10 Best Google Analytics Training Courses (Get Certified!)

Google Analytics isn’t simple to learn and apprehend – not by any means! Indeed, it’s confusing to such an extent that numerous individuals overlook it – a serious mistake. On the off chance that you spend a tremendous bit of your day – consistently – tweaking your site and advancing it for web indexes, deals, and traffic, at that point doesn’t it fits well to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money. How would you break down and properly analyze what you’re doing? Let’s look into the top 10 best Google Analytics Training Courses available in 2021.

The issue with Google Analytics is that it resembles learning another game, for example, surfing – when you first stand up on a surfboard you’re similar to “Yippee I can ride now!” However, then you understand getting past the essentials of riding the whitewater is a lofty expectation to absorb information. It’s extremely simple to sign in to Google Analytics and see what your traffic was for as long as 30 days. It’s considerably harder to make sense of how to break down by geo, traffic source, page class, and so forth.

Google Analytics is gigantically ground-breaking, and keeping in mind that there’s not a viable alternative for signing in and investing energy with it, the accompanying assets will help raise you to an acceptable level quicker.

Top 10 Google Analytics Training Courses on the Internet

1. Google Analytics for Beginners: Hands-On Training Course

Before the finish of this Google Analytics Training course, you will utilize Google analytics as an incredible asset to screen the wellbeing of your business and recognize development openings. This course is intended for any individual who needs to settle on information-driven choices to develop their business yet is attempting to do so in light of the fact that they feel overpowered by the details and information. Entrepreneurs, business people, and anybody hoping to get recruited into an analytics job will profit colossally from the bit by bit measure plot in this course. Not proposed for cutting edge Google Analytics clients as a large part of the substance might be an update.

You’ll go from amateur to cutting edge and your educator will take you through each stride of this wonderful Google Analytics Training Course for Beginners.

This course also comes with lifetime access to all future updates, fast and friendly support in the Q&A segment, a Udemy Certificate of completion ready for download, and a 30 day “No Questions Asked” money-back guarantee!

2. Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified in just 1 day

This preparation is intended for individuals who wish to clear the Google Analytics affirmation test. In a fast 36-minute video address, Daragh Walsh will take you through all the significant viewpoints that will assist you with increasing an expert comprehension of Analytics, successfully helping you cut down on the investigation time by half.

The course has just been gone to by 20,000+ understudies who have given it great appraisals and surveys. You will likewise get the opportunity to endeavor a training test in this program, making this to be one of the best Google Analytics Training Courses for 2021.

The Google Analytics Training Certification is an industry-perceived accreditation in analytics. Adding to your CV in 1 day will truly expand your odds of finding a new line of work in computerized promoting. No Experience is required: you don’t have to be important for an organization to become guaranteed, neither do you need to have any hands-on experience. You don’t have to spend a penny to take the authority test. It’s that advantageous.

3. Google Analytics Beginner to Pro User: Hands-On Exercises

This course will get a total novice utilizing Google Analytics capably. This incorporates setting up, utilizing, and altering reports, following client conduct, and understanding the client pipe. Adjusted from 9 years of corporate training, this class centers around building an establishment for its understudies.

This course is stuffed with active exercise for an all set demo account. Each significant idea is quickly circled back to an activity to rehearse with. The activities are demonstrated as contextual analyses from true business circumstances.

The educator adjusted an exceptionally fruitful training program for advertisers and examiners inside tech new businesses and tech organizations to make this course. The educator himself has utilized and trained Google Analytics for a very long time for monster tech organizations just as tech new companies.

Take this course to learn and capably utilize the main apparatus in web-based marketing and online business. Google Analytics is an exceptionally amazing asset, permitting a total novice to follow and develop online stores, applications, and sites. It is fundamental for development in any online business. Each walkthrough has proficient tips acquired from long stretches of involvement utilizing Google Analytics.

This Course is for a Marketing proficient who should be capable of Google Analytics, An information examiner who needs to learn web-based marketing and Google Analytics. This can be even taken by Anyone who needs to comprehend their clients to grow an online business, or in any event, for Job questioners who need a boost.

4. Google Analytics 4 for Beginners – New Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is the new free form of Google Analytics. This is the course that will assist you with accurately understanding Google Analytics 4 reports. On the off chance that you are as of now acquainted with the old rendition of Google Analytics, at that point if it’s not too much trouble, note that this course does exclude the usage of custom occasions or client properties. Those are progressed points and are canvassed in another course.

The tutor to this course, Anil Batra, has worked with Google Analytics since it’s the principal form and showed the classes from that point forward. Anil instructs in a manner that even an amateur (with no foundation) can comprehend and lead the substance to a further developed degree of substance.

This course applies to everyone from people running their sites to individuals working in enterprises. In the event that you are hoping to begin a vocation in Digital Marketing or Analytics, this course is an unquestionable requirement for you. You will gain proficiency with the abilities you need to examine your site execution and guests.

Anil has been in Digital Marketing and Analytics for more than 15 years. He has prepared individuals from different foundations and has changed over them into high performing Digital Marketers and Analysts. He comprehends both the innovation and the marketing side of the business. He has even managed numerous analytics advancements route before Google Tag chief existed and know the inward working of Digital Analytics.

Also, Anil has created different courses and shown understudies from everywhere in the world. Anil is an online teacher for the University of Washington (USA), Bellevue College (USA), University of British Columbia (Canada), and Digital Analytics Association.

5. Ultimate Google Analytics Course + 50 Practical Examples

This accreditation is made with the plan to train your Google Analytics as a device and utilize the information effectively to drive your business. Initiate with the essential points, for example, metric definition, how the estimation works, and proceed onward to socio-demo information to site traffic assessment, UTM boundaries, web webpage search, site speed improvement, or division. The course, touted to be among the top 10 best Google Analytics Training Courses, can be taken by people of any aptitude level.

Key Highlights-

  • See how the instrument functions, what information is there, and discover the business esteem in it.
  • Investigate the significant reports and add the capacity to settle on the correct information choices.
  • Explore complex diagnostic models and results effectively with the assistance of 50 reasonable models.
  • 21 Lectures + 3 Downloadable asset + Full lifetime.
  • Practice accomplished information with 100 test questions.
  • The exercises have adaptable cutoff times and can be taken whenever the timing is ideal.

6. Google Analytics Advanced Training: Master Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a ton to bring to the table than what’s available in the box course of action. In this general Google Analytics Training course, you will learn Google Analytics features and limits that will take your Google Analytics and Web Analytics cognizance to the accompanying level.

This course acknowledges that you have a key cognizance of Google Analytics and think about the interface and standard reports. This course also has an escalated exercise in Google Tag Manager as a huge load of cool handiness is easily enabled with Google Tag Manager.

Anil has been in Digital Marketing and Analytics for more than 15 years. He has organized individuals from different foundations and has changed over them into high performing Digital Marketers and Analysts. He gets a handle on both the progression and the marketing side of the business. He has even managed different analytics types of progress course before Google Tag manager existed and know the inner working of Digital Analytics.

Also, Anil has made different courses and shown understudies from any place on the planet. Anil is an online teacher for the University of Washington (USA), Bellevue College (USA), University of British Columbia (Canada), and Digital Analytics Association.

7. Google Analytics Reports and Dashboards with Data Studio

In this course, you will gain proficiency with the BEST strategies and devices for transforming information into MEANINGFUL investigation utilizing Google Data Studio.

This course is lead by Ian Littlejohn – a global mentor, advisor, and information examiner with more than 125 000 enlistments and 100 000 understudies on Udemy. Ian has some expertise in showing information investigation strategies, Excel Pivot Tables, Google Data Studio, and Amazon Quicksight, Power Pivot, Microsoft Power BI, and his courses normally over 4.5 stars out of 5.

How would you sort out the entirety of your information inside Google Analytics? In the event that that is an inquiry you need to reply to, THIS course is for you. You will figure out how to effectively make your own custom Google Data Studio reports and dashboards that will make straight your Google Analytics information.

Google Data Studio is Google’s most recent report and dashboard creation device. Utilizing an intuitive interface reports can be made and running in minutes. Google Data Studio additionally makes it inconceivably simple to impart your reports to different clients.

This course is for anyone who needs to viably examine and comprehend their Google Analytics information.

8. Google Analytics reports in Google spreadsheets

The objective of this course is to show you that it is so natural to separate the information from Google Analytics into the Google accounting page and computerize the announcing. We’ll begin from the very rudiments and experience 7 pragmatic dashboards, which will tell you the prospects of the best way to work with Google Analytics information in bookkeeping pages.

You’ll figure out how to make month to month and hourly site observing, how to see the checkout steps stream as expected, how to coordinate information from inward web crawler and offering watchwords, and so forth.

This course is for Everyone who is consistently making Google Analytics reports, and GA clients who go through over 1 hour seven days physically making a report from Google Analytics information.

9. Google Analytics Mastery Bootcamp

The modules in this Google Analytics Training Course are normally 10 minutes long. This is an amazing method to learn: watch the video, at that point apply the figuring out how to your own business! Progress at your own speed or pack throughout the end of the week and execute everything. Whichever turns out best for you.

Also, there are more than 3 hours of unique video contextual investigations for online business the executives included. This is the place where everything hits real and we apply all you’ve figured out how to genuine organizations, genuine information, genuine lives!

Furthermore, and likely more basic than some other piece of the course, notwithstanding the all that you get in the individuals’ zone training – you likewise get Lifetime Membership to our month to month individuals just progressed training! Consistently we keep on directing you via live online classes, uncommon reports, or recorded contextual analyses for individuals just to propel your learning and your outcomes.

At the point when you consider everything, this truly isn’t a training course you purchase, rather an interest in your business’ establishment – participation that will keep on offering back for quite a long time to come. Truth be told, the course keeps on developing each month as our individuals develop from the high-level individuals’ just training. Also, on the grounds that this isn’t exactly what we instruct, however, what we do – in the event that you stall out, we’re simply a remark or email away as our Analytics group screens the individuals’ territory discussion.

It doesn’t make any difference in the event that you’ve never taken a gander at a solitary page of web analytics in your life. Or then again in case you’re a veteran simply attempting to advance further beyond with your outcomes. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you’ve attempted each glossy article that is gone along and fizzled.

None of that is important. The ONLY thing that matters is your craving to begin. To begin estimating ALL YOUR endeavors and with laser center, begin making the privilege significant strides that get deals and new clients in a flood, quick and incensed.

10. Google Analytics for Marketing: Boost Sales & Lower Costs

It is a reality there are various advertisers these days and it is essential to be on the head of your game. So in the event that you need to diminish your marketing expenses and increment your deals by acing this device then this course may prove to be useful. En route, you will learn tips and deceives about paid promoting efforts and how they fit into the 10,000-foot view. On the off chance that you have business analytics at the forefront of your thoughts, at that point remember to check the Business Analytics Certification aggregation.

Key Highlights-

  • The apprentice level exercises start with the basics of the apparatus and tell you the best way to explore around.
  • Perform propelled following and figure out how to evade regular errors.
  • Work on contextual investigations to see how things are done in reality.
  • Figure out how to support deals and utilize propelled following strategies.
  • 26 Lectures + 2 Downloadable assets + 3 Articles + Full lifetime get to
  • Accessible at a moderate cost on Udemy.


Google Analytics is a lot of apparatuses for helping businesses decipher client information. Google Analytics furnishes clients with a stage for checking collaboration with promotion battles, just as portable and web applications. This helps Google Analytics endorsers settle on progressively educated business choices later on.

Regardless of whether you’re a finished novice or propelled client hoping to up-level your expertise, we’re certain you’ll gain some new useful knowledge in these Google Analytics preparing programs.

Estimating the adequacy of your marketing and deals endeavors is basic to make an educated business plan. Notwithstanding how you decide to apply Google Analytics, this rundown of the 10 best Google Analytics Training Courses from everywhere throughout the web makes sure to assist you with accomplishing your objectives.


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