How Package Forwarding Services Can Simplify On-the-Go Living

Many people live on the go, whether as a lifestyle choice or due to the nature of their jobs. While mobile living may be exciting and rewarding, it has its drawbacks. One of the many challenges you might face as a person without a permanent address is receiving mail and packages. To eliminate this challenge, individuals living on-the-go lifestyles can utilize forwarding services.

Also known as mail forwarding, this specialized service serves as an intermediary between senders and recipients of mail/packages. Mail forwarding services also offer USPS package forwarding for customers who receive mail and packages from carriers like USPS. This article explores how mail forwarding works, and how it can benefit individuals living on the go.

Understanding Mail Forwarding Services

Mail forwarding services provide a dedicated address for their customers to receive packages and mail. When you receive mail or packages to this address, the mail forwarding company receives it and forwards the mail to your current address. Mail forwarding companies also provide several options for their customers to choose from after receiving mail. For example, they might offer services like mail consolidation, scanning, shredding, storage, and international shipping. Typically, using package forwarding services involves the following steps:

  • Sign-up/Registration:

This first step involves you signing up with a mail forwarding service and getting a unique mailing address.

  • Mail storage/Consolidation:

After successfully signing up and receiving your virtual mailing address, you can list it as your official mailing address. When any package is received at this address, the mail forwarding company keeps the package secure until the customer sends further instructions. Customers can choose to have the mail sent to them or consolidated with other packages and sent at a later date.

  • Shipping Options and Delivery:

Mail forwarding services provide several options for customers after receiving their packages. Some of these options include scanning, shredding, depositing checks, international shipping, and much more. When your mail forwarding company receives mail on your behalf, you can choose from available options and the forwarding service will treat your mail accordingly.

Benefits of Using Mail Forwarding Services

Mail forwarding services are essential for digital nomads, travelers, and expatriates. These groups of people typically do not have permanent home or business addresses, so mail forwarding services can significantly benefit these individuals. Entrepreneurs can also use mail forwarding services to establish a professional business image. Here are some benefits of using mail forwarding services:

  • Ease and Flexibility in Receiving Packages

With mail forwarding services, you’ll be able to receive your packages at your forwarding address, no matter what your current location is. Whether you need USPS package forwarding or other related services, you’ll find a provider that offers all you need. This eliminates the need to frequently change your shipping address whenever you move. These service providers also offer a flexible solution for their customers by keeping their packages until they are ready to receive them.

  • Shipping Cost Savings

Many mail forwarding service providers offer consolidation services, so customers can combine multiple packages into one shipment, thereby reducing shipping costs.

  • Secure Storage

The right package forwarding service provider will ensure that your packages are stored safely in their secure facilities. They can also offer options like package scan and customers can request for the contents of the package to be scanned and sent to them via email.

  • Professional Image

Work-from-home entrepreneurs can use virtual mailboxes instead of their home addresses as their business addresses for a more professional image.

Choosing the Right Mail Forwarding Service

When it comes to finding a mail forwarding company, it’s crucial to consider these important factors:

Company Reputation: It’s important to choose a mail forwarding company that’s reliable and reputable. You’ll need to read through reviews from third-party platforms to know if a provider has a track record of high-quality and reliable mail forwarding services.

Shipping Options and Service Rates: It’s important to compare rates of different mail forwarding services to see which one provides the services you need that are within your budget.

Services and Features: Before settling for a mail forwarding service, it’s crucial to go through their service offerings to see if they can cater to your mailing needs. You want a provider who provides additional value like package inspection and consolidation. If you have other unique needs such as USPS package forwarding, scanning, or trashing, you’ll need to find a provider that provides a robust range of services.


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