For The Best Puppy And Dog Portrait Photography In Salt Lake, Utah, Visit Dr Liz Now!

Have you come across Time Punk Pet Photography? Well, it is one of the best places to get your puppy and dog portrait photography in Salt Lake, Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah is a wonderful place, filled with vibrant culture and art; it is simply a place that helps you connect with people and your pets. Salt Lake County is very pet-friendly, with lots of opportunities to spend time in nature, and experience the joy of discovery and creating memories with your dog.

Have you come across Time Punk Pet Photography? Well, it is one of the best places to get your puppy and dog portraits photography in Salt Lake, UtahDr. Liz Dranow is there to care for your needs and wants and will work with you to create beautiful and unique photographs that will be a lovely memory for you.

Dr. Liz Dranow is best known for her skills in professional dog photography in Salt Lake County. But, when we talk about her, it doesn’t end here. Come, let us know about her in this article. Surely you will find it amazing.

Who is Dr. Liz Dranow, and what does she do? 

Dr. Liz Dranow moved to Utah in 1989 temporarily to attend the university. She received her Ph.D. in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, but now she works as a biostatistician in the School of Medicine at the University of Utah. While statistics is quite a bit different from pet photography, the two professions complement each other well, requiring technical knowledge and creative thinking. After settling down, Liz began volunteering for Salt Lake County Animal Services, as well as starting TimePunk Pet Photography (first known as Liz Dranow Photography) and has spent the last 10 years creating puppy portraits and photographing dogs of all ages in Salt Lake, Utah.

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Why are photographs and portraits of your dog from TimePunk Pet Photography important? 

Photography is like a time machine.  Our dogs grow up quickly and leave us too soon, and photographs let us revisit them at all stages of their lives, young, middle-aged, and seniors. With photographs, your dogs remain vibrant in your memories. Dr. Liz understands the value of photographs personally, having lost the first puppy she had as an adult, Fiona, in 2020, and thus, she creates puppy portraits, and enjoys adult and senior dog photography in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her love and passion.

  • Dr. Liz is happy to contribute her skills to help adoptable animals find their homes forever. Thus, when you book a photography session with her, you contribute to the life-saving services she provides to all the animals in the Salt Lake County Animal Services Shelter. When you support her, it gives her the means to afford the equipment, continuing education, supplies, and purchase dog and cat treats. Liz understands the value of having dogs and the unbreakable bond between an owner and their pets. So, visiting her will be the best decision when looking for dog photography in Salt Lake County, while also supporting animal rescue.
  • Another reason to work with Liz is to support the fundraising system that she conducts. She will shower you with her best puppy portrait photography in Salt Lake, Utah in exchange for a donation to the shelter at events like Petapalooza. Not only this but donating the silent auction items to the annual Spay-ghetto Gala. All you have to do is sign up for her newsletter!
  • Dr. Liz Dranow is one of the animal lovers that you will come across who cares a lot about adopted animals. Serving the adoptable pet population in Utah is very important to her and works regularly with the Salt Lake County animal shelter.

A quick wrap-up! 

There is no better best friend than a puppy. When you bring home a puppy, you will forget the world altogether, as they will shower you with so much love. But, the bond you share with your pets never lasts as long as you want it to. To keep their memories alive forever, pet photography allows you to revisit your dog at any age.

If you are from Salt Lake City, Utah, you can make the best use of the puppy portrait photography in Salt Lake City, Utahfrom Dr. Liz Dranow. She donates her talent in professional dog photography in Salt Lake County to the local animal shelterand the one advantage of hiring her is that, when you book with Liz you will help support animal rescue.

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