Top 10 Wall Clock Brands in India 2023

‘Time and Tide wait for none!” Indeed, neither time has dropped a foot, neither has the living styles & standards of human beings skipped a beat. With each passing moment, millennials are developing a fascination with a new liking, a new hobby, or a new design. So has been the case of branded wall clocks in Indian homes. There used to be a time, when just the functionality of a wall clock was its only selling point. Cut through to 2023 – its design, its color palette – each and everything is taken into account, and we even did not complete the list. Yes, it might sound a bit daunting, but don’t worry; we are here to your rescue. We are discussing the top 10 best wall clock brands in India for 2023 to ease your agony.

This article will not only help you choose from the best brands for wall clocks but also suggest you with some of the most unique and best wall clocks in India, both look-wise and functionality-wise. Let’s get straight into the list.

Best Wall Clock Brands in India

1. Ajanta Wall Clocks

Ajanta India Limited is an ISO-9001-2000 ensured organization that makes wonderful workmanship bits of clocks in India and has now made a fortress in the LED lightings division with the creation of LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, and so on., aside from delivering divider clocks from the 70s. With elite client support and a developing network of clients, Ajanta LED has built up its image way of life as an innovator in India’s LED lighting part inside a limited capacity to focus barely any years.

This high performing divider clock brand has just transformed into a worldwide magnet with wide plenty of digital, simple, and mechanical variations. You can likewise practice the most extreme adaptability while picking the dial shape and shading so that it highlights the tasteful intrigue of your home.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from Ajanta:

2. Oreva Wall Clocks

Ajanta Manufacturing Private Limited under the name of Oreva Group is a notable organization, that has a solid framework with one of the biggest assembling plants in India. It is spread more than 200 sections of land at Samakhiyali, Kutch District, Gujarat with the total set up of condition of-craftsmanship in-house producing office. Oreva is perhaps the biggest producer of Lighting Products in India with an enormous in-house fabricating office to deliver an immense assortment of LED Lighting Products, for example, Lamps, Tubelights, Down Lights, and so forth.

So as to provide food the Digital Era, the organization offers a wide scope of Digital Clocks with highlights like Temperature, Calendar, Humidity, Time, and Battery Back-up, and so forth which are accessible in different structures, hues, and sizes.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from Oreva:

3. Casio Wall Clocks

Casio, an extraordinary brand as compared to the other fellow members from the list of the best Wall Clock Brands in India, means to give the significant things you keep close in Life. Casio offers help for the scholarly innovativeness of individuals, meaning to make the future all the more satisfying for individuals all over the place. It uses better advancements and development than making items that convey new incentives by meeting the inactive needs of clients.

Casio’s essential target is to make items that work dependably in any condition, and can generally be utilized with security.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from Casio:

4. Seiko Wall Clocks

The account of Seiko started in 1881 when Kintaro Hattori – a 22-year old business visionary – opened a shop selling and fixing watches and clocks in focal Tokyo.

Today, after over 130 years of advancement, Kintaro Hattori’s organization is as yet devoted to the flawlessness that the organizer consistently endeavored to accomplish by making a portion of the fine magnum opuses on the planet and fine watchmaking craftsmanship throughout the entire existence of horology – making it to be the one among the best wall clock brands in India.

It’s an ideal opportunity to add a punch of shading to your insides. Divider clocks are something beyond a period indicating gadget, it’s a greater amount of an assistant to your stylistic layout. This divider mounted divider clock is comprised of excellent material and strong development which gives high precision and is likewise simple to introduce, clean, and keep up. A rich alternative for gifting on different events.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from Seiko:

5. Harris & Co. Wall Clocks

Inspired by over a century of watchmaking we are on an unflagging quest of precision, utility, and design. Drawing on the absolute best in materials and resources, a series of exquisite and branded wall clocks have emerged over the years. Every clock in their collection serves as a benchmark in clockmaking. Instead of creating just another clock, the clockmasters dive deep into the history of horology and design, while scouting for the best of materials that look beyond the best in our modern-day environment.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from Harris & Co. ClockMasters:

6. Story@Home Wall Clocks

Our divider clock is planned so that the time will be unmistakably noticeable to a watcher’s visual perception at even a common review separation of 25 – 30 feet. furthermore, a most extreme review separation of 45 – 50 feet. The showcase, dial, textual styles, and hands are structured in such a manner to ensure that the time is obviously noticeable by basically taking a look at the clock.

Story@Home Wall Clock, a worthy inclusion in our list of the best wall clock brands in India, is Ideal for gifting. Clocks today are additionally brightening things and add fabulousness to the generally exposed dividers. Snatch Story at Home restricted release divider Clock. Care directions: Wipe clean with a soggy material. About Story at Home, Make your home look exemplary by welcoming the Story@Home items at your home.

Client centricity, which is at the center of Story at Home estimation framework, pushes our drive for extraordinary quality and standout yield through predictable advancements and customization, be it in item improvement, conveyance components, or shopper experience.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from Story@Home:

7. A One Shoppe Wall Clocks

This is an exemplary styled simple divider clock produced using built wood. This clock will add appeal to any room in your home. There is a contemporary component machine utilized behind the clock for batteries. Just a single AA battery is required for this clock, only Eco-Friendly material used to shading this divider clock. Driven FREE paint used to shade this divider clock. This “A One Shoppe” divider clock can be a decent blessing at housewarmings, weddings, and parties. Enrich your home with this divider clock. Ideal for lounge room and room. All the more calm and Classic simple showcase clock.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from A One Shoppe:

8. Vintage Clock Co. Wall Clocks

Decorate your lounge room stylistic theme with the engaging plans of this divider clock from Vintage Clocks. This divider clock highlights vintage style English numerals and measures 15×15 cm. Produced using iron, this clock weighing only 900 grams can be handily introduced and kept up. This single divider clock with its great structure and material can likewise be utilized as a present for your companions and family members.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from Vintage Clock Co.:

9. RoyalsCart Wall Clocks

A Splash Of Colors Surrounds This Round Time Keeper. Improving The Wall With This Lends Appreciation To This Beautiful Art Of Painting On Wood, RoyalsCart is a solid brand worth considering among the best wall clock brands in India. The scintillating colors, mix with each other to create illusional magic to everyone’s eyes. Divider clocks are something beyond time-demonstrating gadgets. This divider clock makes an excellent home stylistic theme thing. Simply add a staggering divider clock to your divider and watch the divider change into a delightful bit of craftsmanship. This is a Wooden divider clock from the place of RoyalsCart.

This clock runs on the intensity of cells. Created from Wood, this clock is intended to keep going long and is anything but difficult to clean and keep up. Blessing your friends and family this divider clock to make their festivities paramount. This beautifying divider clock has been constantly carefully assembled by capable craftsmen of RoyalsCart utilizing different customary methods.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from RoyalsCart:

10. Woodsala Wall Clocks

Add character and style to your living or workspace with our staggering and head-turning Handcrafted Diamond-Shaped Clock. Made with solid wood and dark rosewood, this extraordinary divider clock includes a “woven” wood outline that framed a precious stone formed case for the simple clock.

The little round simple clock, from one viewpoint, has a dark rosewood outline that gives a lovely differentiation against the normal/light earthy colored completion of the Solid wood outline. Vintage and emotional, this antique-looking Diamond-Shaped Wall Clock will quickly tidy up your living space easily.

Our preferred Wall Clock Models from Woodsala:

A few other noteworthy mentions

Some of the best wall clock brands in India that are worth mentioning are IIK Collection, Ashlo’s Generic, and Giftsmate whose designs were too tasty to ignore for us.


Branded Wall clocks have evolved in shapes, sizes, attire, and a lot of other features. Choosing the ideal one for your living room can make or break the space concerned for look and feel. So, choose wisely from the options mentioned in the above list and give your living space, a mind-boggling makeover.

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