ACE AX-124 and Volvo EC140DL: Exploring Superior Performance in Heavy-Duty Equipment

There is always a close liaison between the infra and heavy-duty equipment market. To exemplify, the former substantially depends on the latter for inputs. Simply put, the projects deploy heavy-duty equipment as a resource to upscale the project’s progress.

Similarly, the earth-moving machine industry outlines its production & supply chain per the infrastructure market’s requirement. In fact, Volvo and ACE have well excelled at the task of orienting the demands and supply. This subsequently ensures optimum inter-dependency of these industries.

Also, are these brands worth the hype? And if yes, why? This blog discusses all these points by illustrating the two top-selling models from ACE & Volvo.

Volvo EC140DL Excavator

This is one of the top-selling excavator models for the right reasons. To illustrate, the machine has an operating weight of 16730 kg. Additionally, the model equips a powerful engine, henceforth generating up to 105 HP. Both these functionalities subsequently ensure high output for the infra projects.

Moreover, with 3500 kg of lifting capacity, the equipment can aid excavated material loading. Above all, this machine can dig as deep as 6030 mm into the ground. This functionality facilitates a range of tasks like digging for building foundations, quarrying, etc.

In fact, the Volvo construction equipments are known for having higher fuel efficiency. But, more importantly, the price range of this model starts from Rs. 49 Lakh and goes up to 51 Lakh.

ACE AX-124 Backhoe Loader 

This high-performing heavy-duty equipment from ACE company comes equipped with smart features. To begin with, the model has a 7500 kg of operating weight. This functionality subsequently helps professionals achieve higher output.

Moreover, with 80 ltr of hydraulic oil capacity, the machine prevents friction between the moving parts. Besides, the machine can reach a full height of 2600 mm. This functionality aids in lifting material easily to a distant height.

Additionally, the 1 cum bucket capacity facilitates tasks like a heavy material carriage in one go. Featuring all these advanced technologies, the equipment’s price ranges between Rs.23 and 31 Lakh.

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