Brief Understanding The 5 Stages Of The Fashion Cycle – 2023

Have you ever wondered how these fashion trends started and who was behind them? Well, this effort is not made by a single person but by the fashion industry. Designers are always working in their minds to create the best fashion trends. Access your favourite fashion trend with Ajio Coupons through Cashaly to save more on every purchase.

The fashion industry is the biggest of all industries and works regressively to produce the latest fashion and make it available for the general public as well. However, all fashion trends have to go through a fashion cycle, which we will be discussing in the blog.

Stay tuned to learn more about the 5 stages of the fashion cycle.

What Are The 5 Stages of Fashion Cycle?

Let us go through and understand each fashion cycle stage in detail.

Introduction stage

Designers, after researching designs and fashion, come up with a new collection of apparel. Now that the designs are ready, they are first viewed and analysed at major design centres. The designers work on different shapes, colours, lines, fabrics, and other details to ensure proper alignment among all these factors.

When these apparels are introduced to the public, or commoners, the introduction stage starts then and there. The new apparel is worn by an influencer or celebrity to make them aware of the new collection. In the beginning, the quantity will be smaller and therefore higher in price.

Increase in Popularity

Now that these newly launched styles are worn by celebrities and well-known faces, people start to engage and want to go with the trend. TV shows, magazines, and the press attract the attention of commoners and build interest in buying the new collection.

Once the fashion is accepted, people look for the lowest prices to buy these clothes. Now, to make this fashion accessible to buyers, these apparels are made with less expensive fabric to reduce the overall cost. As soon as the trend in clothing starts to spread, designers copy and modify the designs accordingly and manufacture them for the general public.

Peak of Popularity

At this stage, the popularity of the garments on trend is now at its peak. People now have these garments in their wardrobes and wear them according to the look and occasion they are made for. At this time, price and quality might also vary from seller to seller, as many will copy the design and recreate it with cheap fabric, while others will keep the authenticity intact and the price high.


The longevity of fashion depends on the level of acceptance and love it receives. It might become a classic and live for a very long time in the market, but it can also disappear soon once new fashion is introduced that is more attractive and appealing.

Decline in Popularity

Now that people are used to this fashion, at some point they will slowly forget or get bored with it and now need something new. This will lead to a decrease in demand for the ongoing fashion trend, and very few people will buy these garments.


With the decrease in demand, the price of these clothes will also be at its lowest. And people who were waiting for the downfall of prices will now make purchases and enjoy their fashion. Considering that sellers also sell them in order to bring the new fashion to the market.


Rejection of a Style or Obsolescence

The end of the ongoing fashion cycle and the beginning of the new one are here. This is the last stage where the public is no longer interested in the fashion they were crazy about, and most of them have already shifted to new fashion trends introduced; that is, they have entered the introduction stage.

No matter how low the prices go for these garments, people reject them and accept the new styles. Such rejection of fashion is known as consumer obsolescence. And in the same way, the manufacturers also stop manufacturing these garments and focus on what’s in style.

What Will Be The Fashion Standards in 2023?

As we explained above in the stages of the fashion cycle, it is now time to reveal the Indian fashion standards in 2023. This year as well, you can buy the latest and trendiest outfits for all the festive and wedding seasons. Make every occasion shine bright with this year’s fashion standards and the latest coupons through Cashaly. Below are some of the most trending outfits to make your celebrations more special:

  • Monochromatic Lehenga
  • Bustier Choli
  • Regional Block Prints
  • Sarees with Quirky Tops
  • Sequin Sarees
  • Floral Embroidery
  • Self-Tone Embellishment
  • Lehenga with Capes or Jackets


In this blog, we have discussed the 5 stages of the fashion cycle and the fashion standards in 2023. Being with you saves you from being the odd one out. Social media is the fastest accessible way to see what’s trendy and what you need in your wardrobe to keep up with the fashion. Myntra Coupon Code through Cashaly will not only help you save money but also let you buy trendy outfits that will be perfect for you.

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