Desert safari Abu Dhabi – A Traditional Excusion

When all of the vehicles arrived, the true dune driving began! The vehicles were arranged in a row. Our automobile came in third place, offering us amazing views. There is no doubt about that. I’m not sure how the vehicle in front finds his path because the dunes fluctuate with the wind!


Nonetheless, dune driving was a lot of fun! My emotions were divided between fear and elation. As the slopes and descents grew more evident. The sand grew vigorously beside my window. While our vehicle slowly glided across the beach. We drove past several beautiful sand hills. Aris demonstrated exceptional driving talents.

We came to a halt at the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari to honor the camels

The Land Cruisers stopped at a camel ranch while on a desert safari Abu Dhabi. To be honest, our foreign acquaintance had organized this safari trip while keeping the rest of us in the dark about the specifics. I’m not sure which desert we were in even now. Furthermore, I was perplexed by the sight of several camels circling the area. I could only assume that camel droppings were strewn across the terrain.


We had the option of sandboarding, camel rides, or watching the sunset as the day came to an end. We arrived at the Bedouin camp after a thrilling sand drive. It contains a range of events. Including an Arabic dinner. When I arrived at the camp, I noticed the sun setting. 

Sand Activities:

The desert horizon, painted with a sunset reminiscent of bright egg yolk, was mesmerizing. As the fading rays slowly went away, many remained oblivious, engrossed in their occupations. The brief event was over in minutes. I consider myself blessed to have witnessed this beauty. In addition to the Abu Dhabi desert safari, the jet ski tour from Dubai is recommended. 




Just beyond the camp, the opportunity to sandboard on the sweeping sand hills came. Simply grab an available sandboard, ascend the dune, and try to drop. Based on what I saw, it appeared to be quite challenging unless you climbed to a significant height at the dune’s crest.


A couple of camels were also available for guests to mount and ride. A guide would lead the camels on a short excursion. Each camel could carry one to two riders, and the contest would be over soon.


I pondered who had the more difficult job: the camels or the person who kept pacing in circles. I’m looking forward to riding a camel in the desert. I was dismayed to see the camels constantly kneel and stand. Their expressions were serious, with tear stains on their eyes. As a result, I abandoned the idea and opted for taking photographs instead.

Traditional activities and an Arabian BBQ meal!

Inside the campsite, a variety of activities awaited, including the option to dress in traditional garb. Participate in fascinating photoshoots and get your hands adorned with the stunning designs of a henna artist. You could even have a real falcon land on your arm for a stunning image. Surprisingly, all of these events are included in your extra cost.


The supper event featured a self-serve buffet approach, allowing guests to select their preferred cuisines. The dinner was adequate, neither exceptional nor terrible. Furthermore, cold canned soft drinks were freely available in endless amounts.


The grand finale was an exciting belly dancing show! Our driver emphasized that the artist was unrivaled in the region. Furthermore, her extraordinary abilities confirmed his claim. She oozed grace and completed her maneuvers flawlessly. Getting close to the end. She extended an invitation to the dinner guests, who appeared to be having a fantastic time joining her on stage!


Following the concert, some floodlights in the campground were switched off. I sat on plush sofas, gazing up into a vast sky studded with stars. Life seemed to have reached its pinnacle of perfection. We assumed our desert adventure was ended and began going towards the exit. 


However, just as we were about to arrive at our destination, an announcement came over the speakers. It indicates that all lights will be turned off to give an unobstructed glimpse of the starry sky!


The encounter was just fantastic! We wished for more time, unwilling to leave this spell.

Fun in the Excursion:

Before embarking on a desert safari excursion in Abu Dhabi, keep the following points in mind:

People who are susceptible to motion sickness should take motion sickness medicine. Take some ginger pills, such as Blackmore’s, before you go on the desert safari tour.


The front seat adjacent to the driver is without a doubt the optimum seating position. The other seats, on the other hand, are still pretty comfortable, so there’s no need to worry about sharing them with others. 


In our case, there were six passengers without the driver, therefore the Land Cruiser served exclusively as a private vehicle for our group.


The Bedouin camp has contemporary and sanitary restrooms.


In terms of dune-bashing safety, the interiors of the Land Cruiser are reinforced to lessen the possibility of accidents. While this is an oversimplification, we never felt in danger because our driver displayed exceptional ability and professionalism.


However, it is better not to engage very little children in the dune-bashing exercise. The youngest passenger in our SUV was six years old. Please see the bottom of this post for information on the tour operator we chose.


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