Deliver with Distinction: The Art of Elevating Takeout and Delivery Packaging

Takeaway orders are trending in the food industry, where customers place orders using the provided medium and take the packed order. Here, customers do not stay back and dine at the restaurants; rather, they choose to take away their food. Enjoy your food delivered to your doorstep with Zomato coupons through Cashaly.

There are many restaurants offering takeout options for their customers. You can make their overall experience even better by implementing a few methods. We will talk about these methods and help you deliver the food to the customer in a much better way.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about a guide to exceptional takeout and delivery packaging.

A Guide to Exceptional Takeout and Delivery Packaging

Let us go through each method to elevate your takeout and delivery experience.

QR Code Menu

The OR code menu is convenient and a better way for customers to place orders. Many times, customers don’t want to stand in lines and wait for their turn to place an order and then wait for their takeaway order. The QR code menu shows the food options in one scan, and customers can easily select items and place orders.

It is one of the best contactless options for customers who don’t like the traditional ordering concept. However, this QR code should also be available as soon as a customer steps into the restaurant or cafe. It becomes convenient for consumers to take away their orders.

Choose the Right Packaging

Packaging is another important aspect of delivering the order successfully and satisfying the customer. It is the first thing customers come across before tasting the food. No matter how tasty the food is, if the packaging is not appropriate or distorted, it ruins the mood and leaves a bad impression.

Always carefully pack the food so that it doesn’t spill all over the place. Try to choose packaging that is eco-friendly and keeps the food safe. Avoid using plastic packaging, as it is harmful to the environment and health as well.

Provide Food Instructions

When you prepare food for your customers, you want them to eat it at a certain temperature. In the case of takeout orders, customers usually eat their food after reaching their homes or wherever they are heading. In the meantime, the food gets to room temperature, which might not be the correct way to have it.

Therefore, it is important to add reheating delivery instructions where you tell exactly how customers can heat or change the temperature of their food to which it should be consumed. These instructions can be added to your website, app, or order while handing it over to the customer.

Pack Noodles Separately

Yes, noodles should always be packed separately and not with other food items. There can be several different types of noodles that might also contain liquid. The liquid and the noodles should be packed separately, as the noodles can absorb much of the liquid along the way.

Also, it prevents the noodles from overcooking and losing their original taste. By doing so, you are mindfully delivering the order to the customer and gaining their trust. You must include the instructions for the customer to reheat and mix the liquid with the noodles.

Online Food Modifications

Receiving calls from the customer to make changes to the food can be stressful and annoying, but it helps customers get exactly what they want. Giving the customer space online where they can share the modifications to be made to the food will gain customers trust and allow them to reorder from your restaurant.

Many times, customers will want to tell you that they are allergic to some ingredients that they don’t want you to use in their dish. With the option for cooking instructions, you allow them to freely tell you about their dietary restrictions on the food.

Premium Customer Service 

Customer service is a critical part of any business, and a great customer service experience can make your business grow rapidly. No matter how tasty food your restaurant offers, if the customer service is bad, the customer won’t make an effort to reorder from you.

A staff who is welcoming, helping, suggesting, and making things easy for customers in every aspect is the best service for what customers are looking for. You need to train your staff to be kind and make the customer experience better whenever they order, be it takeout or dine-in.

Photograph your Dishes 

Photographing your dishes can actually add more to your business as they attract customers. Pictures of your best dishes and combos can instantly help the customer place an order without spending more time searching on the menu.

Social media is the hub for photographs, and you must utilise it to grow your business and attract customers. Once the customers come across these pictures, they get an idea of what you are offering and what you have on the menu.

Double Check Orders 

Always remember to double-check the orders before the final delivery. No matter how the customers have placed their orders, you must cross-check every order and be sure you are delivering the right items in the right quantities.

If customers get the incorrect order, items are missing, or the proportion is not right, then they will face a bad experience. You can rectify such situations by providing them with the correct order or refunding them and asking them to keep the order as well.


In this blog, we have discussed how to elevate your takeout and delivery experience. Get your every meal on discount with Swiggy coupons through Cashaly. All the above-mentioned methods will improve your overall business and grow it organically. Implement these ways and see the change for yourself. You will be able to reach new customers and retain the old ones.

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