Essential Guide to Tipping Your Delivery Driver

We order food only, and we get it delivery to our doorstep. So simple, right?

Well, it is a big no, as the struggle these delivery partners face to deliver on time is challenging. And therefore, here comes the concept of tipping them and appreciating their efforts. Order your meal with Zomato Coupons through Cashaly, and don’t forget to add that tip before processing the payment.

Today, we will talk about the importance of why you must tip your delivery drivers. Leaving behind all the traffic and weather conditions, you get your order delivered as per the time limit you see. Now, think of the pressure they feel for every order to be delivered on time and have to go through a lot on the road.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about the essential guide to tipping your delivery driver.

A Guide to Tipping Your Unsung Heroes

Let us go through the different aspects of tipping the delivery driver and take a step forward to appreciate these heroes.

The Usual Earning

The delivery person who brings your food to your doorstep in normal weather conditions earns only 20% of it. The efforts and time taken to deliver your order are more than what they receive as earnings in return.

Therefore, you must tip the delivery agent as per your convenience, which goes directly into their pockets and can add some extra earnings to their income that they deserve. Atleat, pay Rs. 10 as a tip to them on every order, helping them with their earnings.

Bulk Orders

Just imagine that you placed an order for an office party, and the agent has to manage and deliver around 15-20 packages of food. It will not be fair for them to just go with that 20% of the order, as you have the option to add a tip for them.

With bulk orders, everyone involved in the order can contribute Rs. 10–20 and tip the delivery agent. This will not only add a good amount of money to their income but also satisfy them for the efforts they put in.

Weather Struggles

Weather is unpredictable most of the time, and delivery agents have to struggle a lot to deliver that one order. Here you get another reason why you must tip the delivery agent and make them feel good about their work.

Weather conditions can be challenging, as they might have to face storms, heavy rain, snowfall, etc. One must tip a good and decent amount to the agent as they successfully deliver your order, no matter what struggles they have to deal with.

Step it Up

There are many societies where they don’t have access to stairs, and delivery partners have to climb floors and floors to deliver the order. It not only takes time to achieve successful delivery but also lots of physical effort.

Therefore, they need to be tipped a nice amount for taking so much initiative and delivering your order. They seek appreciation and acknowledgement for the hard work they do. And tipping can be that appreciation that not only makes them smile but also helps them reach their financial goals.

Delivery Fees and Tips Are Different

So you think the delivery fee you see at the time of checkout is a tip you are paying to the delivery agent? No, tips and delivery fees are very different from one another. Delivery fees go into the restaurant’s pocket and not to the delivery drivers.

So, here you learn a new thing and the reason why you must tip the delivery driver to successfully deliver your order. These tips go directly to the driver, help them with their financial needs, and also encourage them to do the work wisely.


In this blog, we have discussed the essential guide to tipping your delivery driver. Make your meals more delicious with a Swiggy Coupon Code  through Cashaly. All the above-mentioned tips are the best way and reason to make your order worth it. Make the work of delivery drivers count by tipping them and enhancing your delivery experience.

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