Factors That Determine The Price Of Attendance Punching Machines

Attendance punching machines have been a game changer for most organizations in managing employees. Security personnel no longer worry about manually filling employee data for payroll reference by HR. These systems collect entry data and transmit it to integrated API systems to calculate salaries based on work hours. While attendance punching machines are practical, convenient and modern, they may sell at eye-watering prices. Here are various factors influencing the cost of attendance punching machines.

– Attendance Punching Machine Brand

In most cases, people buy attendance punching machines from familiar brands. Established and well-known brands are known for quality, reliability and durability than unknown brands. As a result, the attendance punching machine prices for these brands are higher due to high demand.

These attendance machines also require less maintenance and are long-lasting, which would benefit a sizeable organization.

– Support Services

Every attendance punching machine manufacturer offers support to customers at varying levels. Supports such as installation, maintenance, and repairs may increase the prices of an attendance punching machine. A company that offers little to no support is not ideal, as you will buy cheap but spend more on maintenance and installation.

Kent Cam Technologies offers ongoing customer support, with various subscription plans to enhance the performance of the attendance systems. This assures you that your company gets the best biometric attendance machine for scaling your business operations.

– System Features

The features of an attendance punching machine are crucial in determining the price. The best biometric attendance machine may have extra features making them superior to other attendance systems and expensive. These features include built-in backup batteries, automatic time adjustment, display screens, and other hardware.

KENT Cam time attendance machines go a notch higher with impressive features like a touchless face recognition system. Such a highly accurate and efficient system means you will cough out more money to get a system compatible with your company size.

– Type of Attendance Punching Machine

The recent developments in time attendance machines mean there are numerous system versions with different costs. Manual attendance machines are much more affordable since they have basic features that require employees manually enter their PINs or use paper slips. Semi-automatic machines are costlier than manual systems since they use fingerprints to register employees.

Lastly, fully automatic attendance punching machines also cost more as they have advanced features and technology that outperform the rest. They use face recognition technology and generate reports and analytics, which assist HR departments in managing employees.

– Integration Capabilities

Integration capabilities of an attendance system partly influence the attendance punching machine prices. Modern systems are expected to integrate seamlessly with HRM systems to streamline employee management processes. KENT Cam time attendance systems easily integrate with various APIs for continuous data transfer and management.

As a result, they may have a higher markup price than most systems in the market. Systems with inferior integration features are cheaper and may require additional software and hardware to assist with payroll.

There are various factors influencing the price of attendance punching machines. These are critical considerations as they determine the quality of the attendance machine you get for your workplace. Attendance punching manufacturers are working tirelessly to incorporate the best features in these systems without inflating the price further. This guide may come in handy when buying an attendance machine.


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