10 Best Paintings for Living Room Setups for 2024

The living room is the most crucial part of your home. It is where we spend most of our time, it is where we welcome our guests, it is where we arrange a gathering. The space is of utmost importance to keep the living room welcoming and warm. To add layers to a freshly painted wall or to enhance the look of our plain boring walls, all we need is a great painting, or sometimes even more than one painting works well. Again, just buying a random painting and hanging it will not be enough. It is necessary to choose one among the absolute best paintings for living rooms to complete the entire feel.

Whatever you put on your wall tells a lot about your personality and preference. It is actually a difficult task and thought that one needs to put in to get that one perfect painting that tells about you as well as increases the aesthetic value of the entire room. To make your task easy, we have mentioned below the different types of paintings from which you can choose along with a great piece of art that justifies the category well to make your living room reflect your story.

From trending ones to textures colors, from masterpieces to quotes we have mentioned all that you must take a look at to bring out the artistic powers within you. With so many types to choose fro, you surely can pick the one that best describes who you are.

Top 10 Paintings for Living Room Enhancement

You might be encountering tons of artworks on the internet. But which one compliments your living room setup? Should you go for a digital art form or should a traditional acrylic piece be the fit for your diwan space? Browse along these 10 incredible, arguable the best paintings living room for setups available on the internet to find out!

1. Contemporary Art

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Contemporary paintings can be one of the modern paintings for living room that can not only enrich the entire space but also focuses on the details and show your love for little things. This pack consists of 3 large paintings without glasses to bring out the raw texture of the dried paints on the canvas.  With a size of 35 cm x 50 cm x 3 cm, it is lightweight and adds multi-effects.

The 3 paintings can be clubbed together side by side in a straight line or in a masonry form that can look impressive if placed behind the couch. Made of high-quality MDF board and matte wood frame the pop of different vibrant colors can really stand out in the entire room to highlight itself.

2. Digital Art

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Digital Art is a trending thing, these days. The usage of digital technology or the usage of computers to produce art blends perfectly well with modern homes. This set of 3 lightweight paintings comes without any glass or frame to maintain its rawness. These high-quality board paintings are 3 layered UV textured print paintings on top of a thick MDF board and can surely capture the attention of all the visitors.

Each with a size of 12 inches x 27 inches, digital paintings are gaining popularity, and having its own unique charm can surely be one of the best paintings for living rooms that are medium-sized. Place it behind the couch or on any wall in a vertically shifted manner to fall in love over again with your living room.

3. Abstract Art

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Abstract Art has maintained its popularity among home decorators. Abstract art does not portray any visual reality but in the form of shapes and color, the thought and perspective well attract people who are fond of paintings. This abstract painting is framed with wood and the back panel is of high-quality MDF board. However, to maintain the multi-effects it comes without glass.

This 12 inches x 18 inches painting will do wonders if placed in a wall adjacent to the couch and make the wall look fuller. Figures being a most common form of abstract art, this painting will not only make one of the good paintings for living room when it comes to abstract art but it is also easy to hang with a pre-attached hanging clip.

4. Buddha Painting

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Nothing can beat a peaceful home with a certain calmness. Buddha paintings are increasingly in demand. The tranquility and good vibes that these paintings offer can actually make the entire atmosphere of your living room with a lot of positivity. This multi-panel Budha painting is a full HD digital print that gives a sharp and clear appearance.

The painting is framed on a 5 mm hard sunboard and is gloss laminated for a smooth surface. The surface is specially designed to make it water splash-proof and easy to clean. The complete size of the picture is 150 cm x 76 cm making it big enough to be placed behind the sofa to complete the living room.

5. Modern Art

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Modern art is best described as the art from an era that breaks out the shackles and traditions to create something experimental and different which was not a common practice then. After modern art was popularized by many well-known painters and artists, since then modern art is a common preference in all households.

This modern painting is made of high quality dark black matte finish synthetic wood frame without glass to reflect the colors well. It is a waterproof painting that can be cleaned super easily even with wet cloth. It is 5.8 cm x 1.3 cm and 35.6 cm and is lightweight. It can be the best fir for a medium-sized living room.

6. Canvas Painting

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If you have just recently thought of having paintings at your home and are not much aware of any such things, then the best paintings for living room for you will definitely be a canvas painting. Super easy to clean and best to have while starting out. In a special fabric, any painting can be done. Mostly oil paints and acrylic paints are used. The realistic look, the color grade, and the color smudging give the picture life.

This canvas painting is a full HD digital printing, printed with high-quality eco-friendly printing technologies. The printing is made on a 380 GSM pure cotton canvas with matte finishing and smooth surface. The surface is long-lasting, waterproof, and fade resistant. The canvas is mounted on a sturdy imported wooden frame. Make your living room stand out with this 85 cm x 55 cm x 2 cm canvas painting that is sure to draw everyone’s attention.

7. Art Print

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This is not too popular as many are unaware of art prints. Recently, art prints are gradually coming into existence. But art print is the most creative representation of any original object that is photographically transferred to create such art prints. These are printed on premium quality art paper and framed using synthetic wood. This pack of 2 art prints each of 13.5 inches x 17.5 inches is super easy to install.

The art prints display sharp and clear images with a high degree of color accuracy. It also comes with a pre-installed hook for hanging. The best way you can decorate these art prints is to dedicate a wall in the living to a gallery of multiple images wherein you can place art prints to compliment and bring out the best of your living room.


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The best thing to see around when you start the day is some motivational influence. Quotes are not only trendy by are also found to be cool among youngsters. It is a great idea to have motivational quotes on the wall of your living room to keep you going and also to inspire your guests every time they visit you. This pack contains 4 different motivational quotes framed with a black matte finished imported wooden frame and with hook mounts for instant installation.

The frames have a protective acrylic cover at the front and a strong MDF backing to make them long-lasting. With high definition printing, the image represents the contrast and color accuracy. The best way to place them is behind the couch in a jagged rhythms setup or stacked vertically tall beside the TV.

9. Spiritual Art

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As mental health and physical wellbeing are the need of the hour, keeping a calm head and serenity around your home is of utmost importance. Positivity and good energy should always prevail in your room. This spiritual painting tipped as one of the wall paintings for drawing room, is framed with textured matte finished, black colored synthetic wood, and adds purity to your premises. This painting of 13 inches x 13 inches comes with a strong MDF wall panel. It is without glass to minimize glare and to make it durable and lightweight.

With a mounting hook at the back, the painting is super easy to install. The best place to hand the painting is the wall opposite to the main entrance door to feel and spread the positivity as soon as someone enters. This painting is sure to make you relaxed, think, and inspire. Make your home speak the language of peace and reflect the personality that you are.

10. Nature Inspired Painting

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Nature-inspired paintings are a common thing to find in almost every home. This multi-frame nature artwork will be in its full glory when placed behind the couch. The entire painting of 130 cm x 76 cm will fill up the entire wall behind to give a full and complete look of the living room. This painting is having a high definition of textured surface printed on high-quality vinyl. It has a light touch of sparkle with a matte finish. The surface being waterproof is easy to clean.

This painting is framed on a 7 mm heavy MDF board to make it durable and sturdy. Every individual frame comes with a back clip for easy mounting on the wall. The vivid colors and dimensions of nature speak.  a thousand words so will your home. Nature is perceived differently by every individual. So, this nature-inspired painting is ready to add the spark and dimension to your living room. To make it look even better, you can place a led strip behind for the light to reflect creating effects and illusion.


We hope that this rundown of the best paintings for living room setup is surely going to mesmerize you with art, craft, and colors coming to life, describing the true form of magic on walls. Choose from any of these mesmerizing forms of art from various artists, and spruce up your living area from boring to bling!

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