How Should You Develop an on-demand Service Mobile App in Dubai?

On-demand apps have been making a huge headline due to their convenient availability for any service we want. Whether it’s food delivery, telemedicine, salon, home cleaning, and car rental app development, everything comes in this category. It lets the users make the most of the services offered without leaving the house. 

As on-demand app development is becoming a way to capture the attention of various users, don’t you think it is the perfect opportunity for you to create your own on-demand service mobile app?

It is, right?

Not only the app directs the modern economy and caters to the users expectations but also helps you enrich your business potential in a way like never before. So, are you ready to craft your own app while taking support from the best on-demand app development company today?

If yes, connect with us today. Also, get a complete insight into the guide for some robust strategies. 

What is an on-demand app? 

An on-demand lets users access the services in a matter of a few minutes. Even the users can schedule the services in an effective way. Uber, a giant in the riding industry, also comes under this app category. Using the business model, the company connects drivers with passengers and lets them have the best services. Even food delivery app like Zomato follows the same business model and connect restaurants with consumers and drivers to deliver the food parcel to the doorsteps of their consumers. 

Top Features of an on-demand service mobile app

For you to build an on-demand app, these features are essential. Read further to get a complete insight. 

  • Real-time tracking: 

For your users to find out where the delivery personnel has received taking your parcel, you must integrate this feature. The user will get to know the predicted time as well. 

  • Shopping Cart:

The user can move from the search to the shopping cart and order their favorite products and services from your platform. However, if there is no shopping cart, their interaction with the app gets minimal, and you can have a bad impact on your app. 

  • Payment Gateway:

Payment not only using cash but with credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and any other means possible is taken care of by the payment gateway. However, while various consumers prefer digital wallets, some prefer cash to make payments. So, instead of ignoring any of them, you must offer everything within your app that will not restrict any users. 

  • Vendor Profile:

If it is a marketplace, you must not ignore the robustness of this feature. It will let your end-consumers access the credibility of the business they want to order from. For instance, users learn about a restaurant while reading their reviews & ratings on Zomato before confirming their orders. 

  • User registration and Profile:

The need for this feature gets differentiated depending on the business model. For instance, for an iOS/Android app, you must let your consumers register on the app. However, create registration forms for companies and users if it is a marketplace app. A leading iOS or Android app development company will help you add this feature according to your business model. 

  • Filters and lists:

To simplify the search process, this feature is necessary, and it becomes much more important when your business provides multiple services or products. Filters such as location, any specification of the goods, products, colors, quantity, and price range are essential for an on-demand app. 

  • Map Integration: 

When the customer is near your business location, they will get notifications about some offers and discounts you are focussing on today, leading to an extended user base. 

  • Ratings and Reviews: 

You must let your users provide reviews and ratings about your products and other offerings. So, include the feature while integrating top-notch technologies within your mobile app. 

  • Push Notifications:

The push notifications will help you attract new users and engage the existing ones. Users can receive notifications about discounts, offers, and other rewards even when they do not access the mobile app. 

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand mobile app?

As you have mastered the features to integrate into your on-demand mobile app, it’s time to build your own app. However, you must not forget the cost implication because app development is costly. While connecting with a top on-demand app development company and elaborating your app idea to them, you can have an elaborate insight into the app development cost. 

Here, in this section also, we will tell you all the factors that decide the on-demand mobile app development cost. So, those features are: 

  • App platform
  • App Development time
  • API Integration
  • App Design
  • Location of the app development company
  • App features/functionalities
  • And others

To Sum it Up! 

On-demand app development lets businesses tackle their challenges seamlessly. While considering the suitable approaches that top-notch developers of a top Android application development company offer, you will undoubtedly impact how your business is moving ahead. So, are you excited to construct your own mobile app with the assistance of an advanced company? 

If yes, connect with us today and make your app live in the best way possible. 

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