Different types Opals to give charm to your outfit.

Admit it, that one major factor in opal jewelry that tend to fascinate all its wearers and jewelry lovers around the globe is its exquisite and wide range of different colors. Although there are many gemstones in the market that has a myriad of color range, but what stand-out opal from other gems and jewels is the classy and cozy look that its royal hues lends to its wearer.

Let’s explore about different types of opal in the market.

But before that, it would be better to have a quick go-through about the properties of opal.

Basic Properties of Opal

Opal jewelry is by far, one of the most valuable and high-end semi-precious gemstones in the market. A hydrated amorphous form of silica, opal is one of those rare gems in the world with a comparatively high proportionate of water in its overall composition. Basically, the water level in opal range around 6%-21%.

Due to its amorphous property, it is often classified as a mineraloid, unlike other forms of silica which are recognized as mere minerals only. Talking about its physical traits and features, opal is one of the most alluring and adorable stones that will surly compel you to flaunt over your beauty and aesthetics.

That sizzling and stunning piece of opal ring made out of the finest quality black opals, and that pair of long stud opal earrings, would definitely surge the charm of your personality. The luster opal can be pearly to vitreous. In some rare specimens, opal jewelry can even demonstrate a waxy luster.

Furthermore, opal usually has a transparent to opaque level of clarity. Some pieces can also have a slightly translucent sight also. However, this range of clarity is often determined by other factors too.

For instance, white opals with a crystal-clear beauty, goes out the most beautiful way with a transparent body. One the flip side, the most iconic and precious black opals, will appear heavenly and stupendous when presented with a opaque look. Reason being, in case of white opals, their crystal-clear look will appear to be 10x exquisite when the light will pass through its transparent body, glowing every corner of this beautiful gem. Whereas, in case of black opals, a opaque surface will look even mesmerizing and mundane when complimented with a darkish black to lavender color.

The only concern for jewelry lovers while adorning themselves with opal jewelry, like that mystic piece of opal pendant or opal necklace, is that this gem does not have a satiating score on the Mohs scale of hardness. Opal has just a hardness level of around 5.5-6. This means, that opal could be extremely vulnerable to serious breakage or damage if banged against a hard wall or any concrete or rough surface for that matter.

The might birthstone jewelry associated with the month of October, opal has proved to be quiet useful for those with Libra as their zodiac sign. An epitome of trust, positivity and hope, it healing properties works miraculously to collectively benefit mind, body and the soul. Now let’s explore different types of opal that you will find across the gemstone jewelry market.

Precious and Non-precious Opals

Opal can be basically categorized under two tags: Precious and Non-precious opals. Those specimens which depict an exemplary and exquisite “play-of-colors”, are termed as precious opals. On the other hand, non-precious or common opals, usually comes in opaque to translucent brownish range. Let’s explore their sub-types.

Types of Non-Precious Opals

Agate Opals – The most common variety of non-precious opals. They usually occur in opalised fossils and have a vein-like structure on their surface.

Dendritic or Moss Opals – These moss opals are usually characterized by the inclusions of small iron like materials that are encased within the crystal. The presence of these inclusions lends a mystical and marvelous appearance to these moss opals.

Types of Precious Opals

Precious opals are usually the finest and the best variety of opal in the market. Unlike non-precious opals, these opals have a fine and vibrant surface that is typified by the exquisite play of colors. Play-of-colors is the natural color phenomena that occurs when the light entering the crystal of the opal is deviated against the silica spheres, leading to flashes of colorful beams shining through the jewel.

Although the market is flooded with different hues of opal, we have got for the best graded hues that will narrow-down your hunt.

Black Opals

Black opal has a blend of black and grayish color on their surface, with a touch of lavender shade that makes them appear gorgeous and stunning. On the top of it, bright colors like red, yellow and orange shines in the background. Such a divine and charismatic view will indeed make you fall for its exquisite beauty and charm. Black opal is the finest variety of opals. They are even rare than the top-notch diamonds and could be priced in thousands of dollars.

White Opals

Also known as the crystal-opals, they are treasured for their mystic and crystal clear appearance that has a milky to whitish sheen. Although less valuable than black opals, finest specimens can still command a higher price. Besides, this is the most ubiquitious type opal and usually occurs in a translucent to opaque form.

Red Opals

As marvelous and raging as sparkles of fire, red opals are also known as fire opals. When the beams of natural sunlight strikes against its red-raging surface, then the look that it offers to the wearer is indeed commendable and marvelous.

Matrix Opals

This variety of opal is produced when opal occurs in narrower veins and is cut and polished within the host rock. Boulder opal was first discovered in Queensland, Australia, it can also be found in Brazil and Canada.

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