Brides’ Best New Traditional Wedding Sarees

Every lady fantasises about having the perfect wedding, complete with the ideal attire and smile. However, in truth, choosing what to wear on your special day could be nerve-wracking in and of itself. Additionally, you are inundated with advice on what kind of saree to wear, what colour to choose, and other matters. Coming to a decision on what you should actually pick to genuinely own your wedding day may get difficult for you.

But do not worry—we have you covered! To help you nail your bridal style, we’ve compiled a collection of the trendiest and newest wedding sarees in this article. So continue reading to learn about some of the top wedding saree collections and identify the one that is most appropriate for you.

Have you ever wondered how to drape a saree? Here’s how to do it correctly.

Brides’ Best Wedding Sarees

1. Wedding Sarees in Kanjivaram

You don’t have to second-guess your decision when you have a Kanjivaram saree in your possession. Sarees made at Kanjivaram are renowned for their extraordinary beauty and workmanship. Kanjivaram sarees are distinguished from other traditional sarees by its elaborate patterns and decorations, particularly the incredibly fine zari work on the border of the saree.

The variety of these Kanjivaram sarees feeds our passion with the garment. To mention a few, Kanjivaram saree varieties include korvai, thread brocade, pattupettu, and traditional pattu sarees.

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The most distinctive Kanjivaram saree hues for weddings

Kanjivaram Saree in Gold: A gold bridal Kanjivaram sarees have gorgeous designs and shimmering gold or silver thread embroidery, giving them a classic saree appearance.

saree in pink Kanjivaram

A gorgeous pink Kanjivaram saree would highlight the saree’s overall colour tone when worn with gold jewellery. You really must try these fashionable wedding sarees!

saree in green kanjivaram

You would undoubtedly appear traditional with a green kanjivaram saree for your wedding. Choose a green Kanjivaram saree with a golden border to boost the look’s grandeur.

Additionally, you might want to look at the best Kanjivaram saree styles for weddings.

2. Wedding Banarasi Sarees

Anybody will be moved to tears by the intricate stitching and little artistic works seen in Banarasi sarees. The saree is one of the most popular options for weddings since it is composed of premium silk, which is both incredibly soft and strong. The ideal wedding saree for brides is a banarasi saree, which comes in a variety of styles and colour patterns and is adorned with sequin and beading.

Banarasi sarees come in a wide range of kinds, brilliant hues, and distinctive designs and patterns. You have a vast range of alternatives, both in terms of the kinds and pattern designs, ranging from organza and georgette to pure Banarasi silk sarees.

Colours of the Best Unique Banarasi Sarees for Wedding

Banarasi saree in red

All it takes to successfully pull off the bridal saree look at your wedding is a blood-red Banarasi saree with a gold border. To complete the look, accessorise the saree with simple gold jewellery, a large bindi, and minimal makeup.

Banarasi saree in orange

An exquisite bridal style for weddings is an orange Banarasi saree with a gold or silver border.

Banarasi saree in pink.

Live out your fairytale wedding with a sweet pink Banarasi saree with a golden waistbelt and gajra-tied hair.

Looking for more information on Banarasi sarees? Here is all the information you require!

3. Wedding Mysore Sarees

Mysore sarees, which are made in Karnataka, are included in lists of the greatest wedding sarees due to their smooth texture and elegant appearance. It is the ideal option for a straightforward bridal appearance in a saree because of the distinctive designs and themes drawn from nature. The subtle style and gorgeous patterns of the saree will give your wedding dress a blend of a classic and modern feel.

There are several kinds and varieties of the thin Mysore saree. You might wish to keep an eye out for the most recent bridal saree collections for brides that feature floral motifs, striped, and checkered patterns.

Best Special Wedding Mysore Saree Colours

saree from Mysore in maroon hue

Maroon-coloured The Mysore saree expertly emphasises the wealth and elitist side of the garment. For a classic and trendy saree style, accessorise this vibrant and bold hue saree with heavy gold jewellery.

Dark blue saree from Mysore

deep blue The vivid blue hue and golden borders of the Mysore saree strike the ideal balance for a straightforward yet elegant bridal appearance, making it the preferred choice of many brides.

Mysore saree in purple

A golden blouse with no to minimum design can be worn with a purple Mysore saree to highlight the exquisite patterns on the borders and pallu.

For a contemporary and vibrant saree appearance, brush up on your fashion knowledge with our blog on the 15 newest saree draping techniques for weddings!

4. Wedding Chanderi Sarees

Brides frequently select chanderi sarees shopping because of the wonderful balance of glitz, elegance, and comfort it provides. The intricately crafted patterns and embroidery are quite popular with brides since they help to elevate their wedding attire even further. The Chanderi saree’s sheer and delicate texture gives it an opulent feel that is adored by women all over the world.

The distinctive weaving techniques and adaptability of the saree, together with its ideal silk-to-cotton ratio, make them among the best sarees for brides who want to walk down the runway during their wedding.

Wedding’s Best Unique Chanderi Saree Colours

Chanderi saree in yellow

A yellow floral Chanderi saree is quite beautiful to look at because of the quirky, traditional aura it exudes. The saree gives the colour brightness and boldness.

saree in mint green chanderi

The Mint Green Chanderi Saree is a lovely saree with a delicate tone and tint. If you want your whole appearance to have both a dynamic and soothing impact, this is the best option.

red Chanderi wedding saree

A wedding gown in ruby The colour and fabric of a chanderi saree express warmth, affection, and elegance; this makes it a lovely option for weddings. You might also give it a more contemporary look.

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