How to Find the Best Twin Mattress For your Teenager Apartment?

When your teenager steps into independent living, it’s essential to ensure that they have the best possible twin mattresses for their apartment to ensure they get all of the rest they need.

Picking out a new mattress can be overwhelming, but if you purchase one with these features, you will find it is well worth it.

Top Considerations to Make Your Teenager Comfortable


Twin-size mattresses are the most popular size sold in the United States, accounting for 31 percent of the market share for the industry.

The primary factor you must consider is the size of the mattress. While twin mattresses are more minor than queen or king options, they can still be long enough for teens approaching six feet in height during high school.

Before purchasing twin mattresses, you should measure your teen’s height against them to ensure that they do not outgrow them too quickly.


The next factor to consider is firmness. Teenagers tend to move around more than adults do at night, so the mattress itself must be able to support their movement without them rolling off of it or being uncomfortable while moving around on it throughout the night.

A plush model will generally result in more comfort, but a firm one can offer better support and reduce your teen’s risk of experiencing pain or stiffness if they are very active during the night.


Along with support, you need to consider comfort as well. Your teen must be comfortable throughout the night, so they do not wake up due to being uncomfortable on their mattress.

Look for a mattress cover that can be removed and washed regularly, so it doesn’t contain dirt, dead skin cells, or sweat from sleeping on it all day long.

Also, look for options with gel memory foam layers to ensure the best possible airflow through the mattress, regardless of who uses it at night.


Durability isn’t a massive concern for younger kids just moving into their first apartment because they aren’t likely to be moving too often. However, if your teen is driving back and forth between home and college days, you want to ensure that the mattress itself will hold up well over time with regular use.

Look for models with coils in them instead of an all-foam structure because they can better withstand movement without sustaining damage or losing shape due to day-to-day wear and tear.


The last thing you need to check when looking at twin mattresses for teens is price. In comparison, you don’t want to spend more than what you need to on any mattress—teens heading off into college must have comfortable sleeping arrangements for the first time in their lives.

While you can always opt for cheaper options, it’s vital that they are durable and of high quality to ensure that they last through all four years of college.


When searching for twin mattresses, look for ones that offer optimal supportiveness. It means it will be comfortable and prevent your teen from having pain or stiffness throughout the night.

Suppose they get up in the morning feeling sore or tired. In that case, there is a good chance they will not be getting their recommended eight hours of sleep every single night because their mattress isn’t supportive enough for someone who has active sleep patterns like an adult rather than a younger child would naturally have.

Mattress Covers

Along with looking at the actual material used in making the mattress, you also need to look at the covers that go over the top of them. These can be removable and washed away regularly to ensure that your teen doesn’t end up sleeping on a dirty surface every night.

They should also be waterproof if used in conjunction with other bedding like blankets or pillows, which tend to get wet while your child sleeps due to sweat.

Personal Preference

When it comes down to personal preference, consider what type of material your teen prefers when looking for twin mattresses for sale online or in-store.

While certain materials will offer more support than others, not everyone will enjoy sleeping on one material because it creates too much heat, even though another person might have no issue with this since they are cooler to sleep on.


You also need to look at the warranty offered with each mattress option available for purchase in your area or online.

If you invest too little, the product might not last through even one year of use no matter how durable it is, which means you will be forced to either buy another item altogether or spend more money on getting it fixed rather than replaced after its warranty expires.

A warranty that offers up to ten years of coverage can help ensure that your teen will have a comfortable bed during all four years of college.


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