eCommerce SEO Services and Growth Online: Covering the Benefits

You’ve probably heard a million and one things about eCommerce SEO services. Yet, despite the fact that they are so constantly talked about, some people don’t really understand what they are or how they benefit an eCommerce business.

So we’ve compiled some of the top benefits of eCommerce SEO for reference in one place.

1.  Greater organic impressions

eCommerce SEO services optimize your website to make it more attractive to search engines like Google. Consequently, your organic rankings will improve, which means your website will move up in the search engine results. That will increase impressions, almost guaranteed.

2.  Higher click-through rate

Much of what SEO entails is related to website content, which will require it to become more relevant to your audience. When that happens, your click-through rate should increase.

3.  More qualified organic traffic

Linked to an improvement in website content is an improvement in leads. With keyword research, it will become easy to home in on a target audience, which means the people that actually visit your online store should be more interested in what you offer.

4.  Higher time on page

With an increase in the quality of your onsite content comes an increase in user engagement. This will correspond to higher average session durations and higher number of average sessions, both of which will signal to Google that users are interested in what your website has.

5.  Effects don’t stop when efforts do

If you put in a year of hard work with a provider of eCommerce SEO services, you will continue to see the effects in the months and years to come because there is a delay in SEO between efforts and effects, making eCommerce SEO strategies a long-term game. Cancel PPC or social media marketing and effects drop immediately.

6.  Fights the cost of other paid search marketing efforts

You have to pay to play with PPC and other paid search marketing efforts. SEO is still a paid service but it’s not tit for tat. Also, the more you invest in eCommerce SEO services, the less you will need to pay for PPC and other similar channels.

7.  Supports your other marketing channels

SEO supports other organic marketing channels by building visibility and credibility, such as email marketing, content marketing, and even social media marketing.

8. Builds trust, increases authority, expands online visibility

Being more visible online correlates to more credibility, and since Google cares so much about E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trust) or more recently, E-E-A-T (Experience-Expertise-Authority-Trust) this is no small matter.

9. Overhauls website UX

Not everything that has to do with SEO is related to content. Technical ranking factors like site structure, site speed, and security impact website usability, which means, to optimize your site for SEO, you ultimately have to optimize for UX, too.

10. Helps capture new leads

The whole idea of search engine optimization is to optimize your website so that organic traffic can find you. Many of these leads will no doubt be new. Some of them you can capture and use in your other remarketing efforts, like email marketing and social media marketing – that is, if you get them to follow you or capture their email when they click.

11. Builds domain authority

Publishing high-quality content and eliminating technical issues will show Google that you are making a concerted effort to “be the best you can be,” in a manner of speaking. This will cause your domain authority (DA) to grow, which will help insulate you whenever there are algorithm updates.

12. The end goal: high organic revenue figures

Ultimately, the end goal of eCommerce SEO services is to send highly-qualified leads to your eCommerce store. The bottom line is also the proverbial bottom line. With effective SEO services, organic sales and revenue often increase.


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