Best Yoga Mats in India 2024

Nowadays, finding the ideal yoga mat can send you into a turmoil of decision-making. From clingy mats that come in varying forms of distinctive surfaces and levels of thickness to hot yoga towel-mats, conventional woven blanket-mats, and that’s just a few, to say the least, there’s a type for pretty much every kind of yoga. This implies it tends to be particularly hard to identify the best yoga mat for your kind of training.

So, how do you determine on choosing the ideal option for you?

Picking a yoga mat may have seemed to be a generally straightforward choice, right? Would you be opting to go for the splendid tangerine one that would be a decent shot for the early morning yoga meeting, or maybe an unpretentious shade of lavender that you envision yourself ruminating over in the wake of a monotonous day at work?

There’s something else to online yoga mats that meets the naked eye, and that is the sole reason why it is imperative in buying the ideal yoga mat for yourself.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner to yoga or a prepared yoga master, a good quality of yoga mat is a helpful apparatus that can upgrade your presentation and stances.

With regard to choosing a solid yoga mat, you should have a clear vision of your needs and pick a mat that suits your necessities. On account that you travel quite often, a lightweight and rollable yoga mat is the best bet for you. In the event that you are increasingly worried about the weight on your joints, then it is mandatory to check the thickness and surface of the tangle. Additionally, it is an absolute necessity to keep away from mats made utilizing poisonous materials.

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Factors that can determine in choosing the fitting Yoga Mat for your needs are as follows:

1. Yoga Mat Size

The width of your mat that can vary between a 6mm Yoga Mat to a 10mm Yoga Mat or one with 3mm thickness, is a significant factor of your yoga mat equation. Slimmer, lighter body types would profit by thinner mats to compensate for the absence of regular padding gave by an increasingly vigorous body type. Individuals with joint issues and tender-feet may pick a thick yoga mat to ‘cushion’ themselves through the exhausting work-out.

Yoga mat dimensions, that are generally 68 inches in length, are appropriate for a human-height of a 5’6 inches or less. In case that you are taller than the normal stature for your age/sexual orientation class, make sure to go for a mat that obliges the full length of your body.

2. Yoga Mat Material

The material of your yoga mat – be it PVC, elastic, cushioned, or a cotton yoga mat – likewise have some kind of effect on your yoga practice.

PVC, even though, being tough, is non-recyclable and may be discarded for being somewhat harmful. Elastic is a decent option in contrast to PVC mats as they are reasonable and have a genuinely low eco-sway.

For additionally recognizable yoga specialists, there are mats made of natural cotton and rank high on a maintainability scale. A cotton yoga mat would be bound to ingest sweat and stain, however, an old-fashioned hand wash should deal with this clinginess.

Cushioned and non-slip mats offer additional padding for those who practice plunk-down activities.

3. Yoga Mat Texture

Contingent upon the sort of yoga that you are interested in, the surface of the mat is significantly vital. Mats that offer better hold are more often possessing rough textures. In the event that you intend to do hot yoga, the mat would need to be water-spongy and offer some footing so that you don’t slip and fall.

4. The Weight Factor

Depending upon where you intend to undertake your yoga sessions, the weight and size of your yoga mat will also matter. Simple to convey and easy to store, light yoga mats are ideal, however, relying upon your own individual needs, settle for an option that develops your training and maintains a strategic distance from injury and different accidents.

Types of Yoga Mat Available Online

There are distinctive Yoga Mats that are accessible in the market today. This implies your hunt begins with picking the kind of tangle that you need. In such a case, you must need to comprehend what are the various sorts accessible.

1. Basic Mats

These are the fundamental kinds of yoga mats and the uniqueness of these mats is that the surface is clingy which gives you a ton of holds. You can pick various thicknesses in this and it is one of the most modest mats accessible.

2. Rubber Yoga Mats

You additionally have mats that are made of common elastic and it is known for non-poisonous normal material which is likewise eco-accommodating. These mats likewise offer a decent hold to you.

3. Cotton Yoga Mats

In case you need something extremely delicate, at that point, you can settle on a cotton tangle and they are likewise made of normal material. These are typically launderable yet they are not exceptionally durable when contrasted with different mats. You can likewise discover hemp mats which are significantly more sturdy than the cotton mats.

4. Plastic Elastomer Mats

The following sort of mats is the plastic elastomer which is made of polymer. The great part is that these mats don’t contain PVC or some other poisonous material. They are additionally extremely modest and they are exceptionally simple to clean. The drawback of this mat is that you can’t utilize it under direct sun for quite a while.

5. Jute Yoga Mats

Jute is something else that has increased a great deal of ubiquity in late time and this is the motivation behind why you can discover a ton of Jute tangles in the market. They are biodegradable and many individuals incline toward Jute Mat since it is condition-friendly.

6. Travel Yoga Mats

If you happen to travel a great deal, then you can likewise decide on a movement yoga tangle as they are entirely convenient. You can, without much of a stretch, move them in a minimized roll and travel alongside the yoga mats. One issue with these mats is that it isn’t suggested for day-by-day use on the grounds that the material isn’t thick.

7. Yoga Mats for Kids

As yoga gets increasingly well known, guardians are progressively hoping to get their children to receive the training at a youthful age. The initial phase in that excursion is to purchase a charming yoga mat for kids that will suit their needs and structure. The ones from YogaDirect and Gaiam are popular choices in this category.

Best Online Yoga Mats in India

Several established players are running smoothly in their line of online Yoga Mat business. From popular Decathlon Yoga Mats to veterans like Cosco Yoga Mats, the options to choose from are plentiful on the internet.

We have segregated the rundown as per the 2 most rooted e-commerce sites to make it easier for you to choose the best yoga mat for yourself.

Flipkart Yoga Mats

Doing yoga consistently can aid to make you more sound and fit. You can likewise rehearse it normally in the comfort of your home. To do as such, you don’t need to purchase plenty of fundamentals. You will just need an agreeable yoga mat that suits your preference and style. Choose from an array of brands that are popular amongst the buyers at Flipkart.

1. Aerolite Yoga Mat

The quality and uniqueness of these products have brought about enormous and reputed customers in a limited span of time. Their client list incorporates different regiments of the Indian Army, North East Peace Games, Isha Yoga Center, and plenty more. At Aerolite, their offering is an extraordinary range in the field of Sports and Fitness Mats, Yoga and Meditation, Sports Flooring Mats, and Kids area, etc.

2. Multitex Yoga Mat

This Yoga Mat Brand has products with no harmful chemicals mainly producing mats of PVC And Eco-PVC that are 100% recyclable. These variants are strategically designed for training, progressive cardio-improvement, and weight-loss sessions. Produced out of good-quality materials, and with 3mm of thickness, Multitex Yoga Mats are perfect – neither too thin to hurt your knees nor too thick to throw you off-balance.

3. Stag Yoga Mat

Stag has made some amazing progress from the modest beginnings of a little privately-owned company to a famous multi-sport brand taking into account 202 nations the world over. It produces extraordinary versatility and exceptional padding offering fantastic slip-opposition even with sweat on the mat. The mats from Stag are perfect for yoga, pilates, extending, and conditioning exercises. They are launderable and simple to store with increased durability and usage flexibility.

4. Reebok Yoga Mat

Move through stances effortlessly with the assistance of this two-fold sided yoga mat. The non-slip development holds its ground while you move along, and the 6mm thickness includes a thin layer of pad between the studio floor and your performing self. Additionally, the reversible design lets you change your style with a fast flip.

These are compact and rollable for ease of carriage and storage options. They come coupled with carry-strings and are equipped with grippy non-slip textures making them more stable and sturdy.

5. Nike Yoga Mat

The Nike Fundamental 3mm Yoga Mat is planned with foam that is textured for incredible hold and a delicate touch during your training or instructional course. It comes with a thickness of 3mm foam and a textured surface providing enhanced stability and soft cushioning.

6. Adidas Yoga Mat

Wonderfully created and inspired by Stella McCartney, Adidas Yoga Mats are ideal adornments for wellness monstrosities. Hostile to slip-material, these mats give great grasp while doing Yoga as the Debossed logo mirrors the brand personality. The webbing strap along with elastic permits simple portability.

7. Urban Yoga Mat

Indus League, a division of Future Lifestyle Fashion Limited, a new-age design-brand advertising organization is controlled by a dream to be India’s style chief, enthusiastically assembling the association of most adored brands. In a span of almost 10 years, Indus League has propelled 13 eminent brands and Urban Yoga has edged out to be a prominent name amongst them all.

Featured with an excellent anti-slip grip and eco-friendly materials, Urban Yoga Mats are fully reversible for optimum usage during workouts.

8. Cosco Yoga Mat

Cosco India Limited is a BSE Listed Company with Golden Status Export House Certificate, which was set up in 1980. It is a pioneer in sports merchandise in India having an exceptionally solid picture and notoriety in the business. It makes accessible to its clients, an enormous assortment of sports supplies, wellbeing and fitness gear of global quality, and renowned performance.

The Yoga Mats from Cosco are shrink-wrapped with carrying nets and of 5mm thickness and 68 inches of length.

Amazon Yoga Mats

Amazon India’s assortment has variety and quality with the goal that you can benefit as much as possible from your yoga sessions. The yoga mats accessible at Amazon are made of materials like vinyl, elastic, and more, which guarantee solace and backing. Contingent upon your prerequisite, you can look over mats of different thicknesses to get an appropriate hold and a firm help.

1. AmazonBasics Yoga Mat

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This mat is solely accessible through Amazon and it is extraordinary when compared to other selling Yoga Mats available in the market. You can utilize this for performing yoga and you can likewise utilize it for other forms of workout. The mat surface has a texture that essentially gives grasp and traction.

When it comes to the dimensions, the mat has measurements of 74 inches x 24 inches. The thickness of the mat is a tad portion of an inch which gives a decent measure of padding. The great part about this tangle is that it is exceptionally lightweight and subsequently it is convenient to carry this tangle to yoga classes.

2. Strauss Yoga Mat

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On account that you are searching for a yoga mat with a pretty printed design then this could be your best purchase. This mat accompanies has different highlights that offers stun retention and it likewise gives pressure obstruction.

This Yoga Mat likewise causes you in getting a decent hold and simultaneously, the mat is lightweight and hostile to scratch. It additionally fuses the utilization of adaptable foam which makes it increasingly agreeable to utilize the yoga mat.

The thickness of this mat is 6 mm and it is accessible in three distinct hues. This yoga mat is additionally sweat-resistant, so you do feel appalled with the perspiration on the mat and don’t stress over the smell as the material is truly smelled safe too.

3. Fitkit Yoga Mat

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The following one on our rundown is a mat from Fitkit and this one has a thickness of 6mm. Furthermore, the tangle is accessible in 4 distinct colors too. Discussing the highlights of the mat, it can easily retain the perspiration, and yet, it doesn’t smell significantly after long use. The base of the mat is polished and consequently, it can get enough footing with the ground.

The material used to make this yoga mat is shut cell froth which is likewise known to be a high-thickness froth. The length of the tangle is 173 cm and the width is 61 cm.

4. Nivia Yoga Mat

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Yoga Mats that are durable and easy to clean, these ones from Nivia are made of high-density, non-toxic, anti-tearing materials. It includes a net bag to carry your yoga mat to any place without a fuss. Non-slip surfaces of these mats grip the floor to prevent injuries making them suitable for wooden floors, carpeted floors, and tiles.

5. Manduka Yoga Mat

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This is an ultra-thick and open-execution yoga mat that has unrivaled solace and padding. Coming with dimensions 71 inches by 26 inches and 6mm of thickness, it is sweat-repellant and ideal for long stretches of yoga-workout sessions.

6. Gravolite Yoga Mat

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Gravolite Mats accompany a superior look with different structures according to your preference that are easy to wash and helpful to move with. Its lightweight body makes it naturally breathable and modifies with the internal heat levels more rapidly. Its normally rubbery trademark ensures a superior stretch and execution in low temperatures.

7. Jade Yoga Mat

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Jade mats are made economically with rubber that is organically tapped from trees, an inexhaustible resource that contains no EVA, PVC, or other engineered elastic. The Harmony mat, the most popular adaptation of this endeavor is 3/16″ thick, 24″ wide, is accessible in two lengths – 68″ and 74″ – and weighs around 5 pounds.

8. Decathlon Yoga Mat

These yoga fashioners make their delicate mats to assist you with sliding into learning yoga. Nature is available at each moment when you step on these mats with designs or printed alternatives. The agreeable thickness lets you reconnect to your senses. Simple to wash and sufficiently thick to rehearse at outdoor locations as well, yoga mats from Decathlon are certainly amongst the best in the country.

Yoga Mat FAQs

Q. What is the best thickness for a Yoga Mat?

A 6mm thick yoga mat is viewed as standard and might be absolutely perfect for back-help during center work, reversals, and different stances that cause your unresolved issues into the ground. In the event that you might want a fair compromise, go for the standard yoga mat marked 10mm or even a 3mm one. 

Q. How much should I spend on a Yoga Mat?

A decent price range for a Yoga Mat is anywhere in-between ₹500 to ₹1500. Likewise, costly tangles may accompany advantages from their producers, for example, quality assurances or simple substitutions if a tangle disintegrates. 

Q. What is the best Yoga Mat for Beginners?

People who are new into practicing Yoga must start off with a solid and grasping Yoga Mat that will enhance their confidence in the field and not provide an unsatisfactory experience. Mats by Jade, Manduka, and even AmazonBasics, are good choices for beginners.

Q. How to clean Yoga Mat?

On account that your mat is gently filthy, utilize a spray bottle, clammy towel, or a terry fabric-cloth to apply a solution of four drops of dish cleanser within two cups of water. Rub the filthy territories, wipe the mat with clean water; and finally, rub with a dry terry cloth towel.

Q. How long should a Yoga Mat last?

The general dependable guideline is that you ought to replace your mat every six months to a maximum of a year, yet with everybody’s yoga work-schedule being unique, it’s essential to know about the notice and wear-signs.

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