8 Stunning Curtain Color Combinations for Your Bedroom

Curtains are a surefire method to alter the mood, without having to make a big alteration like repainting the area. Choosing the ideal curtain color scheme for your bedroom may be a hard task, since it is your home’s most important space. You, therefore, want something that is ageless, has character, and accurately represents who you are. Again, making this decision might be difficult initially.

Fortunately for you, we have put together some of the top curtain color schemes for bedrooms that will satisfy all of your needs. You can use these combinations for layered curtains and drapes to achieve the desired decorative effects.

Luxurious Curtain Color Combination For Bedrooms

Let’s have a look at the different Dubai curtains color combinations that will make your room look stunning by creating an elegant and welcoming atmosphere:

1. Ivory And Gold For Softness

In the bedrooms, the use of the colors ivory and gold produces a magnificent appearance. The gold embellishments lend a hint of luxury and class, while the ivory curtains give the room a sense of tenderness and grace. The neutral ivory and warm overtones of gold combine to create a calming and well-balanced atmosphere.


This pairing generates a delightful contrast and emits a classic appeal. The gold accents, like curtains tie-back or ornate hardware, can serve as focal points and give the room’s decor a glam feel. The use of the colors ivory and gold elevates the bedroom’s style, creating a wonderfully alluring and elegant setting.

2. Relaxing Environment With Blue And Beige

You unwind and rest in your bedroom, and what could be more tranquil than the beach itself? You may still choose a color scheme with blue and beige curtain alternatives for your bedroom even when you cannot enjoy the sound of lapping waves and the sea wind whistling through coconut tree leaves in your house.


A significant quantity of sunshine will be blocked by these curtains, further enhancing your bedroom. To really embrace the appearance and feel of the sea, you may even adorn your bedroom with corals, seashells, and rope crafts.

3. Teal And Coral Give Brightness

Teal and coral together give the bedroom a lively appearance. The coral accent offers a whimsical and tropical touch, while teal drapes add a sense of depth and richness. These clashing colors produce a dramatic and energetic environment. Coral gives warmth, while teal, with its cold undertones, has a calmative effect. The bedrooms seem warm and energizing because of this combination’s sense of freshness and energy. For those looking for a bold and upbeat atmosphere, the teal and coral schemes transform the area into a vibrant retreat.

4. Cream And White For Airy Atmosphere

There is never a bad time to use cream and white together. Your bedroom will appear light and big since the light shades allow a lot of sunlight to enter. As a result, they will depict your space as cozy and welcoming. Even if you change the complete decor, they will always be syncing with the theme. Many people like this color combination because such curtains are easily accessible.

5. Charcoal Grey And Mustard Yellow

The bedroom has a modern and chic appearance thanks to the use of the colors mustard yellow and charcoal grey. With mustard yellow accents, charcoal grey curtains create a sleek and contemporary backdrop. The mustard yellow lends a splash of warmth and aesthetic intrigue, while the deep grey tone adds a sense of depth and stability.


With the grey providing a cold, neutral basis and the mustard yellow adding a bright accent, this combination provides a harmonious contrast. The bedroom is made welcoming by the use of the colors charcoal grey and mustard yellow, which create a chic and energizing atmosphere.

6. Lavender And Pink Color Gives An Appealing Touch

Pink and lavender are next to one another on the color wheel. As this positioning shows, the colors can easily meld together to provide a visually appealing transition from a warm to a cool hue, and vice versa (you can get some stylish ombre curtains too).


Given that pastel colors are currently all the rage, this combination can give your bedroom a cool, contemporary appeal. Why stop at your own bedroom when your children’s bedroom would benefit from this curtain color combination as well? The lavender and pink color scheme is a safe bet no matter which bedroom you test it out in because you are not forced to use too many colors or try too hard.

7. Black And Grey Theme To Create Harmony

They are the perfect hues in terms of a curtain color scheme for bedrooms and make a unifying element, too. You might be hesitant to try something as daring and unconventional as black and grey given this history. However, in reality, this set of bedroom curtains is everything but plain or uninteresting and will go with every decor setting.

8. Sunshine Look With Yellow And Orange

Bedroom curtains in the colors of yellow and orange can encourage you to “seize the day” if you’re not awake with such an attitude. This combination will get you out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step rather than a moan and a groan. It is vibrant, energizing, and playful. In order to give your bedroom a unique touch of personality, you may also experiment with various eccentric prints in these colors.


The bedroom curtains combinations mentioned above are only the beginning and provide you with inspiration to experiment further. You must consider several factors while making your decision, including the color of the room’s walls, the location of the window where you plan to hang the curtains, the room’s decor and furniture, and similar aspects.

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