5 Must-Reads for Business Students and Operations Managers

Are you searching for free operations management textbooks? You have almost got them. In this article, we have discussed the free resources for academic material.

You can explore these resources to get free operations management textbooks. Additionally, this piece of writing puts light on the best operations management textbooks that are a valuable resource of learning for students and operations managers.

Where to Get Free Operations Management Textbooks

Open educational resources such as the University of Minnesota’s Open Textbook Library are among the trusted and highly recommended platforms to get free operations management textbooks. However, these are the resources for free eBooks. For free physical textbooks, you can visit SolutionInn and can take advantage of the free operations management textbooks collection of the service provider.

Use the advanced filter function of the educational website to find the needed book and place an order to get the book delivered to your domestic address. The service provider also offers free shipping of free textbooks to US addresses. So, enjoy your free operations management textbooks without bearing a cost.

It is to mention that SolutionInn has also been providing free study membership to students. You can get free operations management textbooks with a one-week free membership to the academic support site. You can renew the membership for academic support for just $9.99 a month. 

Best Operations Management Textbooks 

To become a successful administrator and a top business student, you must learn to effectively manage business operations. For this, we have highlighted here some of the best free business operations management textbooks that are equally helpful for students and professionals. Pick up the book you like and add it to your reading list to become a successful operations manager.

Best Practices for Operational Excellence

As depicted by the name, the textbook focuses on the best practices for operational excellence. This is undoubtedly a great source to learn about production and operations management. Luca Dellanna, the author of the book, provides readers with principles for operational excellence. The author also provides suggestions for creating operation principles for the smooth running of businesses and various operations. You can also learn to manage multiple projects simultaneously. 

The Toyota Way

The students pursuing their degrees in supply chain and operations management, The Toyota Way is a must-read book. Jeffrey Liker, the author of the book, provides helpful material about improving the quality and efficiency of business operations without breaking the bank. Whether you are a student or a business manager, this textbook can help you design business strategies for speedy and effective execution of business operations. You can learn about quality workplace practices, inexpensive business alternatives to technology, cutting business costs, and developing strategies for customer satisfaction.

Building a Second Brand

Building a Second Brain is another must-read for business students and operation managers. Tiago Forte’s textbook helps readers to discover the full potential of their ideas and use the second brain to improve work and life aspects. The author focuses on the human ability to discover ideas and describes how powerful our second brain is and how we can make use of it. 

High Output Management

High Output Management is another excellent resource for those interested in learning administration and operations management for increased output. Andrew Grove, the author of the book, writes about business creation, management, and establishing a successful business enterprise. He also provides a guide to business managers on creating productive teams and increasing the motivation of employees. This is a must-read book for entrepreneurs, business managers, executives, and consultants. 

Getting Things Done

David Allen, who is the author and veteran management consultant, shares effective methods for business managers to execute processes without a hassle and improve employee productivity. He emphasizes stress-free performance and correlates productivity to employees’ ability to relax. If you want to motivate your workers, this book can provide you with a comprehensive guide to it.

The Bottom Line

For anyone who wants to learn administration and smooth execution of business operations, these textbooks are valuable resources for these topics. They also help business managers learn the ways to increase employee motivation and productivity. Visit SolutionInn for free operations management textbooks and academic support for the successful completion of a marketing degree.     


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