions carry 1 mark and the rest 13 questions carry 2 marks. Analyse the pattern of these 13 questions, and target them.

5. Practise is the Key

To score maximum marks, practising previous year question papers is the key. It increases accuracy and time management skills. Solve at least 10 years of the previous year question papers to gain an insight into the actual examination.

6. Mock Tests

Mock tests are just like a trailer of a movie. These are similar to the actual examination. It gives an idea about the difficulty level of the paper that helps us to cross-check our own performance.

If you practise Mock tests enough times, there is a possibility of scoring excellent marks in the exam.

7. Avoid Last Minute Preparations

Is it something advised at your GATE coaching centre or online learning platform? It is excellent advice that helps to retain what you have memorized in the long run.

Preparing till the last minute can stress you out. Reading or revising till exam time is an overwhelming task, and hence you might feel stressed or anxious which can directly affect your exam performance.

Take a 10-15 minutes walk before the exam and allow your mind to remain in a calm state, this exercise improves the functioning of the brain. Chill and enter the examination hall.

8. Entertain your Health

Without being healthy, you can’t crack any exam. There must be a proper balance between your mental and physical health. Feed your brain with knowledge and feed your stomach with nutritious food.

A good night’s sleep, exercise, meditation, pursuing your hobby, listening to music, going out for a walk, motivating yourself, pat yourself, and chuckling with your friends is a way to keep your mind happy.

In the end, revision is important to eliminate confusion and strengthen your memory. Following all these tips will help you to score at least 70 marks in the GATE exam. Wishing you Luck!



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