Clothing Brands That Are Affordable & Sustainable in 2023

Sustainability should not be a choice but a responsibility for every individual. It is now the earth that needs our all attention in making it a better place to live. The toxicity that is created by clothes and their manufacturing can be minimied by adapting to sustainability. Choose to shop sustainable clothes that you can easily find with Myntra Coupons through Cashaly.

It is now that we all, as a collective, focus on slow fashion and give our future generations the right knowledge and earth. If we learn to reuse the apparel we already have, we can easily teach our kids to follow a sustainable lifestyle. And to find the sustainable fabric, we have curated the 10 ethical and sustainable clothing brands.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about affordable, ethical, and sustainable clothing brands.

Top 10 Sustainable Clothing Brands

Let us go through the best sustainable and ethical clothing brands that you can easily afford.

No Nasties

No Nasties is a clothing brand that creates organic and vegan clothes. Their mission is to neutralise the carbon footprint created by every product they make and keep the planet safe from toxins. They invest in offset projects like solar power, wind energy, forest protection, and replanting to accomplish their vision.

You will find a wide range of everyday clothes for men and women that are made using organic cotton, herbal dyes, and natural dyes. Their clothes are worth repeating, and you can create your own fashion using the same clothes for a long period of time.

The Summer House

The Summer House brings you the ultimate collection that is not only sustainable but also provides fashion trends and all-day comfort. They work with rural artisans to sustain traditional craft techniques.

They create clothes from high-quality fabrics that are handwoven, organic, and modern explorations. Econyl-regenerated nylon and ethical tencel are ethically generated fabrics that provide pure sustainability. Therefore, their clothes last more than a year as they focus more on quality.


Okhai creates handcrafted garments and lifestyle products by collaborating with rural artisans from all over India. You can get contemporary designs at affordable prices from Okhai. Providing a safe space to the unprivileged women, Okhai encourages these women with new skills that help them gain confidence and self-esteem.

Understanding their deep culture and traditions, Okhai brings their heritage into the products, maintaining the balance between contemporary designs and modern art. You can buy a whole collection of women’s and men’s apparel, home decor, and accessories with mirror work, patchwork, and embroidery.

The Terra Tribe

The Terra Tribe dedicates itself to becoming one with nature, just like its name suggests. People who are looking to make an impact on the earth and environment can find contemporary clothing. They are transparent in what they do and provide good working conditions for their staff.

The Terra Tribe is on a mission to minimise the carbon footprint, provide high-quality clothing, and create a circular ecosystem. Long story short, if you believe in sustainability and want to support slow fashion, The Terra Tribe provides better options with fashion trends.


Sui is a Hindi word meaning needle, which is based in India and Singapore. Sui’s vision and mission are to make connections through fashion with nature in the same way a needle connects to a thread, creating a beautiful cloth. They respect their craftspeople the same way they respect nature and the earth.



Nowadays, people need to become more aware of sensible and slow fashion, where Sui plays an important role. Creating minimal impact, they also relate to the people who create these beautiful sustainable clothes and treat them as family.

Grassroot By Anita Dongre

Grassroot by Anita Dongre is the voice of rural women who received all the training and opportunities they needed to live proudly. By creating vegan and ethical products, they provide a wide range of sustainable lifestyles. Giving a fashion that enhances your confidence while keeping it eco-friendly

From luxurious designs in lehengas and sherwanis to jewellery and accessories, All the products are durable for years to help you keep your sustainable lifestyle on track.


Oshadi is a sanskrit word meaning ‘healing plant’ or ‘essence of nature.’ Their vision started as a womenswear brand, leading them to create a positive impact on the earth when it comes to fashion with printing, dyeing, weaving, and spinning.

With the help of artisan craftspeople and Indian agricultural practices, they are creating a new fashion era with a 50-acre regenerative cotton farm. They believe in giving back more than they have taken.


Doodlage collects the factory waste to upcycle it into short, limited collections. They recycle the post-consumer waste and cut scraps into new garments with nice finishing and durability. And the waste that they produce is further segregated and converted into accessories, soft furnishing products, and paper for packaging or stationery products.

All designs and fabrics are made with ethical production, keeping everything plastic-free. With Doodlage, you can make space in your wardrobe as they accept clothes you no longer need and make something better out of them.

Maati By Neha Kabra

Maati focuses on the core of the cycle of the system, which is that what comes from the earth should dissolve back into the earth. For clothing, it can happen with slow fashion, where people like to wear what they own for a long time and keep that in fashion.

And Maati focuses on the same concept of slow fashion, giving comfort and fashion to women at the same time. They believe all body types have their individuality and deserve that perfect fit, keeping it skin-friendly and eco-friendly.


Nicobar is a clothing brand that is designed to create products that last longer and do not completely depend on fashion trends. They use sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, tencel, recycled wool, and cupro modal. Nicobar always follows fair trade when manufacturing clothing.

They are constant in improving to reduce plastic in whatever ways possible to grow ethically. Following these best practices, Nicobar makes every effort to provide the best-quality fashion in clothing with sustainability and durability.


In this blog, we have discussed the clothing brands that will be affordable and sustainable in 2023. All these brands swear to make the earth free from the clutter of fast fashion. Providing an apparel collection with longevity makes your fashion elegant and responsible. Fashion is not about how fast you can introduce new designs but how slowly you can make the switch from one design to another. To buy apparel at the lowest price, don’t forget to use Ajio Coupon Code through Cashaly. Let’s pledge to make our surroundings less polluted and shine with more greenery.

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